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Steve Jobs passed away leaving a company at the height of success and optimism, but then differences in visions arose between Joni Ive, director of design, and Tim Cook, CEO, and this eventually led to Eve’s departure and a change in the direction of a company that continued to make huge profits, but in modified ways.

And the American newspaper “New York Times” says in this article by the author Clay Shirky that “Apple” between 2001 and 2010 introduced a group of products that changed the face of the electronic device market in the world, such as “iPod” and “iPhone”, and computers MacBook Air and iPad tablet.

Among these products, the “iPhone” was the most important. Its clear superiority has forced the rest of the companies selling expensive phones to mimic Apple’s design, or face the risk of extinction, to which Nokia, BlackBerry and Palm have been exposed. , for example..

By 2010, “Apple” had sealed a remarkable decade and set records in the refurbishment of devices more than any other electronics company, and this has not even been repeated in the history of the company itself.

But in early 2011, Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, described as the soul of this company, died, leaving matters in the hands of the duo: Johnny Ive, the British-born designer and scientist, and Tim Cook, who grew up in Alabama and became the mastermind behind the removal of supply chains and the cost of production.

Author and New York Times reporter Trip Meckel has released a book called “After Steve,” which covers the careers of Eve and Cook, and how both have changed and the face of the company over the years.

This book follows the development and termination of the partnership between Eve and Cook, based on more than 200 person interviews with former employees and company consultants, as well as information about the two characters.

This was the only option for the author of the book, as Apple is controlled by the “Omrta culture” (the law of silence) known to the mafia, which forbids talking to the press and external parties even when there dispute is.

The author says that both men helped save Apple from drowning in the 1990s, as Eve was early involved in overseeing the design of a new production line for computers with distinctive colors and shapes, so Jobs described that computer as “it looks like it’s from another planet, a good planet in it.” Better designers. “It was the watershed that saved Apple and opened the door to further growth.

In 1998, Jobs decided to assign Cook to restructure inefficient production lines. This man had previously worked with Compaq, and was known for being very demanding and detail-oriented, and he immediately increased the number of production stage controls from 25 to 100 per year, which put great strain on employees.

Cook was also demanding and uncomfortable with colleagues and suppliers from outside, found the slightest flaw in a product and, with boldness, sometimes talked straight about it.

Cook was demanding and uncomfortable with colleagues and suppliers from outside and discovered even the slightest flaws in the product (French)

But according to the author, this pursuit of perfection was not enough to create an amazing new product. After the death of Steve Jobs, clouds of doubt and uncertainty clouded Apple, and everyone wondered about the next product that would dominate the market.

Opinions were divided between the automation of homes, or the development of medical devices, self-driving cars, televisions or headphones. But during Eve’s remaining tenure at the company, Apple’s most focus was on one product, the Apple Watch.

The author adds that Eve has been a key figure in product design for many years, and he was behind spending a lot of money on the Apple Watch, which was supposed to be sold in the luxury category, and it was provided with leather from Europe , use 18 carat gold alloys.

But with the development of events in the company, it became clear that this watch would not be a new revolution in the world of electronics. Despite the reduction in the cost and price of their manufacture, and all the advertising that accompanied them, these watches did not achieve the expected sales, and the company entered a negative spiral.

During Eve’s work on this project, Cook also faced his share of the problems. He was summoned before Congress for questioning on taxes, and had to apologize for the poor performance of Apple Maps, the rival Samsung Galaxy phone made an incredible rise, and China Mobile became the Chinese company. Are you interested in selling iPhones?

The author of the book believes that the various successes and shocks that Apple experienced eventually led to its transformation from a company built on the successes of Eve at the turn of the millennium to a company completely affiliated with Cook in the second decade, and its transformation. from a company looking for a new innovation that mimics the iPhone to a service company that makes increasing profits. A variety of digital services.

Eve then became interested in events outside of Apple, such as museum galleries and charity auctions, and has been working part-time at Apple since the beginning of 2015, and after 4 years in this system, he decided in 2019 to leave permanently.

Observers of the company’s situation believe that both men suffered under great pressure due to the inability to release another product as large as the iPhone.

Self-driving cars were very difficult to develop, the medical equipment sector was subject to strict government restrictions, television broadcasting was also subject to strict protection laws, and headphones and watches are marginal products that do not meet the size of the company’s aspirations. .

Self-driving cars were very difficult to develop, and the medical equipment sector was subject to strict government restrictions (Al-Jazeera)

The author of the book believes that the summary of this story lies in the constant differences since Steve Jobs’ departure between strategy and happiness, as companies sometimes make history, but not always in the way they want it to.

What happened after Jobs left is a fundamental difference in visions. Cook saw that the most important opportunity for the future was “Apple” services, such as “iCloud”, “Apple Music” and “Apple Store”, and that this reality needed to be adapted.

On the other hand, Eve lived in the past, looking for a new innovation with the grandeur of the iPhone, and thought of running the company the way Steve Jobs did, at a time when all circumstances had changed.

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