Educators emphasize the need to develop pioneering education in the field of future technology

Opinion poll – Sulaiman bin Saeed Al Hinai:
■■ A number of educators have confirmed that the reality of pioneering teaching in the technology of the future has become a necessity in the education sector due to its large role in the field of teaching-related subjects, but we must still give a strong impetus to entrepreneurial promote education, and we are eager to provide interactive means to apply it in the educational process system to be relevant to the performance of students in schools.
(Al-Watan) examined a number of the teaching staff’s views on the specialized educational material in this regard. ■■
An important and crucial role
In the beginning, Fatima bint Abdullah Al-Hanaiah, an information technology teacher, said: Entrepreneurship in the field of future technology has become an important and crucial role, and it is important and has a positive impact in all areas, as the changes that are taking place at the educational or academic level around the world in the field of The future technology of entrepreneurship is growing rapidly, and it has become necessary to keep up with it and find ways to implement it in the field of the educational process system to be in. contact with the performance of students in schools.
Al-Hinaiah added: Her role will contribute to raising the educational level and raising students’ thinking, skills and abilities, as well as improving performance development in the administrative and teaching side, and the ability to meet many challenges in solve the educational field.
As for the theoretical aspect, I have made it clear that it is important, but it can not be excluded from the scientific aspect, and both complement the other. We must be eager to empower students in a good way and take advantage of the experiences and experiences of advanced countries in this field because it is mainly due to the students who understand the axis through which we seek the technical aspect improve and consolidate the understanding of students, in addition to providing interactive resources, which in turn achieves a better result.
Al-Hinaiah stated that there were several reasons that led to the delay in the information technology curricula in the educational process, including the delay in updating the curricula and keeping it up to date with modern topics. The choice of topics that may not suit the current generation. of students and focuses on some theoretical aspects that negatively affect students’ understanding, by relying on quantity rather than quantity.quality in some curricula.
She stressed that the importance of future technology parades helps to support the application of these technologies in schools and to manage them well. During training, the ideas of workers in the field and solutions that suit their environment and abilities are introduced. .
The need to spread awareness
Meanwhile, Madiha bint Amer Al Rawas, Assistant Principal of Al-Saada School of Basic Education (1-10), explained that the lack of a clear application of entrepreneurship in the field of future technology has contributed to the weakness of the educational process in schools due to the lack of awareness of the concept and its importance (entrepreneurial education) and its focus has led to the absence of plans And the advanced curricula that feed this concept, in addition to the poor qualification of specialized frameworks in this field, which all led to a weakness in the educational process and its retention in its traditional form away from technical development and modern global trends, adding that what motivates us to develop educational methods and adopt this kind of education and its inclusion in the school curricula around learners’ skills, developing their different abilities, and linking under points to entrepreneurship and future jobs in line with Oman’s 2040 vision.
In terms of future technology programs in school curricula, presented in a theoretical system, Madiha Al-Rawas confirmed that we are still below the ambition level, as recent studies have indicated that only about 28% of future technology technologies are addressed in school. curricula in a theoretical way that usually does not achieve skills acquisition. Needed for entrepreneurship, and it needs to be reconsidered to establish a solid foundation to move towards achieving quality education in the Sultanate that keeps pace with the process of development and development.
She indicated that staying on the old educational curricula without development would weaken the student’s educational outcome and separate him from reality, and we would be left behind to keep up with the world and its rapid development, and we must keep up with all its advances in technology, which today have become the language of the era in which we live. The role assigned to the relevant authorities is not an ordinary matter, but rather requires’ a serious pause and taking into account all the details that contribute to the advancement of the education sector in the Sultanate.
