Assiut University receives a delegation from the Information Technology Industry Development Authority

Maha Ghanem, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, chaired a meeting with a delegation from the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA).

It came under the protection of dr. Tarek El-Gamal, president of Assiut University, came to discuss the arrangements for holding the government’s second rounds in Egyptian universities to advance Egypt’s digital strategy for the outsourcing industry, at Assiut University, in the presence of me. Howaida Kamel, Head of the Strategic Marketing and Communications Sector, Ms. Sherine Harun Al-Rasheed, director of local marketing, mr. Mohamed Atef, exhibition and conference officer, mr. Mohamed Selim, technical resources officer, mr. Ahmed Dahi, branch manager of the Center for Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Assiut.

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During the meeting, dr. Maha Ghanem emphasizes the zeal of the university administration to provide all means of support and cooperation with the organizations targeting and working to improve Egypt’s competitiveness in research, development and value-added services, contributing to the acceleration of the growth of the knowledge economy, in addition to providing a package of investment incentives to encourage foreign investment and in this vital sector.

In a related context, Ms. Howaida Kamel said the government is holding a forum for the outsourcing industry to announce new initiatives and programs, introduce the skills needed to join the labor market, and the opportunities available in the field of information technology services revise. and cross-border business services in collaboration with a group of local and international companies. It is noteworthy that Amr Mahfouz, CEO of the government, will inaugurate the forum in the presence of dr. Tarek El-Gammal, president of Assiut University, as part of the implementation of Egypt’s digital strategy for the outsourcing industry, launched last February, which aims to triple the volume of Egyptian exports of cross-border information technology products and services .

In this context, Ms. Sherine Harun Al-Rasheed confirms that the government, through its promotional tours in the governorates, encourages university students and graduates to join the government’s programs and initiatives, especially those related to the development of personal skills, language capabilities and technological skills to link these skills to the labor market, which qualifies them to join jobs and seize the opportunities available in the services export sector.In addition to the fact that several launch sessions were held during the forum’s activities will be about the most important training programs offered by the government, including a language learning program to easily join the labor market in the outsourcing sector, Learn to Go Offshoring Program (L2GO), which is a free grant provided by the government and fall within Egypt’s strategic initiatives. -year digital outsourcing industry, with the aim of attracting more investment to the Egyptian market by improving the field of Egyptian talents and competencies, especially linguistically qualified frameworks. The program aims to train 10,000 pupils in English, French and German languages ​​within one year, as well as the development of soft skills. The government seeks to qualify the pupils to the level of (B2.). ) in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) with the aim of refining language skills and abilities and increasing their effectiveness in meeting the requirements and developments of the labor market in the field of outsourcing services. The program requires that the applicant’s language level be not less than A2 at the beginning of the training.

This is in addition to the second version of the Digital Our Future 2.0 EGFWD initiative, where a number of technological disciplines have been added with the aim of providing specialized technical training at various levels in the areas most in demand in the labor market, including website design and development, data analytics, cloud computing, machine learning and programming and complementary languages ​​for website development, including React methodology, and digital marketing, the program aims to qualify the beneficiaries and empower them functionally through practical projects during the training period and learn flexible project management methodologies (agile), in addition to providing many jobs in the field of information technology through job contracting or freelance work.

In turn, Mr. Ahmed Dahi states that the forum will include holding a number of seminars and workshops, attended by a group of representatives of local and international outsourcing companies, namely IBM, Concentrix and Si-Vision, with the aim of reviewing the opportunities available is for the youth and the various career paths in the IT outsourcing sector And business services, including the areas of outsourcing of financial operations, human resources, logistics, and others.

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