Joaquin Phoenix, the evil and tumultuous handsome .. he excelled in his work, and therefore he retired from acting for a while

Joaquin Phoenix was born on October 28, 1974 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Arlen Doenitz of a Jewish family from New York, after John Bottom is from California and is of British descent. He was born with a scar on his lip that was not the result of a deformity or an operation, but rather the result of a difficult birth. He was raised to advocate for animal rights as a vegan and refrained from to wear animal skin as an activist in PETA. He is the middle child of five. As a child, he imitated his two brothers, River Phoenix and Rain Phoenix, so he changed his name from Joaquin to Leaf, to names of the earth. His brother’s name was River, which means river, and Wren, which means rain, and the name Leaf, which means a leaf. Encouraging the boys to show their creativity, he followed them in acting, while his younger sisters, Libertine and Samer Phoenix, cultivated the group’s talents.

His upbringing and childhood suffering

Joaquin Phoenix lived his early childhood and moved with his family from place to place, in an eternal state of distress and poverty, like the rest of the American youth in the late sixties who sought a way of life. .
At that time, the parents joined a religious sect called “Children of God”, which mixes the traditions of Christianity and the way of life of the hippies. They lived to move across the country with their family to evangelize for their sect. They did not have a career or fixed income, but rather lived on donations. For the money, but after the cult leader used women to lure men to join the cult, Joaquín’s parents left the missionary and cult and forced to live in one room in a building where no children were allowed, which forced the children to hide for hours when the owner of the building was present.

Change from and participate in artwork

The family got back on its feet, and the first thing they did was change the family name to Phoenix, to the legendary phoenix, which rises from the ashes and comes back to life.
The family settled in Los Angeles for a fresh start, so the mother, Arielne, got a job as a secretary for NBC, while her husband, John, turned his talent to gardening and became interested in the planting and beautifying spaces of the buildings.
Joaquin Phoenix’s first appearance was in his guest appearance at River’s Seven Brides for Seven Brothers sitcom in 1982.
But it was the older brother, more attractive, charismatic, and endowed with great talent, who quickly gained notoriety, while Joaquin, who wrote his name in weeds at the time, “Liv,” was only known as River’s younger brother.

Characteristics of his acting

Compare his acting with Montgomery Clift and Marlon Brando

American director James Gray said of him: “I have a lot of love for Joaquin Phoenix, what I think makes him incredible is the sensitivity and this intelligence he brings to every character he plays, in addition to his amazing ability to embody. the dark side in his characters. I always compare him to Montgomery Clift and Marlon Brando, he is in the same rank. I think he is able to portray our inner struggle through his characters as clearly and without a single word as possible. “
Acting for Joaquin is an attempt to separate from the self with all its painful history, and to live for moments within another character, and Joaquin also possesses this rare aptitude to move between different people in a very short time. to move feelings. The Master “, and” She “.

A bumpy road to her love career

He again worked with his brother on ABC Afterschool Specials: Backwards: The Riddle of Dyslexia in 1984, when he made his solo debut on another television series and then made his debut as the youngest member of SpaceCamp in 1986, and then his first lead role in the Cold War drama Russkies in 1987.
In the late 1980s, the Phoenix family decided to relocate, but this time to Florida. River’s career was not affected. Joaquin was not sure what would become of his career in the sunny city, but Universal Studios opened a new studio in the area, so Joaquin booked a place for himself after an audition, where he played the role of A teenager in Parenthood performed in 1989, his performance was impressive, but then decided to withdraw for a while as he was frustrated that he was not getting the roles he deserved. at his age and wanted more recognition.

The tragic death of River Phoenix and its impact on his life

His parents had differences and started divorce proceedings, so he left for Mexico with his father, then Joaquin returned three years later to shine in the spotlight in tragic circumstances, as he was in the nightclub The Viper Room which was partly occupied by the star is owned. Johnny Depp in Los Angeles when he lost his brother River unconscious due to drug overdose and later died, and Joaquin’s call to the 911 emergency service was broadcast on all American radio and television.

