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“I love the Hanging Church and my soul is present in the complex of religions and in spirit with my companions there.” With these words, Essam Jamal – a coach of communication skills and information – began his talk about his participation with his Coptic friends in celebrating their holidays, adding that when he visited India as part of a student exchange program, he was eager to participate. One of his Coptic friends celebrates his religious occasions, takes photos inside the church and lights candles and describes it as a wonderful experience he has not been able to forget until now, despite the passage of years.
Aida se ton

“I have to remain the first person to return to my primary school in Aunt Aida every year.” Words of Eng. Ahmed Hassan Habashi – a consultant in the Ministries District in the Administrative Capital – to express his zeal every birthday to congratulate his teacher. and his old friends at school and university, And he put a Christmas tree in his house and decorated it with his daughter.
Habashi does not forget his mother’s good friend (Aida), who he considered to be in his mother’s position, and who was eager to take care of him and review lessons with him, and he and his mother went with her went to church to share with her the celebration of religious occasions .. He added: When she got sick, she asked my mother to stay with her until she left the world, and he continues, “If I follow her “From under her house, I hear her laugh, and I want to see her greetings and say every year and you are fine. I bought new clothes so we can go to church together.”
me and fadi

“There is no time when we parted Christmas to celebrate with him in church, and in Ramadan he hangs the decorations and the lantern in front of my house.” With these words, Mustafa Anz, a writer and researcher, tells his story with his friend Fadi Halim, saying that despite the age of our short friendship that lasted only two years, we do not divorce. Never, and on religious occasions , exchanges our congratulations and shares all aspects of the celebration with each other, and he continues: “Fadi and I spend the best time together, and he is a very nice personality and the owner of his own.” He added that he and his friend had visited many churches and met many clergy, and his friend was eager for His participation in the celebration of the dawn of the month of Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, and together they hang decorations and lanterns in the streets.
Men’s break

“I will never forget the day of my father’s death, and what was the eve of the glorious Christmas, and that my Christian companions stood as men in my back, and they attended the celebration and the family gathering and together with me preferred over the funeral until another day. ” This is how Menna Nabawi – an art producer – started her talk about her friends Lydia, Sally and Lilian and said that she was raised in a school of nuns, she does not know the difference between a Muslim. and a Christian. All are brothers without distinction. She goes on to say that her three friends stood next to her in very difficult situations. She can not forget the day of her father’s death, which was Christmas Eve and left her friends to celebrate the holiday and stay next to her, and since that time she has been eager to spend Christmas with them. She continues: On the other hand, the Islamic holidays, especially Eid al-Adha, are not without my friends who gather in my house to share food and celebrate it, and she ends her speech by saying: “Congratulations, recovery from thoughts and friendship, there is no difference between a Muslim and a Christian. “
Eid evening

“The night of Christmas Eve is a sacred need that I must spend with my friends.” This is how Iman Yahya, who works in the field of self-employment, started her talk about her Coptic friends and her strong relationship with them since her childhood and their studies together at school, and she says: I have been with since childhood offered my congratulations to my Coptic friends on their various holidays, especially Christmas, and even went to church with them. She adds that she studied. in one of the nuns’ schools and there was no difference between a Muslim and a Coptic, and her Coptic friends are eager to congratulate her on Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha and hang decorations and lanterns to the coming of the holy month of Ramadan And she concludes by saying: During Ramadan, her fellow Copts would refrain from eating during the day out of concern for the feelings of Muslim girls.
Visits and gifts

“My Muslim companions have to come to my house on Eid and bring me many gifts, do my hair and dress as if I were on my happy day, and I really felt the taste of Eid in their presence, and they does not feel the difference between a Muslim and a Christian in a single day. “This is how Fadia El-Feel told of three friends of hers from different governorates., each of them four with her in a different way , and she continued: “The first is Maha, the first call on the Eid must be from her, and she never missed Eid, and the second is Marwa, who always came to visit her at the feast, and because of the Corona virus they talk video calls and establish the manifestations of the celebration as if she were with her At home, the third, Ola, specializes in the art of choosing gifts. She knows very well what Fadia loves and suggest gifts to friends and make a plan for the celebration of the day, and the three friends’ goal is to Fadia to make her happy on her birthday.

Al-Azhar: We live in one country

Sheikh Abd al-Hamid al-Atrash, former head of the Fatwa committee at Al-Azhar al-Sharif, said Muslims and Christians live together under one roof, drink from one water and live on one land. At their festivals and events.
The head of the Fatwa committee at Al-Azhar earlier added that Muslims and Christians are fighting side by side in the Egyptian army and defending each other.
He explained that the Prophet’s biography preserved many noble positions that the Prophet – may God bless and give him peace – made with Christians. The best hospitality for Muslims.

Ilham Shaheen: I’m eager to congratulate my Coptic friends

“Every year and our Coptic sisters are good and a thousand good. And hopefully it will be a happy new year for everyone, Muslims and Christians, and for Egypt.” With her friends close to her heart, to congratulate them on Christmas, led by Hala Sedky, Lebleba, Nelly, Majed El-Kadwany and Hani Ramzy, and she said that Christmas heralds the coming of a new year.

The Orthodox Church: The Egyptian Association Is One

Archbishop Moussa Ibrahim, the official spokesperson of the Coptic Orthodox Church, confirmed that Egyptians love joy and celebration of all occasions, and Egyptian society sanctifies the gathering of one family on all occasions, and the composition of society has a strong overlap between his children, so there is no difference between a Muslim and a Christian, everyone lives in the same street and neighborhood, so it is natural for them to participate The Muslim is his neighbor and Christian friend around his holidays in general, and the Christian is also eager to share the celebration of their various occasions, including Ramadan, with his Muslim friends. He added that the celebration of Christmas has a special character and Muslims take part in it, and of course we feel the interaction and zeal to take part in the celebration. and offer congratulations from Muslims at Christmas The glorious celebration, and the manifestations of celebration in the streets are many and varied.Muslim officials and youth of all ages are eager to go to churches to offer happiness and participate in the celebration .

Congratulations from the heart

Every year and you are good, Angie, you are Rasha, and a happy Eid for you, and O Lord, always together .. Nancy Ibrahim
I love you very much, Captain Sandra Adel, you and all my friends, and every year you are good, and every year we shake the Christmas tree with you .. Rimas Ahmed
I love you and will always be by your side and with you, Maryse, in the good and bad times. Happy New Year .. Engy Mohamed Amr
My love, Mina, every year and you are fine. Will we go out and eat solid food .. Omar Samir
Every year you and your family, Daniela, my good friend, are doing well. Basma Saad
Always gather in your heart, on every Eid, Marina, I love you, and every year you are good .. Taqi Raouf

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