Juhayna increases its sales to EGP 8.8 billion during 2021

The latest business results from Juhayna Food Industries showed an increase in sales to £ 8.8 billion during the last year of 2021, compared to sales of £ 7.4 billion during the previous year 2020.

Juhayna’s consolidated results, which were sent to the stock exchange on Sunday, revealed that the company’s costs had risen to £ 6.2 billion in 2021, compared to £ 5 billion in 2020.

Total profit also increased slightly over the past year to £ 2.5 billion, compared to a total profit of £ 2.4 billion during the previous financial year 2020.

While net profit increased significantly to 526.3 million pounds over the past year, compared to a net profit of 428.4 million during the previous year 2020, according to the consolidated results.

While the independent financial statements of the parent company showed a decrease in net profit to 381.2 million pounds during the said year, compared to 430 million profits during the previous year 2020.

Juhayna: Earnings per share rose to 0.56 pounds last December

The share of consolidated profits rose to 0.56 pounds at the end of last December, compared to a share of 0.46 pounds during the previous year 2020.

Previous business results for the company showed an increase in sales to 6.5 billion pounds during the nine months ended last September, compared to sales of 5.6 billion pounds during the comparable period of 2020.

The results sent to the stock exchange (last January 16) revealed that net profit increased to £ 490.1 million during the period, compared to a net profit of £ 383.7 million during the comparable period of the previous year.

The company’s costs rose to £ 4.6 billion at the end of September, compared to costs of £ 3.8 billion in the comparable 2020 period.

The share of profit rose to 0.52 pounds at the end of last September, compared to a share of 0.41 pounds last year (the full results for 2021 have not yet been announced).

On December 20, the company announced a cash distribution of EGP 0.2 per share to shareholders, which was paid out from January 5th.

Previous annual business results showed the stability of its revenue at the level of 7.6 billion pounds during the fiscal year ended December 2020, with a slight increase that did not exceed (0.1%) compared to the previous year 2019.

Net profit rose to £ 440 million during the aforementioned year 2020, compared to a net profit of £ 329 million during 2019, a growth rate of around 34%, according to previous results sent to the stock exchange.

Saudi shareholder Abdullah Al-Daghim denies selling 50% stake in company

Juhayna Food Industries

Juhayna’s current capital is £ 941 million, spread over 941 million shares, with a face value of £ 1 per share.

Rymco Investments also owns (10.89%) of the shares, and Baladna (Qatari) company owns 7.45% of the shares, in addition to others trading on free shares on the stock exchange below the 5% ceiling, according to the latest disclosure about the ownership structure on April 6 last.

The Danish engineer (Nielsen Thomsen) has held the position of CEO of the company since last February, while Ahmed Al-Wakeel will be chairman of the board of directors (non-executive), succeeding Sheikh Abdullah Al-Daghim, who took over the presidency last year. December.

On March 22, Juhayna denied any intention by Saudi shareholder Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Al-Daghim to sell his stake in the company, which amounts to more than 50%.

It comes in a disclosure sent to respond to the stock market’s inquiries at the time about some published news about Sheikh Al-Daghim’s intention to sell Pharaoh Investments, which acquired more than 50% of the shares.

The company said the Saudi shareholder had sent an express letter of denial to the stock exchange in this regard, denying the presence of a financial adviser to represent him in the management of his investments in the company.

Bloomberg: Abu Dhabi Holding has been negotiating since June to buy a stake in Juhayna

Al Mal newspaper

And the U.S. economic agency Bloomberg last June quoted informed sources as saying that Abu Dhabi Holding Company (ADO) was considering acquiring an unspecified stake in Juhayna, noting that negotiations were still in its infancy.

Juhayna in turn replied that he had not received any offers or official letters from Abu Dhabi Holding Company (ADO) regarding the purchase of a share of the shares so far, according to a brief disclosure sent to the stock exchange on June 3. is (no disclosures have been made on this issue since that date until May 8, 2022).

Juhayna was founded in 1983 under the name Juhayna for dairy by businessman Safwan Thabet and a number of shareholders, then a company was founded years later under the name Juhayna for Food Industries.

The two companies merged in 2004 under the name Juhayna Food Industries to become a company specializing in the production of dairy products and natural juices. The company is currently one of the largest dairy and juice companies in the Egyptian market.

Juhayna has five companies that are not listed on the stock exchange: The Egyptian Company for Dairy Products, the International Company for Food Industries. It is also followed by the Egyptian Food Industry Company (Egyfood), Al Marwa Food Industry and Modern Concentrates Company, and Thebes Trade and Distribution Company.

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