Joaquin retired from the spotlight in the late 1980s to return to it in 1993, following the death of his older brother, which was a shock that had a major impact on him.

she starts

After several months, and at the insistence of his friends and colleagues, Joaquin started reading screenplays again, but he did not want to re-enter the acting field until he got the right role. And even Cowgirls Get the Blues in 1993 to play the maniac lover opposite Nicole Kidman in the 1995 movie To Die For, and his brilliant portrayal of the character made him a favorite among film critics when he gave up the name Liv and returned to use his birth name Joaquin.
Then came his subsequent role in the more subtle and important 1997 film Inventing The Abbotts, during which he had the opportunity to get to know his then-fiancé Liv Taylor, who dated for three years and returned to the big screen later that year. . as a supporting role for Oliver Stone in the movie U Turn, 1997. He then played The Role of a Drug Captive in Return To Paradise in 1998, after which he and co-star Vince Wagen returned to perform together in the crime thriller Clay Pigeons in 1998, followed by Joaquin with a role in 8MM in 1999.

Phoenix rises its stars around the world

As for the movie that confirmed Joaquin Phoenix’s constellation, it’s his role in the historical epic “Gladiator” in 2000, the selfish Roman Emperor Commodus suffering from paranoia in the face of star Russell Crowe, and Joaquin was determined to to make character. as real as possible, Phoenix picked up weight, except For his great attention to the details of the character to show it as it should, he won an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for this role and received international attention.
Later that year, he appeared in two films, where he played a role as a cargo operator in The Yards in 2000 and a priest in Quills, and won an Oscar nomination for Best Actor for his portrayal of the legendary musician Johnny Cash in the biographical film Walk The Line in 2005, He also recorded an album for the film, for which he received a Grammy Award for best original score for visual media.
Phoenix refused to wear any animal skin outfit, so they made his own shoes from non-animal material. Given the similarities between Phoenix’s and Cash’s lives, Phoenix was hospitalized in 2006 after alcoholism, just as Johnny Cash was treated for alcohol and drug addiction, as Werner Herzog found him in his overturned car while trying a cigarette. lit it.
His role in the movie Two Lovers starring him and Gwyneth Paltrow was the closest to his real character, and the film is mainly based on a short story by Russian writer Vidir Dostoevsky called White Nights.

His success and achievement

What everyone expected after Phoenix’s successful rendition of Johnny Cash’s character was that he would take up more space on the film scene to match the size of his talent, but Phoenix surprised everyone in 2009 by deciding to retire from acting. professionalize singing, specifically hip-hop, but after two years it turned out to be all just a trick by Phoenix, he returned with a comedy movie I’m Still here in 2010 directed by his friend Casey Affleck, in which he tells how he prepared to leave acting and start a career in rap His most important movie is definitely Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master” in 2012, which earned him his third Oscar nomination for Best Actor.
He returned to play the role he loved, the role of the villain, in which he excelled in his fourth film directed by James Gray, The Immigrant in 2013 with French star Marion Cotillard, and his role in Spike Jones’ masterpiece “Her”. “In the same year, the film won an Oscar for Best Text for Spike Jones, the only movie Jones also wrote and directed, and Larry Sportello’s role in the 2014 Oscar-nominated film Inherent Vice, and he reunited with fellow Walk the Line co-star Reese Witherspoon who played a small role.The film was nominated for best custom text and best costume design.The movie Irrational Man in 2015 As for his role in the movie “You Were Never Really Here”, which earned him the Best gave Actor Award at Cannes 2017, the comedy Don’t Worry, He Wont Get Far on Foot, and the religious movie Mary Magdalene, in 2018 he presented The Sisters Brothers, and then starred in the movie Joker.

his personal life

Joaquin Phoenix is ​​known for his personality which is the closest to mystery. Throughout his artistic career, he has played roles that were somewhat similar to his own, in some of which he was psychologically disturbed and sometimes obsessive, and most of them are complex and intricate characters he has presented. accurate. He was addicted to alcohol and then got rid of it, and he was no longer the same person after his brother River’s death. an African named Topaz Paige Green, and between 2013 and 2015 he was in a romantic relationship with DJ Ali Telles, and since 2016 he fell in love with his colleague in the movie Magdalene Rooney Mara and they dated.

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