How to sleep in hot weather .. What is the thing to avoid?

With the advent of warmer days comes the advent of warmer nights. As a result, some may find it harder to fall asleep than they would during the winter. One expert says there is one thing people should avoid to increase their ability to sleep during the warmer months.

Sleep is a crucial time for the body. It’s a chance to rest, recover from today’s efforts and prepare for the next day’s efforts. It can be difficult to sleep in the summer due to the high temperatures.

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It is part of a general trend where two thirds of Britons report sleep problems. spoke to James Higgins of Ethical Bedding about their tips to improve a person’s sleep quality.

One of Higgin’s tips, which may come as a surprise to many, is not to open the windows.

“It sounds obvious that you open your windows when it’s hot, but when it’s hot outside, it’s actually going to let a lot of air into the house and cause the temperature to rise,” says Higgins.

“If you need a little natural airflow, try to break it up slightly for a short period of time.”

Consequently, people are advised to resist the instinct to open all the windows in their bedroom.

As for the bedroom itself, Higgins also suggests keeping it as dark as possible during the day.

The sleep specialist explains: “Use heavy curtains to block any lights from the windows during the day. Heat moves through the windows and can build up during the day, so it’s a good idea to keep the blinds dark.”

“It will help control your room temperature between 15.6 and 19.4 degrees … Most doctors recommend it as the best sleeping temperature.”

In addition to keeping the room cool, Higgins recommends cooling clothes before bedtime.

Specifically socks. “Your feet contain a lot of nerve endings in your body, so cooling your feet can lower your overall body temperature,” says Higgins.

“Try putting your socks in the fridge and then putting them on before you go to bed to keep you cool.”

Higgins warns, however, that these socks should be taken off before bedtime.

While it is essential to keep the body and room cool, it is also essential to maintain peace of mind.

After a long day, the mind may feel tired, torn, or collapsed from disruptive thoughts that do not lead to a good night’s sleep.

Higgins recommends including calming exercises “in your head as part of your sleep routine” along with “deep breathing exercises and meditation.”

The reason for this is that these processes can help lower blood pressure and make the body fall asleep more easily.

Professor Russell Foster of Oxford University, for example, says some people think they sleep worse when they sleep better.

As a result, the hope is to understand how the body responds to sleep, which will enable us to gain insight into how to consistently get the right amount of the right quality.

Source: Express

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