Justice (4) The Sources of Justice – Gateway to Conquest

Praise be to his God, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God, who follows;

What are the sources of guidance?

How do we get wisdom ?!

This is what is important, that we strive to reach maturity so that we can carry the flag.

Among the causes and sources of rationality are:

1- The Islam of the face of God: To surrender your face to God, as soon as you submit yourself and submit to God, you will be given guidance, as the jinn said:And I am among us who are Muslims, and we are among us who are not, so whoever converts to Islam, they seek justice. “ that is, everyone who submits his face to God, the Blessed and Exalted, outwardly and inwardly. It has reached the sources of guidance; Have you surrendered your face to God ?!

And when the word: (Islam of the face to God); It carries within it: Islam, faith and charity, which are the three pillars of religion.

2- The correct belief: Islam is a creed, a law and a faith. When the correct creed is firmly established in the heart, it leads to a true knowledge of God Almighty. The pillars of faith are realized in your heart, in your reality, in your country. This undoubtedly leads you to the greatest sources of guidance (faith), but how do we believe in God ?!

We believe in the existence of God, Glory to Him, in His rule, His names and attributes, and in His merits of the Divine alone, Glory to Him. He will give you the strategic stock of: love, sincerity, fear and hope, security, trust, repentance and disappointments to God, the Blessed and Exalted.

He will immediately make you feel the meanings of Godliness, so that you will increase in certainty, steadfastness, pride, generosity and strength, and will make you feel the Names and Attributes; So you feel supervised and that you are an observer, monitored by God Almighty, so you control your words and deeds, the outer and the inner, and it makes you believe that only God is worthy to worship and no one else; These meanings alone will lead you to (righteousness); All compliance with his command and avoidance of his prohibition.

And it is the effect of faith that makes you submissive, submissive, outwardly and inwardly submissive to God, ashamed, broken, and you are sure that the matter is in the hands of God alone, glory to Him, especially as the harm and the distress increased, the misery and the trial were, and the test and the test.

And if your faith in God, in His rule and in His Names and Attributes was not strong; Falsehood will defeat you, frustrate you and discourage you.

Let us reflect on this strange situation when the prophet, may God bless him and give him peace, was in Uhud, and the victory seemed clear:with His permission“The policemen were killed, the banner bearers were killed, the banner fell to the ground, and the Muslims beat them, they fled and crossed the barrier of women and children, and they fled and left the battlefield, and there were fifty warriors on the Archery Mountain, and confusion arose and forty warriors came from them, and ten remained, Khalid bin Al-Walid He was with the polytheists who fled, so he came back and surrounded the mountain, killed the ten and beat the Muslims from behind Many of them even injured the prophet, peace be upon him too.

A painful scene was around the prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be with him, only nine warriors, and he was the tenth. Seven of them were from the Ansar were killed, and Talha and Seed remained. The Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and his companions examine the dead and wounded, so they quickly went down and saw a horrible scene!

They returned to the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be with him, telling him that the dead were over seventy, and he was represented by Hamza and so-and-so. the worry and sadness about what happened; This is why the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, feared the companions, so he linked this crisis to the meanings of Godliness, and the meanings of names and attributes so that they would awaken from that distress. : “Even until I praise my Lord!”; Think…! Is this a place for prayer and supplication ?!

He, peace and blessings of God upon him, wanted to thank God Almighty for his trial, therefore the Companions seemed behind him, then he raised his hands and cried and said, “O God, there is no holding back when you spread ( names and recipes), and also do not expand when you catch, O God, there is no alienation when you approach, nor near when you have distance. O God, do not be a Giver of what you have hindered, and there is no objection to what has been given to You, O God, send Your blessings, mercy and grace upon us. ” Faith is manifested in the prophet’s supplication, peace and blessing upon him: “O God, love our faith and adorn it in our hearts, and make us hate unbelief, immorality and disobedience, and make us led under the law. ” But why did the prophet, may God bless him and give him peace, call for guidance ?!

He, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, is an educator and teacher, an example and an example, may God’s prayers and peace be with him, and he knew that the next phase would be worse and more difficult than they had. previously passed, and the news would reach Medina, and he would be kidnapped by hypocritical people, Jews, and some Arab tribes and polytheists, and it would be a fierce campaign against the companions. “If they were with us, they would not have died and they would not have been killed,” they said, so the one who advised and guided the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, should warn them that faith would need to adorn their hearts and move them, and they would need God to hate unbelief, immorality and disobedience to them, and to make them among the adults who can make the right decision. to walk in the right path, and to act in the right way; Those who are not affected by the campaigns, and do wrong with it.

And when they returned to Medina, they found the campaign that was launched against them, so that the prophet, may God bless him and give him peace, came out with a difficult decision in a difficult time, so the caller of the God’s messenger, may God bless him and give him peace, exclaims, “Let us go out after the Quraysh who were encamped in Hamra al-Assad, and only those who were with us would come out with us.” With us in one!

And the Shah here is the qualification to seek guidance with the power of faith, and to hate falsehood and unbelief; It will make you prove and not despair, regardless of the circumstances and the weather.

We are reminded of the case of the two brothers who returned from the Battle of Uhud, and they were wounded and bruised with wounds, and one of them was more wounded than the other, and they did not have a ride. calling to prayer, one of them said to his brother, “Do you see us staying behind the Messenger of God in the battle he has invaded? He said, ‘No.’ So one of them came out with his brother on his back for a distance, and he placed him at a distance, in response to the call of the Messenger of God, may God give him blessing and peace, in spite of what they in is.

Here, young people, we see the effect of faith, which is: (respond to God Almighty), and pray more and more to Him. God Almighty said:

“And if my servants question you about me, then I’m near. I respond to the caller’s call when he calls, so let them respond to me and believe in me so that they may be led.” So your Islam is the face of God and your correct faith if it does not lead you to a complete response to God outwardly and inwardly, as well as to His Messenger and His Book; You will not reach maturity.

The meaning of the noble verse is that if they respond to me according to their faith in me, they will reach the rationality by which they make the appropriate decision, the appropriate movement and the right path.

3- The question of the Koran in your college: That is, submit yourself to the Qur’an, for the Qur’an is the source of knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, guidance, guidance, indication, and a source of success, so where are you from the Qur’an ?! What is your news with the Quran? What is the distance between you and the Koran? If you really need to be mature, then go to the Qur’an in your entirety, and live the life of the Qur’an, and if the youth’s interest in the Qur’an is like their interest in the telephone, and if their interest in research on the Qur’an , stories and Sunnahs are the same as their interest in searching websites; But we have changed.

And we see the djinn, our partners in the message, knew this meaning. The first thing they converted to Islam was when the prophet, may God bless him and give him peace, returned from Taif. And they embraced Islam and hurried to their people, warning them about what they had heard. God Almighty said: Say: I revealed to me that he heard a flesh of djinn, therefore they said: “We have heard our ‌ Quran ‌The jinn heard it once and said:leads to maturityHow many times have we heard ?!

We have a serious shortcoming with the Qur’an; We must realize that the Qur’an is a source of inspiration from which we draw knowledge, wisdom, guidance and sound understanding, and take lessons from it and admonish those who have followed the path before us.

Describe your condition, that is, the Muslim with the Qur’an, and you will know that you emigrated to the Qur’an; what is the evidence ?!

He reconciled with the Koran and promised to him.

And in the track: “He who did not read the Qur’an left him, and he who read the Qur’an and did not reflect left it, and he who read the Qur’an and reflected on it and did not did not act, left him. ” The prophet, peace with him, created him through the Qur’an, so what created you?

For the rest of the interview, God wills.

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