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A short bedtime love story in which a beauty that fascinates us and lets us live with its characters, the most beautiful way to end our long day are those special stories that carry many feelings that touch our hearts, so it offers you a collection of the most beautiful short love stories to enjoy reading late in the day and just before bedtime.

A short bedtime love story

In an old-style cafe, a beautiful young man and a girl were sitting on either side of a table, and even though the table was small, the distance between them was about a mile because their hearts were far apart, and despite their youth. The guy’s constant efforts to approach very carefully, the girl was still determined. However, the return this time will be under several conditions, one of which will not be waived, especially the condition that compels the young man to submit an official application to it. . The young man repeatedly tried to understand that he did not have the money her father would ask of him, and if he tried to save to accumulate that wealth, he would end it after seventy years, but all his words did not . He scared the girl off of her demands and her basic condition, and her final decision was to divorce.

Days and months passed, and though many suitors knocked on the girl’s door in succession, she did not accept any of them, nor did she bother to get to know them, but her concern was not so much in the not to marry in the first place. As her worry of stopping wasting time in a simple relationship that is ultimately nothing short of simple, she had to sit down with her friend for the millionth time, the only person who keeps her secrets and reveals to her what in her heart, and then. She told back her story she had memorized, and asked her to come home to rest and sleep, maybe she would lighten her heart of anxiety and her thoughts of thinking, and as soon as she entered the house, she had beauty found. The young man sat her mother and brought his family, she did not believe him, the young man smiled and told her that I did not make a fortune, but I gathered my courage and came to ask you, to knock on. The last door that separates me. From here he followed the girl’s father, convinced that he would not find a better young man than this young man, a husband to his daughter, a lesson in courage, the mother of virtues, the undisputed master of sedes.

Romantic love story before bedtime

Before the clock struck twelve after midnight, the girl gathered all the attendees of her birthday party, and gathered around the birthday cake, waiting for the clock to strike exactly twelve so that the girl could blow out the candles on the cake, but before doing so. so, she suggested to One of her friends made a wish, and I told her that this wish would no doubt come true, so the girl closed her eyes and made a wish, but her friend objected, and I told her that. The desire must be fulfilled. To be written on a piece of paper, this coupon had to be affixed to her heart before the candles went out, so everyone was looking for a piece of paper to take a piece of, and at the last minute they got one.

The beautiful girl grabbed the pen, and before she could write, she looked into the faces of those present, then looked at a young man attending her birthday, just three seconds, then she returned her gaze to the hallway and wrote to him. Noun. Then the newspaper joined her heart and wished she could find a way to confess her love for him, and as she bent over the candles, the paper fell out of her hand on the table in front of the audience so that someone could grab it. Reading the name aloud, the girl feels an unprecedented embarrassment, while the candles are still burning like coals, the flames were as red as her cheeks after it happened, but the young man smiled, and a paper came out of his bag. With the girl’s name written on it, and telling her that his birthday was a little less than a year ago his wish, he almost gave up hope that the year would pass without finding a way to fulfill his wish. pressure. Love her.

A short bedtime love story

A young man managed to kidnap the heart of a very beautiful and friendly girl, and shortly after their engagement, the two began preparing for the marriage, as she was all in his life, and he had in her all the found qualities that make her most suitable for her. The choice is his as a wife, and while the girl was choosing the wedding hall and comparing the halls, she asked him to go and receive the furniture of the house, supervise its installation and its completion. ensure. Flawless, otherwise they would not accept it.

While installing the furniture, he found a defect in one of the benches, and so he decided to review the interior designer, to which his wife agreed. She explains to him the reasons, those that suddenly and without warning disappeared to leave him empty and alone in an endless void, until he almost went mad, but God’s satisfaction with his current fiancée compensated him somewhat for that. Empty, but as soon as he looked at the designer, nostalgia returned to the light in his chest, it was a mixture of love and anger, between the desire to get closer and the desire for revenge, but he did not have a word she did not say, she did, she told him that she still loved him, and as soon as he uttered these words, he felt that He forgave her and forgave her, and that he wanted her near her and nothing else of this do not want life.

He can break his engagement. It took three days of no sleep, until he came to his senses and came to the conclusion that he who once sold you will sell you a thousand times, and he who truly loves you is the one with whom you have to live together. the rest of the time. Out of your life, before the couch is defective, he will accept living with defective and feminine furniture without defect, instead of living with healthy and feminine furniture with all the defects that have worn him down and tired him for years.

A short story about love

A young man decided to release to a girl he loved and whom he loved very much, but his mother was not happy with this marriage, not because of the girl’s guilt, but because of the restlessness of her heart towards her. And between his last submission to it, he rejected the second and the first was perfectly acceptable without any problem.

Despite the many problems and the long time it took with the young man’s mother and the young man himself to persuade him not to comply with his mother’s wish, which was based on erroneous logic, she fail. So she divorced him, went into a depression and almost completely refused to eat, which caused her hair to fall out, her legs weak and her face pale, and yet she was even more beautiful than any other girl. The earth, at least in the eyes of her lover who came to her house after two years, had a little hair fallen off of him and his face was pale and his legs weak from the deep depression he had made up to represent him . His mother this condition would force her to accept it in the end, and she agreed to it, and submitted to the present situation without breaking her rules and with full satisfaction, so that the girl felt that her heart would fly from joy, and the blood returned to her veins as if it were with her. She has never known depression, she is proud and admires her lover and loves him more than before.

Here we come to the end of the article, a short love story before bedtime, where we included very short and distinctive stories that talk in a romantic, distinctive and short way about love for them to go to bed before bedtime and their strong personalities enjoy.

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