$ 35 billion in foreign direct investment in Qatar

The state of Qatar was able to attract more than $ 35 billion in foreign direct investment during 2021, and the volume of these investments increased during the first quarter of this year 2022, driven by the measures taken to facilitate and simplify investment procedures, the modernization of economic laws and legislation and the opening of the door to foreign capital.In most productive sectors, companies allow to own up to 100% of the capital and provide tax and customs exemptions to align a knowledge-based and diversified economic structure to improve with the objectives of Qatar National Vision 2030.
According to the latest reports issued by respected economic institutions such as the International Monetary Institutions, the Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation, the Qatar-US Business Council, and the Investment Promotion Agency, foreign direct investment in the country has taken an upward trend thanks to the attractive multi-site investment climate, high-quality infrastructure and the currency Stable, low corporate tax rates that will have a direct impact on the country’s GDP, which is expected to rise from $ 161 billion in 2021 to $ 201 billion in 2025.
Largest investors
The United States emerged as the largest source of foreign investment in Qatar in 2021. The total volume of foreign investment from the United States to Qatar last year amounted to 895 million Qatari riyals, according to a report released by the Investment Promotion Agency is. Switzerland accounted for 14 percent of total BDI inflows, followed by Cyprus and Kuwait. The annual Qatar Investment 2021 report indicated that other countries that have invested in Qatar include India, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, the United Arab Emirates and others. Cyprus accounted for 11% of total FDI inflows, while Kuwait’s share of total FDI in 2021 was 8%. Canada also had an 8% share in FDI while India’s had a 7% share during the year.
According to local economic observers, investors are flocking to Qatar driven by its strong economy, economic diversification strategies and plans to mitigate climate change that offer great opportunities for investors interested in sustainability. According to Al Sharq’s follow-up, the year 2021 witnessed a major shift in openness to the world as Doha opened the door for non-Qatari capital to own up to 100% in all public shareholder companies, including the company of a sovereign nature, in a precedent that is the first in the Gulf, which has contributed to the increase in foreign flows to the Qatar Stock Exchange with a net purchase of 6.1 billion riyals in 2021, the year before the 2022 offering World Cup, which will have a significant impact in opening investment eyes to the first country to export clean energy in the world.
real estate sector
The procedures that approved the ownership and use of real estate for non-Qataris in 16 areas in Doha contributed to a qualitative leap in the work of the real estate sector, which suffered from oversupply, which helped and facilitated foreign investment to settle, who today enjoys freedom of transfer to and from abroad, and the transfer of ownership or abandonment to a partner Acquisition of permanent residence, which gives its owner a wide range of incentives, benefits and investment exemptions. Qatar is also one of the most stable, resilient and competitive economies in the world – backed by a strict diversification agenda, a vibrant environment for innovation and a business-friendly ecosystem. It is also characterized by a world-class business and investment climate, in addition to the issuance of the Industrial Zones Act in May 2018, and the amendment of the Free Zones Act in November 2017, which contributed to the promotion and development of a large part of the economic sectors.
strong recovery
Forecasts show that the economy is preparing for a strong recovery in 2022, with the International Monetary Fund forecasting 3.9 percent growth in Qatar’s real GDP in its World Economic Outlook, which was released last month. Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, Qatar has faced a number of challenges, but – thanks to the wise social and economic measures taken at the right time – it has shown resilience and emerged stronger from the repercussions of the epidemic.
Thanks to the reopening of world economies, the recovery of energy demand and the rise in energy prices, Qatar’s exports also returned to pre-pandemic levels, and imports of goods remained stable, leading to a strong recovery in Qatar trade surplus. According to UNCTAD, global foreign investment flows showed a strong recovery in 2021, increasing by 77 percent to an estimated $ 1.65 trillion, from $ 929 billion in 2020, surpassing the pre-Covid-19 level. The advanced economies saw the largest rise, accounting for more than 80 percent of the total increase in FDI. Conversely, FDI inflows to developing economies increased by 30 percent, with growth accelerating in East and Southeast Asia, and a recovery above pre-pandemic levels in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Based on these facts, the state of Qatar started the year 2022 with resounding success and achieved many achievements, and the efforts of specialized investment agencies and agencies contributed to it.The Investment Promotion Agency contributed to the flow of foreign direct investment worth 4 billion Qatari riyals as capital investment for the country’s economy, which has attracted 82 investment projects. The business services and information technology sectors received the largest share, as they saw more than 50% of all new projects (26 and 21 new projects respectively), while other projects included telecommunications, financial services and industrial supplies. The past year has also witnessed the establishment of 1,100 new foreign trade institutions across various business platforms, which in turn has contributed to the provision of some 4,200 new jobs.
new investments
The Qatar Financial Center plans to attract $ 25 billion in foreign direct investment this year, 2022, in addition to its main goal of creating some 10,000 new jobs. The centre’s strategy is in line with the directions and goals of Qatar National Vision 2030 in building a diversified knowledge-based national economy, and it welcomes investors in a number of key sectors, including digital services, media, sports and financial services. , as one of the main components of the national diversification program. The Center also seeks to strengthen Qatar’s position as a leading destination for companies and businesses at the crossroads between East and West, and to expand the scope of our partnerships worldwide to facilitate investment between the State of Qatar and other markets, and focuses largely on expanding the state’s presence in the Asia-Pacific region, such as China, Hong Kong and Singapore. , Pakistan and South Korea, plus the United States and parts of Europe and Russia.
The center also looks forward to playing a crucial role in driving the digital transformation process in the business scene in Qatar. Support and encouragement of business incubators and accelerators, start-ups and small and medium-sized companies that produce and provide innovative solutions.

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