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Doha Accommodation options in Qatar differ during the 2022 World Cup, ranging from hotel rooms (from two to five stars), floating hotels, apartments and residential villas and fan villages.

130,000 rooms will be available to fans from around the world, through the official platform for accommodation bookings, launched specifically for this purpose by the Supreme Committee on Delivery and Legacy, and includes approximately 80% of the accommodation options available during the World. Cup.

Accommodation options during the Qatar World Cup will be different and meet the desires of all fans, all tastes and budgets, so that they can live out the tournament experience as if they were at home and in their countries, according to the committee.

Hotel accommodation options during the World Cup

The first accommodation option is hotel rooms (from two to five stars), which are the permanent choice for accommodation in all countries of the world during various events, sports or non-sports.Qatar has a wide range of hotels and world-renowned hospitality services, and most of the hotels are located in the capital, Doha, But there are many places outside the city for visitors looking for something different.

Accommodation options offer a range of hotels to meet all budgets and requirements, the visitor can stay in the city center, on a modern residential island, or directly on the beach, where Qatar offers exceptional hotels with world-class service and exclusive architecture.

Hotel rates during the World Cup

The Qatari Ministry of Trade and Industry set the price for a room per night in two-star and one-star hotels at 296 Qatari riyals ($ 81), in 3-star hotels 438 riyals ($ 120), and in ordinary 4-star hotels 482 riyals ($ 120). $ 132). And a 4-star premium category is 886 riyals ($ 242.74).

For 5-star hotels, a maximum of 911 riyals ($ 343.77) was set for a room in standard hotels, 1488 riyals ($ 407.67) in premium hotels, and 2,133 riyals ($ 584.38) in luxury hotels, up to 2801 ($ 407.39). dollars) at 5-star independent resorts.

According to the Ministry’s decision, these prices will apply to 80% of the total number of rooms in each of the hotel establishments and similar places. With the approval of the Ministry, the maximum and percentage can be changed by increasing or decreasing, in accordance with the requirements of the Qatar World Cup.

Floating hotels are an experience that has never happened before in the history of the World Cup (Qatari press)

floating hotels in Qatar

The second accommodation option of floating hotels on the sea coast of the state of Qatar will be an exciting experience for fans from around the world, to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Arabian Gulf, and a step never before seen in the history has not happened. of the World Cup, which will be held for the first time in the Middle East and the Arab world.

The Supreme Committee on Delivery and Legacy has signed an agreement with MSC Cruise Ships to charter two vessels to be used as floating hotels, with a capacity of approximately 4,000 rooms, as vessels are one of the sustainable housing solutions during the Qatar World Cup is.

Both floating hotels offer a variety of room options, from traditional huts overlooking the sea to rooms with balconies and luxury suites.

The Poesia Vessel Hotel will offer a unique accommodation experience for World Cup fans, with a variety of accommodation options, from indoor cabins overlooking the bay to balcony cabins and suites.

Fans will find a world of dining and entertainment aboard the ship, where the price of a room per night is about 640 riyals (equivalent to $ 179.34).

As for the World Europe Vessel, a floating hotel with unparalleled design and technology, fans of the FIFA World Cup Qatar will experience a unique hospitality experience, with a wide range of accommodation options, from luxury suites with elegant private amenities to cabins Relaxed , traditional, and has a wonderful outdoor walkway.

Villas and apartments have living rooms, full kitchens and other home amenities
Accommodation options during the World Cup for all tastes and budgets (Qatari Press)

Accommodation in villas and apartments during the World Cup

The third accommodation option is villas and apartments, for every taste and budget, from 1 to 6 bedrooms, with full kitchens, living rooms and other home amenities.

This option offers visiting football fans a unique opportunity to experience the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, just like citizens and residents, and gives them the opportunity to explore the best residential accommodation that Qatar has to offer.

Whatever the choice between villas and apartments, the accommodation will meet state property compliance standards, and will be managed during the event by a dedicated hospitality service provider to ensure fans have a comfortable stay.

Last year, the Supreme Committee on Delivery and Legacy signed an agreement with the Accor Group of Hotels, the largest operator of hospitality services in Europe, to provide 10,000 employees to provide more than one million nights’ accommodation in 60,000 apartments and villas. manage and operate. the World Cup in Qatar.

The villas and apartments contain ideal and multiple options in various cities and neighborhoods of Qatar, covering various areas that include the World Cup stadiums, and some of the attractions to visit in the capital, such as Msheireb Downtown Doha, Souq Waqif, on top of that. to the magnificent Corniche, and the Qatar World Cup fan festival in an Al Bidda park, and the vibrant West Bay region.

The highest price currently displayed for the unit per night is about 3370 riyals ($ 944.34), which is for the “Al Thumama Villas 46” area, while the lowest price for the unit per night is about 300 riyals ($ 84.07), which is for the Barwa complex “Barahat Al Janoob” recently built, southwest of the city of Al-Wakra.

Many of the options available in villa and apartment areas have so far not set their final prices, but the decision of the Ministry of Trade and Industry sets the maximum limit per night for ordinary hotel apartments 464 riyals ($ 127.12), luxury hotel apartments 537 riyals ($ 147.12), and apartments The characteristic luxury hotel is 1,222 riyals ($ 334.79).

Residential apartments give visiting fans a unique opportunity to experience the Qatar World Cup as citizens and residents
Residential apartments give visiting fans the opportunity to experience the Qatar World Cup as citizens and residents (Qatari Press)

Fan Cities in the Qatar World Cup

The fourth option of accommodation for the 2022 World Cup fans will be the Fan Villages, which will represent accommodation for the fans as if they were living within a festival, especially as it will include a variety of traditional campsites and accommodation huts, which are promising. fans different adventures and festive atmosphere while watching the event.

The most prominent fan towns during the World Cup will be those that will be held near the Sealine resort, with a capacity of two thousand fans who will live in Arab tents, and thus visitors to this town will live an integrated cultural experience.

There will be 5 other places to set up villages for fans during the World Cup, where each village will have its own character such as heritage, culture and history of Qatar and the Middle East, sand dunes and the sea, in addition to many entertainment options , with giant screens provided in each village.

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