How do I get rid of doubt after betrayal?

How do I get rid of doubt after infidelity? Many people suffer from the problem of infidelity and can not relate after going through this crisis due to their inability to give their trust to another partner for fear of being exposed to the same wound again, so the referral website in this article will explain how to overcome this crisis and restore the ability to love and trust again.

The pain of infidelity is so strong that it is only offset by the pain of separation from children. A person who experiences infidelity experiences symptoms similar to those of PTSD or symptoms of stress disorder, and these symptoms can be summarized as follows:

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Why is betrayal so painful?

Infidelity usually causes severe pain to the person to whom it falls due to the following things:

  • The feeling of injustice is doubled in this case: The partner is usually the source of security, so the betrayal on the part of the partner makes the other partner feel doubly wrong because the betrayal came to him from where he is safe, eliminating all his psychological defenses.
  • Confidence shaken A person going through an infidelity crisis lowers his self-esteem because he feels he was not enough for his partner.
  • Sadness due to the breakdown of attachment and habit: Usually, the party who discovers the betrayal of the other party in the relationship has to divorce immediately, which leaves a big void in his life and makes him feel sad and pain because he has not seen his partner addicted for a long time to him. do not see and create a lot. memories with him.
  • To feel embarrassed by those around him and his fear for the reputation of his children: Undoubtedly, everyone around him will look with contempt on the traitor and the party on whom the betrayal took place, a look of pity, which seriously harms the feelings of the betrayed party, especially if he has children of the traitor and feels fear. Because their reputation will be destroyed because of others who learn that one of their parents is an adulterer.
  • distortion of the past: When one party realizes that the other has betrayed him, he begins to doubt all the happy moments he has had in the past with this partner, which helps to break his self-confidence and ability to judge others and break their intentions towards him. , which makes him very confused about his thoughts.

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Reasons for cheating on man

Usually the reasons for betraying one spouse to another are as follows:

  • The loss of the other party the physical pleasure arising from the marital relationship.
  • The deceptive partner is bored with the partner’s feeling that he wants to renew.
  • The traitor’s lack of interest in himself in what distances him from the other party.
  • The loss of the language of dialogue between spouses can be the first reason for infidelity.
  • The traitor is sadistic in nature, does not care about the feelings of others or is reckless and is unable to take responsibility for the home and relationship.
  • Corrupt company can also be one of the reasons for the tendency of one spouse to infidelity, in which one is at the fault of his friend.

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How do I overcome the pain of betrayal?

People who have been betrayed can overcome their pain by following these steps:

  • It is essential to try to understand the feelings that arise after going through the crisis of betrayal and not to deny it so that they can analyze it and then overcome it.
  • It is better to try to please yourself with all possible things to regain a sense of peace and self-love
  • Stop blaming yourself, because betrayal is a trait of the traitor for his lack of morals and religion, and it has nothing to do with the shortcomings of the other party or not.
  • He who is betrayed must refrain from thinking of revenge and focus on developing himself, for the best revenge against the sinner is not to be like him.

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How do I get rid of doubt after infidelity?

Most people who go through an infidelity crisis often cannot get over it, even if they pass by the same partner and then marry someone else. They remain trapped in the problem of doubt and inability to trust the words or actions of the partner, and expect the worst from them, which makes them not try the relationship a second time. Therefore, we will explain how the problem of suspicion due to infidelity can be overcome:[1]

Stay away from resuming the relationship for a while after discovering infidelity or getting involved again

The party who discovers the other party’s betrayal must take the time to think and absorb the feelings in him. The suppression of these feelings helps with their growth and strengthening and contributes to an increase in the person’s fear and desire not to feel it again, which can lead him to bad behavior, such as the act of doubt. Staying away from association in general after discovering betrayal is the best solution to get rid of the doubt that arises from it.

Belief in God’s righteousness

The party who can not get rid of the doubt inherent in the problem of infidelity must remember that even if he does not see his partner, God sees him, which means that there is no need to worry, because God will not allow the oppressor to continue. she works. Coercion and tyranny at the expense of the oppressed and exposed for the slightest reason, which means that doubt has no use except to disturb the peace of the person practicing it.

Remember the good qualities of the other party

Remembering the benefits and good qualities of the other party helps to increase confidence in him, as the suspicious party is a little reassured when he remembers the noble qualities in his partner, and remembering the good deeds of the other measure contributes to raising the level. It provides comfort and happiness for the skeptical party and helps to divert his thinking from the direction of fear of betrayal to another direction, even for a while.

Talk to a psychiatrist

The reason for the suspicion of the party that went through the crisis of high treason may be that he suppressed the feelings he felt when it happened that caught his mind trapped in it and could not get him through this crisis, so the skeptical party should shake up. . Consult a psychiatrist to help him overcome this problem so that his relationship does not fail due to his inability to overcome a problem he should have already overcome.

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7 things to avoid after discovering betrayal

A party who discovers a partner’s infidelity should avoid the following:

  • Think of a cheated partner: Thinking about the person you were betrayed with or comparing yourself to him should be ignored, because firstly it will aggravate the feeling of betrayal, and secondly it will contribute to the feeling of inadequacy of the partner.
  • Ask painful questions, the answers to which are: Questions whose answers will naturally aggravate things and not fix them should be avoided, because no one wants to make a fire anyway.
  • Involve others in the problem: The person being betrayed must individually consider whether to end or continue the relationship, as the opinion of other individuals will add to the complexity of the problem and may drive the traitor to do things he does not want to prove he is just generous. is not.
  • Listen to sad songs and see psychologically damaging experiences: As we have said before, it is not necessary to add gasoline to the fire, and since listening to sad songs and listening to painful experiences will do nothing but increase the pain of the betrayed party, it is better for him to turn away. of these things.
  • Post the issue on Facebook groups: Not everyone who gives advice is worried, and not everyone who is worried is well-meaning, so it is better not to talk about the problem at all, except with someone who understands it and is wise and wise, because some are unthinking words spoken can last the life of the family forever.
  • Think of revenge: A person should not run after a dog to exchange a bite for another, which means that it makes no sense to exchange betrayal for the thought of revenge, because that is the first thing that gets in his way come. It prevents the traitor from developing and taking care of himself and is trapped in a mixture of dark feelings of hatred.
  • Confrontation without evidence: Usually the traitor is eager to hide his betrayal, so it is not permissible to confront him with betrayal, except when there is substantial evidence to prevent the evidence of his betrayal from being hidden and the party to whom the betrayal took place has, be denied.

7 things to avoid after discovering betrayal

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In this article we explain the answer to one of the questions How do I get rid of doubt after betrayal ?, So that everyone who suffers from this problem, after discovering his partner’s betrayal, knows how to get rid of it and overcome it to resume his life.

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