The health sector has seen a major qualitative leap

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In an important step, the Ministry of Finance unveiled the completion of the implementation of the comprehensive health insurance system in the governorates, despite global economic challenges, in a way that contributes to the realization of the dream of all Egyptians to comprehensive and integrated health care for all members of the Egyptian family within 10 years instead of 15 years, as was the previously prepared plan.

According to data from the General Health Care Authority affiliated to the comprehensive health insurance system, 94 health facilities have so far been registered in Governors Ismailia, Port Said and Luxor, in addition to the accreditation of 21 facilities, including 18 families. medical centers and units, in addition to 3 hospitals including “Al-Nasr Specialized Hospital in Port Said”, the first accredited hospital in Egypt.

Comprehensive health insurance services

In addition, more than 8.5 million medical and treatment services were provided to the beneficiaries of comprehensive health insurance in the three governors with international quality, including more than 130 thousand surgeries and surgeries using the latest treatment technology in accordance with international medical practices.

Dr. Finance Minister Mohamed Maaait said the comprehensive health insurance system would be implemented in the next phase after the success of the trial in Ismailia, and then the umbrella would be extended to South Sinai, Aswan and Suez, and then the governors of the second phase: “Qena, Red Sea, Marsa Matrouh.” , and others.

He added that the financial position of the General Authority for Comprehensive Health Insurance is strong, solid and reassuring, and that the performance indicators for the 2021/2022 financial year reflect the ability to absorb global shocks and the sustainability of the necessary financial flow. To complete the successful march in the implementation of this integrated health system in various governors according to the scheduled dates.

The Minister pointed out that there is an advanced strategy for the safe investment of the system’s funds that guarantees the maximum return without affecting the financial liquidity sufficient to meet its obligations, as the government specialists in the field of economics and investment, to include detailed studies on the attractive opportunities in the local and international market, and projects and areas that are safer and higher in return, including the studies they require Fieldwork, economic feasibility studies and others, while the investment policy determinants as contained complied with in the executive regulations. of the Comprehensive Health Insurance Act.


Maait pointed out that a study is currently underway to extend the umbrella of comprehensive health insurance to a greater number of those who are unable, according to the parameters to be agreed with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, as part of the government’s efforts to strengthen the social protection umbrella and mitigate the effects of global economic challenges on citizens, including Accompanied by a sharp inflationary wave.

The Minister stated that an agreement had been reached with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to complete the digital transformation and automate the services of the comprehensive health insurance system through the company “eHealth”, which specializes in the technology of operating and managing health insurance services and the rest of the companies that carry out the project, in a way that contributes to ensuring the sustainability of efficiency and quality.Medical services that are provided to citizens in the easiest way.

Maait stressed that the philosophy of the new system is based on the non-monopoly of the state to provide health care services to all citizens, and to allow the public and private sectors to participate in this vital field under the umbrella of comprehensive health insurance. In a way that contributes to the reform of the health sector in Egypt, which is directly reflected in the reduction of poverty rates, which points out that there are a number of government-directed awareness campaigns to private sector health service providers motivate them to take advantage of the promising opportunities offered by the new system to invest in the field of medical services.

Dr. Ahmed El-Sobky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Health Care, said that the health sector in Egypt had seen a major qualitative leap, and that what the new comprehensive health insurance project had achieved in the quality of medical services provided and the latest treatment technology is one of the highways of development work in the health sector in Egypt from During Egypt’s comprehensive sustainable development strategy 2030.


He added that the completion of the new comprehensive health insurance project comes at the top of the Egyptian government’s work agenda, which has reformed the health landscape in Egypt and gained citizens’ trust in state health services, due to the new health system’s ability to meet their health needs.

El-Sobky pointed to the success of the experiment in Port Said, Luxor and Ismailia, praised by international development partners, which reflects the success of achieving the desired goals to improve the quality of health care services provided to citizens, and reducing the financial burden of the disease on their shoulders, emphasizing the need to maintain this leading international position.

He pointed out that he recommended the need to form a joint working group between the three bodies to implement the recommendations decided by the Coordinating Committee of the system, to strengthen good management systems among the bodies, to improve the quality, efficiency , ensure performance and efficiency. of the service and its compliance with global standards, and to accelerate the pace of work on the project in a manner consistent with the implementation of presidential prescriptions by pressing the table The timeline for the implementation of the project and the expansion of comprehensive health coverage for all Egyptians during the next 9 years.

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