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No one disputes the importance of the role that universities play in the development, growth and prosperity of societies. Since ancient times, people have concentrated and lived around educational centers, whether these educational centers were simple scribes or organized schools, where they were eager for their sons and daughters to benefit from these scientific landmarks whose light illuminated the darkness of darkness and whose graduates enlighten society with their diverse ideas and creativity.

The most famous British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, who led Britain to victory in World War II, says: “The privilege of university education is a great privilege; The broader it is, the better for any country. ”

This international interest in education and universities is a sincere and essential interest. not surprisingly, because families realized how important it was to enroll their sons and daughters at those universities in their desire to improve living standards and incomes, to the extent that in some small towns none of the residents remained , and those who remained were either not interested in education or were prevented for other reasons from overtaking the cities to learn and seek existence. These are scenes in most countries of the world.

We return to the core of the subject, which is universities, whose presence in any society has become essential. Let’s ask ourselves what is the purpose of building these universities? Is not community service the most important goals of universities’ existence? So why are universities isolated with walls that prevent easy access to community members? Why is the citizen or resident at the gates of universities asked to list the justifications and reasons that forced him to visit the university, and maybe he should wait for a period at the gates to be allowed to enter the university !? Is it a university of science and knowledge, or a military base that needs to be strengthened by security?

Universities have scholars, thinkers and innovators that all members of society can benefit from and discuss. For example, but not limited to, an entrepreneur may one day need to visit a faculty member who specializes in the subject of finance, business, engineering, or other fields. to discuss it and take his opinion on a topic He is interested, or he may need to visit the library, which is filled with a large number of books, manuscripts and references that may benefit him from his project or topic he is looking for .

Has the state not invested in faculty members who have studied at the best universities in the world and are considered scholars in their specializations and important references? Has not the state paid dearly to build beautiful libraries in these universities and provide them with the best books, references, and modern technology? Why limit the benefit of it all to just students? Why is the individual citizen and resident, even though he is not a student, not given the opportunity to take advantage of the great and wonderful abilities that exist in universities?

Some may object, saying that there are important or sensitive laboratories and places that are not accessible, and the reaction to such a point is to say that such places are secured with reinforced security doors and surveillance cameras that prevent unauthorized persons from accessing obtain. these places, with a security center and security patrols within The campus monitors it all remotely.

Why not reconsider the design of our universities so that the university becomes an integral part of the city and its cultural and urban expansion, without the presence of walls that isolate it from the city and its various benefits. We have amazing and beautiful buildings in our universities that, if it were part of the city planning, would enhance its beauty and splendor.

Which prevents the university campus from interfering with one of the main or secondary roads in the city, so that users of this road can see the splendor of the campus and its various buildings on their right and left while driving their cars, from research centers , laboratories, academic and administrative buildings, and top towers in modern or historic urban art. Such views and views leave a beautiful impression on the city’s residents and visitors about the development and progress these cities are witnessing, and visitors carry about what they saw upon their return to their homelands.

Most of our university’s current design is one that isolates it from its nearby surroundings, so whoever wants the university should take the special path that leads to it, which will definitely let you go through gates that you sometimes have for some time time will have to wait for. enter the campus!

Most North American universities today do not have walls that block them from society and the city that incubates it, so sometimes you do not know if you are located in one of the city’s neighborhoods or on the university campus, as well as you will see while driving inside the city a research center or one of the academic buildings on your right or left with a logo on it The university or you will find in front of that academic building a large transport and transport station within the city, full of pedestrians and commuters from one side of the city to the other.

Our country, praise be to God, and with the great support of the wise leadership progress in permanent and tangible development in all sectors, the most important of which is the education sector. The Ministry of Education makes wonderful efforts to develop education, including universities, which we hope, if God wills, to be a beautiful model not only on a regional level but also on a global level.


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