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Beirut – Mother’s Day is an opportunity for a man to show his wife his respect for the mission of motherhood in her, because she is the woman he has chosen to bear his children. Consequently, the husband’s disregard for his wife’s celebration on this day can cause her great pain, as Mother’s Day is an opportunity to appreciate mothers and celebrate their excellence.

So the best thing a man can do for his wife on this day is to offer the gift he knows in advance will bring a smile to her face. Most men are eager to buy gifts for their mother or mother-in-law, while forgetting the special gift for the wife, who eagerly waits for even a word of appreciation to bring happiness into her heart.

Couples celebrating Mother’s Day

As we approach Mother’s Day, Al Jazeera Just met men who had previously celebrated with their wives on the occasion of Mother’s Day and expressed their sincere feelings towards them, so what did they say? How did they celebrate?

A cup of coffee and a love letter next to the woman’s bed, a creative gift (Pixaby)

Coffee, love letter and rose

Young engineer Adam El Gohary says on the occasion of Mother’s Day he wakes up his beloved wife with a cup of coffee, a love letter and a rose next to her bed.

He also encourages his two sons to celebrate this occasion in a special way and asks them to clean, arrange and decorate the house before the mother wakes up, and not to let her do any tiring work, in other words, to spoil her on this day. to feel like a queen on her throne. It deserves much more than that, says El Gohary.

Afterwards, El-Gohary and his children prepare a special table for dinner, put dishes and flowers in an innovative way, and invite the mother and mother-in-law as well, so that the celebration will bring all mothers together and put a sign of beautiful smile on their lips .

El-Gohary continues his speech and explains that the gift is not at its material price, but rather in its moral meaning, and that the mother-wife feels appreciation for what she has given us, so he always prepares together with his children in front of a gift “that fits her position to be presented to her as a sign of our love for her,” says El-Gohary.

The gift is not in its material price, but in its moral meaning, and therefore roses are an ideal gift for the mother-woman (Pixels)

How precious you are to the hearts of us all!

And Mrs Nadine Aqeel notes that her husband Wissam always prepares a surprise for her on this occasion, and he also returns to his mother, as far as her mother is concerned, she is deceased, but the celebration is always present, whether at home or outside, with a gift that expresses his love for her, in addition to another gift from their children An expression of their feelings towards her, and this attention is very necessary and a clear indication of the depth of his feelings towards her .

Aqeel claims that her husband does not forget to give her roses, accompanied by the phrase “Happy New Year, the most beautiful and most beautiful mother .. How precious you are to the hearts of us all.”

8 The man is supposed to help the children present gifts and to know how to express their feelings towards their mother and their appreciation for her and her place in their hearts - (Al Jazeera Net - Photo)
The husband should help the children to express their feelings for their mother, their appreciation for her and her place in their hearts (Al-Jazeera)

When your children grow up, they buy you a present

As for the young woman, Rola, she says with sadness and sadness that her husband does not pay attention to this occasion, and does not present anything to her, even if it is a moral gift, or a kind word that compels her mind. He says sarcastically to her when your kids grow up, let them buy you a present and celebrate this occasion.

These words hurt her a lot and made her feel sad as she did not want a gift from him; She just wishes he would appreciate your effort and fatigue towards their children, carry a lot to raise them, and endure pain and hardships just to put a smile on everyone’s lips, she says.

Rola ends her speech, “This opportunity is an opportunity to renew vitality, warmth and love in the home, and it is an opportunity to express feelings and emotions, but unfortunately my husband is not interested in it and does not give interest in such matters. “

1 Family Relationship Consultant Nadia Al-Ghosn Some women believe that a man should remember his wife on Mother's Day, even with a card recognizing her for her efforts to
Nadia Al-Ghosn, Family Relationship Consultant: A Husband Should Remember His Wife on Mother’s Day, Even With a Card Out of Appreciation for Her Efforts (Al-Jazeera)

On Mother’s Day, remember your wife too

Family relationship consultant Nadia Al-Ghosn says we often hear many women complain that their husbands are not doing what they expected them to do on Mother’s Day. Point out that there are some roles that the man should actually play on this day, especially as Mother’s Day is approaching, and this is the most important of them:

11The young woman, Rola Muhanna, says that this occasion is an opportunity to renew vitality, warmth and love at home, and it is an opportunity to express feelings and emotions - (Pixels) Images
Mother’s Day is an opportunity and opportunity to rejuvenate, warm up and love at home (Pixels)

Do not forget the woman

It seems that the phrase “I am not my mother” causes great anger among a large number of women.Some women believe that the husband should remember his wife on Mother’s Day, even with a card showing her efforts at home and with the raising children is appreciated.

It should be noted that the reason for women’s annoyance is not the sentence itself, but rather the denial of the importance of the efforts the woman made towards the children and her leading role in the home, according to the Al-Ghosn family advice. Women’s tasks do not stop and continue throughout the year as a wife on the one hand and a mother on the other, which is the most difficult task, So her husband is obliged to remember her and on her annual day to go out.

It is not preferable for a wife to require her husband to bring her a specific gift (Shutterstock)

Suitable for appreciating the efforts of mothers

One of the most important ideas that can make all parties happy on this day is a family dinner that includes the mother, mother-in-law and wife, or lunch, or even a family breakfast, as a kind of honor and emphasizes the interest in them on this day, and praise their role in the life of the family.

In addition to helping the boys to present some symbolic gifts, and teaching them how to express their feelings for their mother and their appreciation for her and her position in their hearts.

Al-Ghusn continues, “The basis for the gift is to express love and appreciation, and if the husband can give it to his wife, it’s fine, but it is not preferable for the wife to stipulate that her husband for her a specific gift. “

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