She said that one of the main reasons for the delay in information technology curricula in the educational process, as we know that educational curricula are always affected by modern educational developments, and it is unfortunate that we do not find in the current information technology curricula . , as it has been without development for years and still provides students with old knowledge and skills that are not applicable.For future application, Madiha Al-Rawas confirmed that its impact on the educational side is still related to the subject’s teachers due to the lack of modern smart devices compared to the number of students, in addition to the lack of a strong internet in schools, but we do not forget the tireless efforts by which the Ministry of Education seeks to overcome all obstacles and barriers. goal is to develop information technology curricula, learners’ skills and strengthen internet networks in schools in support of digital transformation, all of which will undoubtedly contribute to the realization of the future vision in educational technology.
Regarding solutions to keep up with future technology technologies, Madiha Al-Rawas said: The most prominent solution is the need to spread awareness about the importance of (entrepreneurial education) in the field of future technology in the educational process, in addition to the Ministry’s adoption of clear policies and plans to implement this type of education in the schools of the Sultanate, and it should work To develop educational curricula and enrich them with digital content that creates a spirit of leadership and initiative among learners and to prepare specialized professional training. programs to qualify cadres of teachers to develop their teaching methods in line with technical development and educational developments in order to achieve the objectives of the education system.
educational terminology
On the other hand, Najwa bint Abdul Rahman Balkhair, first teacher of Islamic education, explained that pioneering education is one of the modern educational terms that appeared on the education scene in the Sultanate Weakness of teachers’ experiences and skills in the field of future technology, which has a direct impact on the weakness of the general culture in general in the field of future technology, taking into account that the field is experiencing a remarkable development due to its importance as it is considered the language of the times.
She added: The lack of tools and technical equipment needed for practical training of students has become a major issue for its direct dependence on it. Also, human cadres have not received the necessary training in the field of future technology, emphasizing that the ambiguity of the idea of ​​implementing entrepreneurship in the field of future technology in schools has side effects that will be reflected in Students as a result of the unavailability of the organizing decisions to implement them, to determine who is responsible for them, and the mechanisms and procedures for working with them.
She pointed out that we need to improve pioneering education in the field of future technology in school education in the education system, despite the improvements made to the education system to support and enhance skills related to this type of Community Partnership with relevant state institutions with entrepreneurship, technology companies and future technologies, providing everything related to the requirements that support entrepreneurial education, funding, training and support of future technology in schools through modern digital and technical laboratories, and including curricula and curriculum topics and lessons contributing to the raising the level of entrepreneurial education among students and empowering them To keep abreast of future technologies and the spread of the culture of entrepreneurship in the field of technology among students and parents, the verso talent of talented students, the acceptance of their initiatives by community institutions, and the support of their projects.
Regarding the contribution that pioneering education makes to future technology, she said: We need to prepare students for good preparation, as they are the mainstay of successive nations, and to provide them with high capabilities that enable them to keep up with the public life. Students must also learn skills to deal with future technology, which is one of the new areas from which students strive for a world. I welcome him who is able to keep up with technology and has the abilities that qualify him to join the ranks of the superiors at regional or global level and help him transform future entrepreneurial projects.
Our virtual world
On the other hand, Hamad bin Salem Al-Sheryani, the teacher of information technology, said: “The future technology has undoubtedly become of great importance and its use must be strengthened and integrated into the education curricula in schools and universities, and the educational process from the side of future technology has become of great importance as it enhances the abilities and capabilities of students and also We are capable of bringing technology with everything new in our virtual world, which is part of our daily life.When we talk about technology, we feel it right in our daily lives.
Al-Sheryani has pointed out that we are aware of his role in the future as the world has changed and evolved today, and every day we hear or see new innovations and inventions thanks to technology.
Al-Sheryani stressed the importance of focusing on the implications of future technologies in educational curricula in a practical way that translates their understanding and application into actual reality through practical activities that allow students to put knowledge and skills into practice. apply real life, is focused on giving the educational curriculum in the subject of information negation and updating so that it is consistent with frameworks consistent with the education process in the future and promoting students’ levels to realize how this information and skills that affect them in this subject will contribute to improving their learning, refining their experiences and developing their future work skills.

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