Economic Bulletin Sunday, May 8: Foreign reserves rise to $ 37.123 billion

“Al-Shorouk” presents to you the five in the evening bulletin, which deals with the most important news of the economy and the financial and business community that took place throughout the day.
Al-Shorouk Economic Bulletin monitors the most important economic news today, Monday, May 8, 2022, which came to the fore:
Central: Foreign exchange reserves rose to $ 37.123 billion by the end of April
The Central Bank of Egypt announced that net foreign exchange reserves increased by about $ 41 million to reach $ 37.123 billion at the end of April, compared to $ 37.082 billion at the end of last March, according to the Central Bank’s data which released today.
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£ 2.7 billion in taxes and fees at Sokhna customs last April
Finance Minister Mohamed Maait received a report from El-Shahat Ghaturi, head of the Customs Authority, in which he stated that 9,733 final incoming customs certificates were released at Sokhna Customs last April, for various types of strategic goods and general merchandise such as: “wheat, sugar and legumes.” maize, air conditioning components, refrigerators, fans, materials, wood, yarns, cell phone accessories, accessories, toys and car parts.
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Activation of tourism is to look at ways to work with the international “TUI” to attract tourists
Amr El-Kady, CEO of the Egyptian General Authority for Tourism Activation, held a meeting, via video conferencing technology, with Sara Lyman, Head of Partnership for the TUI Sales Group in the UK, and Frank Broesen, Director of Accounts and head. partnership for TUI Group in the Netherlands, to discuss ways of cooperation during the coming period to attract more From tourists to the Egyptian tourist destination.
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£ 2 billion to support governor’s funds and ensure social stability for workers
Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, said that funds and accounts for the governorates in the 2021-2022 financial year were subsidized with an amount of 2 billion pounds, so that they can pay the salaries of their employees on the scheduled dates monthly, and this amounted to 439.5 million pounds only in the last quarter of the current financial year.
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Implementation of 2736 low-income housing units in the new Akhmim city
Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, said 2,736 low-income housing units “social housing” had been implemented in the new Akhmim city, and 1,008 other units in the new city of Sohag within the presidential initiative housing for all Egyptians to provide adequate housing for citizens throughout the Republic, noting that this is also underway. In the new city of Sohag, the implementation of Shafa Al-Orman Hospital on an area of ​​6.6 hectares and with a capacity of 263 beds, according to the cooperation protocol signed between the New Urban Communities Authority and the Orman Association, and the project implementation rate has reached advanced stages.
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Saudi Arabia lowers oil prices for customers in Asia
Saudi Arabia has lowered oil prices for customers in Asia as the coronavirus-related downturn in China overshadows demand, while uncertainty over Russian supplies continues.
According to Bloomberg News, Aramco lowered its prices for the first time in four months. The company lowered the selling price of its main “Arabian Light” crude oil for shipments to Asia next month to $ 4.40 a barrel, above the benchmark it uses, compared to a premium of $ 9.35 in May.
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The stability of dollar prices against the pound after the Eid holiday
The exchange rate of the dollar against the pound stabilized in local banks during Sunday’s trading, the first day of the return of jobs in banks after the Eid al-Fitr holiday. The price of the dollar stabilized in the Central Bank of Egypt, buying around 18.44 pounds, and 18.52 pounds for sale.

Availability of Electronic Brand Search
Ibrahim Ashmawy, Head of the Internal Trade Development Authority, announced that a new service has been developed within the framework of digital transformation, which is to electronically view and search trademarks and industrial models, through the Internal Trade Development Authority website , where databases of trademarks and industrial models deposited and registered in Egypt have been published through the device’s website.
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7.5 million pounds payout for irregular workers in Beheira
The Beheira Manpower Directorate granted Labor Day and Eid Al-Fitr grants to 7,439 registered workers, totaling £ 7,439,000, and the registration of 230 new workers with the system and the issuance of cards for them.
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Stock market rises after a long holiday
The Egyptian Stock Exchange rose today, Sunday, in its first trading session after a long week-long holiday on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr, and the main index “EGX 30” rose by 0.6% and reached the level of 11109 points, and the main index “EGX 30” fell by 1.7 in April.
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