The fires hit Qalyubia … 6 ambulances were pressed to control three fires

Qalyubia governor witnessed three fires that broke out in Qanatir al-Khairiya and Shubra al-Khaymah.The Civil Protection Forces in Qalyubia took control of it without causing any casualties. The necessary reports were issued on this, and the relevant authorities took over the investigation.

The Qalyubia Security Directorate has received a notification from the Qalyubia Governor Operating Room that two fires have taken place in Qanater al-Khairiya and Shubra al-Khaimah.

Investigation found that the first fire took place in an old house in the urban space in the village of Sindbis, the Qanater al-Khairiya police station, which had old furniture for trading and there were no human losses.

The second fire broke out on the roof of the house of Abdel Basset Abdel Rahman in 13th Street of the old Shaarawy Street, the land of Abdel Karim Nasr, and the fire was brought under control by the Civil Protection without any loss or injury.

On the other hand, the Civil Protection Forces in Qalyubia were able to control a fire that broke out in a banana farm in Qanater al-Khairia, the first Al-Shurafa road in front of the cemeteries, on an area of ​​17 hectares Investigation.

Major General Ghaleb Mustafa, Director of Qalyubia Security, received a notice from Brigadier General Haitham Shehata, Director of Civil Protection in Qalyubia, stating that a report had been received of a fire in a banana farm at the beginning of Al-Shurafa Road, Qanater Al-Khairia Police Station.

Immediately, the Civil Protection Forces in Qalyubia moved to the scene of the fire, and 6 firefighting vehicles and equipment needed for the mechanical campaign in the city council, water vehicles for units and ambulances were dispatched, and the fire was brought under control without loss. of life.

Dr. Iman Rayan, Deputy Governor of Qalyubia, Major General Tariq Maher, Head of the Qanater Charity Center and City, the Executive and the relevant authorities (Civil Defense – Ambulance – Traffic – Police Station) were also present at the scene of the accident.

Causes of fires in the house

The damage caused by fires can be small or maybe just substantial, but sometimes house fires can end in memorable disasters, so below we will highlight the most important things related to house fires, and how to avoid fires in the house if it does break out.

What are the causes of fires? If you are looking for how to avoid house fires, you must first know what the causes of the fire are, which are:

Smoking in the bedrooms

Cigarette butts can be one of the most dangerous causes of fire in the house, as there is almost no house without smokers, and the dangerous thing about cigarette butts is that they can keep burning for more than an hour, which can cause a large fire. in the house when it comes in contact with materials, carpets, etc. Furniture in the house, therefore it is very important to avoid smoking in the house or make sure to put out the cigarette after you have finished smoking it.

Electrical appliances

Electrical appliances sometimes represent a source of danger, as they may have a manufacturing defect or be exposed to an electrical short circuit due to the enormous pressure to which the main electrical transformer is exposed due to the continuous ignition of many appliances, in addition to the high temperatures which pose a danger to electrical appliances.

We should always make sure to periodically maintain electrical household appliances, such as water heater, air conditioner, oven, etc. to do as it is one of the causes of fires in the house.


Candles are usually associated with the atmosphere of joy and birthdays, but neglecting them in the presence of many children can lead to a fire in the house when it comes in contact with flammable materials, such as curtains, rugs and furniture, therefore it is necessary to keep these candles out of the reach of children as it is one of the most common causes of fires.

water pipe

Many people may enjoy lighting a water pipe at home while watching their favorite TV show or while sitting with family and friends, but sometimes water pipe is a strong cause of fire accidents, especially with children, where the appearance of coals and lack of attention to it leads to outbreaks burning rapidly.

It was a group of causes of house fires, to name but not limited to House fires have many other causes, such as flammable materials and liquids, and electrical appliances such as hairdressers and clothes dryers, and other causes of fire in the house.

Expert tips for prevention and how to deal with house fires

How can fires in the house be avoided? Or how do I protect myself from fire? Here are some tips to avoid fires in the house, in addition to the details of cases of dealing with domestic fires in case it breaks out in the house. Ensure that fire alarms are installed and maintained regularly.

Avoid using candles at events where children are present

Regular maintenance of gas pipes and heaters is one of the most important methods of fire prevention

One of the most important tips for fire prevention is to avoid smoking at home, especially at night.
Avoid leaving food on the stove without paying attention to it

Providing a fire extinguisher at home is one of the most important ways to prevent fire in the home

Open windows at night to prevent choking from smoke from fire or gas leaks

Enrolling in special first aid courses is one of the most important tips to avoid a fire at home

Practice the correct way to evacuate the house in case of a fire

Do not use the elevator in the event of a fire in the building, and instead use the stairs to avoid getting caught in it due to any electrical faults.

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