Companies aim to reduce data center usage and move to the cloud

With the clear trend towards business automation and infrastructure development, the adoption of cloud computing services in the Kingdom is taking a curve towards expansion, driven by government efforts, including the “cloud computing first for the Kingdom” policy, and in an opinion poll that has many companies included in the Kingdom, which monitors the progress of institutions by adopting cloud computing technology. Eighty-one percent of those surveyed in the UK confirmed that multi-cloud computing is the ideal operating model for their IT infrastructure, and that organizations in Saudi Arabia plan to adopt and maintain multi-cloud computers currently many independent infrastructure that It distributes data and workloads.
According to the report, conducted by Newtanics, which works in the field of multiple hybrid computers, private cloud computing is gradually appearing in the infrastructure, indicating that there are some changes in the old infrastructure, and the report showed that 25 percent of that Investigation continues to operate data centers. Three Layers ”aims to reduce data center usage to 9 percent by 2024, while sharpening the use of integrated multi-cloud computing.
Most of the participants in the ECI report around the world, and in the Kingdom, agreed that they face challenges in their work in changing the infrastructure related to cloud security, mobile devices, cloud management and poor skills , such as the emergence and growth of data container and tools, which summarize data and applications of basic cloud platforms, centralization and integration And automation of operations across the core cloud platform, all this will alleviate these problems over time, and there are expectations that with increasing acceptance of this trend, maintaining the privacy of user data and ensuring cyber security will always remain the main objective.
The report revealed that multi-cloud computing is the predominant information technology model among companies around the world in the ECI report, and the acceptance rate in the UK is increasing as the first adopters of cloud computing solutions in the UK , estimated at 25% of the total participants in the ECI report confirmed that they currently use multi-cloud computers, private or public, as their most used IT model. Private cloud computing is gradually dominating the Kingdom, although workloads are fairly evenly distributed among independent private clouds, three-tier data centers, multi-cloud networks, and public clouds. This diverse distribution means that IT stores are in transition and in the early stages of their multicloud initiatives. Participants in the Kingdom said they would accelerate the adoption of multi-cloud computing networks rapidly, indicating an intention to increase the penetration rate to 57 percent within three years.
The report indicated that 47 per cent of those surveyed in the Kingdom confirmed that their dependence on the use of multi-cloud computing technology or planning for its application was due to the advanced features in customer service, while 36 per cent of them the valuable additions regarding the improvement of remote work and the stimulation of professional collaboration. While the results approached this percentage, as 35 percent of respondents indicated that multi-cloud computers facilitate them to make continuous improvements to their business, as well as enable them to expand business easily and on demand, in in addition to an important advantage to lead the executive business as the main driving force to drive change to The best for the IT infrastructure in the organizations in which they operate.
The index confirmed by respondents in the UK that they are still in the cradle of using public cloud computing as these are primitive stages to work with, but more than half of the respondents on the survey and 54 per cent indicated that they do not use it at all, while 5 percent said they have tested it with some services from three or more public cloud computing service providers.
The vast majority of those included in the report, whose percentage exceeded 83 percent, confirmed that they have moved applications and businesses from one technological information infrastructure to another in recent years. There are early planning stages for implementation of the multi-cloud strategy, and the data show the existence of problems and obstacles to overcome the shortage of skills, in addition to the complexity of administrative and operational processes, which of course leads to a delay in the approval and appointment process. The report also showed that among Saudi companies, which transferred one or more applications during the transfer process last year, it was due to two main factors, either the improvement of the information security situation and the achievement of the required auditing, or faster and enable easier application development.
As the demand for switching to multi-cloud computing technology grows, some challenges have emerged. Globally, at 49 percent, and at the level of the Saudi market, at 54 percent, these results confirmed that there are problems and challenges. in the management of information security across cloud boundaries when work is implemented across multiple cloud computing technology networks. Therefore, Saudi respondents in the report stressed that they prefer to maintain consistent performance as a choice that is often considered a second priority, especially above average, while the task of integrating data on cloud environments is consistently among the top three issues mentioned among the participants in the ECI report.

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