Shadow plays in Egyptian movie theaters

This is one of the heavyweight Egyptian film actresses, and in this capacity the directors used her to embody and portray the roles of the dominant woman over her husband, the arrogant woman in her dealings with the other and the senior teacher on screen. feed. about the people of the neighborhood, but she also played some comic roles, through short spaces.

She has appeared in many of her films in the role of the neighbor, as in the films: A World and a Scientist / 83, The Pickpocket / 63, Muntaha Al Farah / 63, The Thief and the Dogs / 62, The Sin of Love / 60, Brides at the auction / 55, The path of Al-Mahabeel / 55, show my people / 54, Samson and Lulp / 52. She played the role of the mother, as in: the movie Al-Mughazib / 65, as his “Badr” is Umm Nousa (Suhair Al-Murshidi); and the movie “The Huntress” / 85, as she is “Sabah” or Muhallabiya (Rawa’a al-Kitab), whom the fatwa, Samaha al-Naji (Omar Sharif) wants to marry but gets into trouble; and the movie Abu Al Banat / 80, as she is the mother of Sultan (Mahmoud Abu Zaid), who proposes to marry Samira (Aida Riad), and her father, Sayed Al-Nasaj (Farid Shawqi) agrees because of his difficult financial circumstances; And the movie Shahada Majnoon / 78, as she is “Narges” or Naji Shaker (Hamdi Hafez).

Her name is Samiha Mohamed. She was born on July 24, 1930 and died on December 22, 1995 at the age of 65. She joined art at a young age, so she participated in a group of old films, and also participated in the works of the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties, so when she died, she left 140 works between films, plays and series, noting that her last films were The Thief and the Fox / 95 with Saeed Saleh and Farida Saif Al-Nasr and Sabri Abdel Moneim.

Of her most important plays: The Liars is Strong / 93, Alashan Khater Ayoun / 87, Hala Habibi / 85, The Gang of Daddy / 82, The Rest of Time is Hours / 82, Hannah Dates / 74, The Hornet / 64. What her most important series are: Rehlat Abu Al-Walafa / 91, Bakiza and Zagloul / 87, The Wife First Knows / 87, Gharib on the Road / 84, How to Lose a Million Pounds / 78.

She played various roles. In addition to the role of the neighbor, the mother, the wife and the lady of the popular neighborhood, we see her in the role of the nurse in Dr. Tahseen / Youssef Shaaban’s clinic (The Sinners / 75), and the role of Uncle Dardiri’s freelancer (the movie “Kandel Umm Hashem” / 68), and the role of the thugs (The Naughty Girl movie / 68). 67), the role of the scientist (film between the two palaces / 62, the palace of longing / 66, and the role of “Toha”, the owner of the refreshment kiosk on the seafront in Alexandria (the movie “The Cute, the Gentleman and the Greed “/ 71), in addition to the film Devils of the Night / 66 in which she appeared in the role of the scientist who encourages Atwa (Farid Shawqi) to beat the drunken English soldiers and get rid of the unjust bully Hassan Hamed and take his place, and the role of the owner of the cafe (movie 3 Thieves / 66), and the role of the owner of Al-Trashi factory (Al-Abet / 66). a cloth dealer (Devil’s Way / 63), the role of the lady of the bathroom (No time for love / 63), the role of the keeper (film is stronger than life / 60 and the riots in prison / 91) and the role of the owner of the laundry (Love of a Woman / 60).), the role of a wedding dancer (the heart has provisions / 56), the role of a circus player (She called your love / 56), the role of agriculture (the good land / 54), the role of a tenant of clothes (how to steal a millionaire / 68), and the role of a supervisor The House of Juveniles and Orphans (Arbaa B. movie) Wet and officer / 54).

She can be well remembered in the role of “Samira”, the student’s girlfriend in the movie Five Door / 83 with Adel Imam and Nadia Al-Jundi, and the role of the wife of the Osta “Tawfiq Morshedish” (Mohamed Reda) , who tries to persuade her to marry the complex girl “Afaf” in the movie “A Wife for Five” Men / 70 with Magda and Rushdi Abaza, and the role of one within the religion that is at the door of the apartment of the bankrupt “Helmy waits” (Farid Shawqi) in the movie Wanted, Furra Wife / 64, so she confronts his servant Othman (Ahmed Deif) and threatens to scratch his head if his boss does not pay what he owes; And the role of the sherbet distributor in the Samira network party (Samira Ahmed) in the movie Ismail Yassin in the Army / 55, and the role of the arrogant customer with the poor seamstress, Nadia (Zahret Al-Ala) in the movie Ashour, The Lion’s Heart / 61; And the role of a passenger on a cart led by the new fatwa, Faraj Al-Jabali (Mahmoud Abdulaziz) in the movie Hunger / 86, as she is the one who helps him with the daughter of celebrities, King ( Yousra), to marry. If you did not remember her in any of the previous roles, you will definitely remember her in the movie Ali Bab al-Wazir / 82, as she played a short role, but it is firmly entrenched in the memory of fans of Egyptian films. This is the role of the mother of the child “Magdy”, who gives Kamal (Adel Imam) private lessons for 35 piasters per hour. Kamal: “Dahya will take you and your mother.”

One of her short but memorable roles is her role in the movie Vacation Gram / 67, as she appears in a single scene, which is the scene of a mother with many children waiting for her role in the hospital. She meets Magdy (Fouad Al). -Mohandes), who is looking for his wife, the doctor, Leila (Shwikar), and she asks him to help her carry her baby, and the last one urinates on engineer Magdy.

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