How do we prepare our children to face the fear of exams?

The psychological and moral preparation of the student to perform the tests is one of the most important complementary elements of the education system The anxiety that accompanies the tests is a natural feeling that must accompany the optimal preparation of the students, well and organized preparation for the lessons, zeal and perseverance are essential factors to achieve the desired results, and there is no doubt that the role of the family and the teacher is effective in improving the confidence of the student, and taking into account that the fear that accompanies the tests is an incentive to exercise the highest level of psychological and practical readiness in terms of following various methods, so “Amman” interviewed with some students’ parents and educational staff to learn about the methods of preparation and psychological preparation before the test.

Initially, Fatima bint Muhammad Al-Qaywdiyah said: Between the atmosphere of spirituality of the holy month we have passed and the days of Eid and the pressures of education, our students have tried the two opportunities for preparation and psychological and behavioral preparation for the final exam without the influence of one side overwhelming the other, and here they are after the happy Eid days After their pockets with souls and souls overwhelmed with hope and optimism to complete and review their previous lessons and prepare for what after that, and also the month of Ramadan had a significant impact, not only on self-discipline, but even on the correction of their behavior, as it trained them in dedication, seriousness, zeal and perseverance, so that they were allowed to to go play with the parents and participate. Study first and complete their school obligations. Al-Qaywdiyah added: The family plays a major role in the success of their students’ educational path, as the preparation of the self comes first before the preparation of the behavior, so families try to establish the morale of their children by using various words of motivation, encouragement and praise, which motivates them to do more This is also reflected in their behavior and their level of achievement at school, and to help our students determine the time and the appropriate place for prepare study. It increases their scientific level.

Summary / s

Huda bint Hamad Al-Sarmieh says: First, I identify the difficult lessons that require a higher concentration for my son, and determine such a study schedule for those lessons that are divided into certain times, write questions for all lessons and make summaries of the curricula for Ease to review. Studying is like television and telephone, or even sitting with the rest of his brothers, to reward the boy after completing the schedule assigned to him by studying to give him energy again and make him capable feel and full readiness to continue on the same approach, such as a simple trip to the sea or a park or to give him a meal he loves and close to his heart, and also not the aspect of nutrition that It helps to focus, such as nuts and natural juices, do not neglect. on the other hand, moral speech is very important at this stage as it increases self-confidence and enables one to overcome problems because it is saturated with motivational phrases.

Time management

Zakiya bint Saif Al-Basamiah stressed that psychological preparation for the tests is of great importance to the student, and the home environment plays an effective role in terms of providing a calm environment for the student, to focus and follow up on his lessons to facilitate. Having a schedule to review each subject facilitates the process of organizing and focusing on it, and it is also important to leave fear and tension during the revision, as it distracts the student’s attention and hinders his focus, in addition to discussing all difficult questions with teachers and educators. colleagues, give the student the opportunity to understand and resolve difficult issues as my daughter uses the time in the reserve classes. A group worked with its colleagues to explain and explain some mathematical problems in detail and ways to solve them.

Do not be intimidated

In turn, Hammoud bin Nasser Al-Abri says: The psychological and behavioral preparation for the tests starts at home and the student himself and then the school, not intimidated and intimidated by the tests and the mark and grade he will get. of the parents, this in itself brings fear to the boy during study and can revise his lessons without Concentration, his mind stays busy, what will be the parents’ reaction if he does not achieve the required grade, good speech and reassurance of the boy that they always support and encourage him in zeal and mastery of study, also sit in a quiet place to study and review the study material daily in an orderly manner and not push them home, the need to organize time With setting up a specific schedule for study without arbitrariness, such as allocating time for rest, time to sit with the family, and time for revision.

Khalid bin Abdullah Al Busaidi added: Study should be from the first day of school without neglect or postponement until the time of the test, and the nature of study differs from one student to another. Practice previous tests that contribute to the knowledge of the context of the tests and to know their solution. In addition, some science subjects such as mathematics may need to be understood, explained and more detailed at this stage of study, so I used a teacher to explain and review the mathematical problems for him individually at home. and I actually noticed a significant improvement in the academic level In the performance grades, the teacher compensates for any shortcoming in explaining a specific issue, which contributes positively to the results, all these ways when the student realizes that he is fully prepared is and that he has done his duty towards study, he removes anxiety and tension from him, trusts in God and increases his confidence in himself because he has performed his task in study. There is no shortage, and there is no doubt that it’s all out of encouraging parents, especially parents, and learning the value of knowledge and learning, and attaining excellence is not difficult, but it must be filled with desire and love of Science.

Schedule for exams

In turn, Basima bint Khamis Al Alawia, principal of Umm Waraqah Al-Ansaria School, said: The school administration is always eager to develop an annual plan for the examination period, as a special committee for examinations has been formed to deal with many additional issues. performs work during and before the examination period, including the distribution of motivational and encouraging brochures on success and excellence In the school corridors and on posters and in the classrooms, as well as pleas for tests in the examination committee, awarding of special committees for students with learning difficulties and students suffering from problems of poor comprehension and reading comprehension In addition to the primary role that the faculty is keen on in terms of training students for a while Exams are conducted by conducting experimental tests to familiarize them with the method of asking questions and familiarize. them with the required semantics and concepts.Being careful about organizing and managing time and investing it well is an essential path to success and excellence, for which the school administration always asks.

Among the plans was the implementation of the (It’s My Responsibility) initiative, which targeted school pupils to pay attention to and bear the great responsibility on their shoulders with regard to study, and the mechanism to apply the correct study methods during the examination period. .

Initialization methods

The social worker of Umm Waraqah Al-Ansaria School, Sumaya bint Jamil Al-Habsiah, added: The school has provided many awareness programs to overcome the obstacles that students face during the exam period, such as anxiety, stress and fear. Leading advice for women students to be applied during the exam period, and parents were made aware of the role of the family in preparing children for this important period in the different school stages. Leading lessons were also provided on time management, the importance of setting up a revision schedule, and the benefits of setting up a mind map while studying, adding that accompanying lessons were implemented entitled Improving learning motivation, as well as the art of good mnemonics, in addition to implementing a variety of training workshops for students below the required level. implements individual and group interviews, especially with students who suffer from many fears during the exam period, and implements dialogue sessions on emotional nourishment to get rid of all negative thoughts. Like (I can not – I do not understand – I will not pass) and other influences that frustrate the student’s determination. Breathing exercises have great benefits in spreading comfort, calmness and tranquility in the soul, thus enabling the student to replace and replace any negative thoughts with positive phrases that stimulate and activate the mind to creativity and excellence.

Disadvantages of concern

The teacher, Imtenan bint Nizar Al Balushi, confirmed that it is normal for the student to feel anxious about the exams, and it is a good thing to increase the student’s focus and attention to achieve what he is looking for, but for some students may exceed the required limit of anxiety, and mix with feelings of frustration or lack of confidence. And leads to a negative impact on the student’s performance in the test, sometimes it can reach the student feel unwell when taking the test, crying or deliberate absence from attending the tests, and here comes the role of the parent as well as the school to find out the reasons, and find appropriate strategies and solutions To alleviate anxiety and stress, Al Balushi said about the key solutions, including trying to find out what the main cause of anxiety and its treatment is, to seek support and advice from specialized people such as the school’s social worker, prepare well for the test by studying continuously throughout the year, and do not build it up until before the test, healthy food Early sleep, the choice of the right place to study and avoid distractions, increase self-confidence by practicing test questions for previous years, promote positive and positive behaviors, and encourage them to improve for the better.

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