Chairman of Sharjah Investment Company Ibrahim Al Jarwan: We plan to list the club in the capital markets in the future


Clubs need 10 years to stop government subsidies

The merger created investment opportunities that strengthened economic strength

The “one-stop shop” facilitated the investment process in the club

Ibrahim Al-Jarwan, head of the Sharjah Investment and Commercial Development Company in the Sharjah Club, confirmed that the decision to merge in 2017 created investment opportunities that strengthened the economic strength of the Sharjah Club, and explained that the company plans to list the Sharjah Sports. Club in the capital markets in the future.

Al-Jarwan said in an interview with “Al-Rou’ah” that the merger decision had a positive impact on the club’s economic strength, as it increased the investment space and gave the investment company the opportunity to powerfully negotiate to bring in. several investments that have contributed to the support of the club’s annual budget and the improvement of its income, indicating that there are investments Many are located in Semnan and Hazana, and have a positive impact on the budget.

Investment powers

The head of the Sharjah Investment and Commercial Development Company in the Sharjah Club, Ibrahim Al-Jarwan, explained that the Sharjah Club launched its Investment and Commercial Development Company in 2017, which gave them the powers to manage the investment professionally, as all investments and sports marketing are managed from one side, which facilitates the following The process of attracting investors and sponsors, and it can be called (one-stop shop), which means that the investor or the sponsor with ‘ a specialist will communicate party in the club to complete the contract procedures.

He added: “We have developed a five-year strategy with clear and achievable goals to support the budget, and it can be said that 90% of the club’s space has been invested, and work is being done on the remaining 10%. the marketing file, we have a clear plan to bring sponsors to the club’s various matches, not just football. “

He pointed out that “the development of the Hazana area and the exploitation of all available spaces are part of the company’s plans, as the site previously owned the Al Shaab Village and Lulu Hypermarket project, which was opened after the merger. We were looking for a brand specializing in fitness and health clubs, and signed with Fitness Time And then a big brand in the field of restaurants, which is McDonald’s, and it’s good that big brands in various industries are associated with the name of Sharjah Sports Club, which strengthens the club’s investment profile. ”

Sharjah in the financial markets in the future

Sharjah Investment and Commercial Development Company plans to list Sharjah Sports Club in the capital markets and before, which is one of the investment company’s long-term plans and projects, making the Sharjah Club the second Emirati club to enter its desire for the financial markets.

Al-Jarwan said that the completion of this project first requires basic initial steps, starting with the evaluation of the assets and other required matters in this regard, especially that the club will achieve many financial returns in completing the listing step, especially as Sharjah is one of the big clubs known in the region and has a large fan base that will definitely contribute to strengthening its position in the financial markets.

Stop government support

Al-Jarwan believes the best investment solutions to stop direct government support for clubs are to allocate a percentage of the revenue to reinvest it in short- and long-term projects, in addition to diversifying investments for clubs such as real estate, the technology sector, money markets, buying bonds and other areas that can yield returns for the clubs and are self-sustaining, but it requires a Minimum period of 10 years if the clubs start now.

5 sponsors for Sharjah teams

Regarding the expansion of attracting new sponsors to sponsor the club’s teams, after reaching the number of 5 sponsors in the current season, Al-Jarwan explained: “We definitely have a clear marketing plan to sponsor the various bring them into the club, want to achieve them and the goals set by him and we work well on that, knowing that the sponsors are partners in success and the relationship needs to take a professional form that achieves their goals, and we too . ”

He added: “We consider all investors in the Sharjah Club to be partners in success, so when the closure took place due to the Corona pandemic, we shared with them the results of the pandemic and the expected damage of the closure process. , and we have taken into account the percentage losses that investors will incur during this period based on the data provided by them, which has been studied very carefully. Consequently, we issued our recommendation to the club’s board at the time, which did not hesitated to make the recommendation, although the investment company’s returns were affected by more than 10% of the investment company’s total income, but in return we maintained the good relationship between us and the partners who felt we had them in the most difficult times support”.

Promoting investments

Al-Jarwan revealed that the investment company has a clear plan to develop and diversify investments in Sharjah Club and increase the value of the club’s brand. He said: “Work is underway to build a large commercial center in Samnan, and we are also looking to develop some available spaces in the same area, such as the building located at the intersection of University Road. and the Second Industrial Street, in addition to the land of Al-Khan, which we are also trying to develop, and these are among our long-term future plans. ”

The head of the investment company in the Sharjah club emphasized that the clubs decide to invest in real estate because it is guaranteed and more profitable among other investments, and it achieves large financial returns in the short and long term, but this does not stop them . of making other investments, especially since the United Arab Emirates is fertile ground for investment.

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