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Marriage is a social institution consisting of husband, wife and children, and affection and mercy must prevail in the relationship between the spouses as the Islamic religion legislation The deadly routine in the relationship, and this problem can in different ways resolved, the most important of which is to consult a specialist in marital relations, and in this article we will learn about Signs of a man hating his wife.

The signs of the husband’s hatred towards his wife appear through his behavior and the way he treats her, and we will show in the following the most prominent signs that indicate this: [1]

constant quarrel

The man does not talk to his wife as before, there is no interaction in the dialogue and the end of the quarrel, he can blame his wife for several things, even if his wife talks to him in a nice way and he always comes angry for.

Husband does not spend time with his wife

Spending his time somewhere else away from home and trying to avoid his wife is an indication that he hates her, and if you try to spend some time with him, he does not care.

Does not show affection for the woman

Husband kissing his wife and holding her hands and kissing her are natural things that are considered as a form of intimate relationship.

Man does not remember important dates

If the husband remembers important dates in the past and makes preparations to pamper his wife, but over time does not show interest in it, then it indicates that his relationship with his wife is lukewarm and he no longer loves her like previously not. .

Do not bother to maintain the relationship

It is known that both spouses try to get out of boredom in the relationship and renew it, and when the husband makes no effort to do so, he avoids his wife and indicates that he is not happy with her presence.

Emotional abuse and woman abuse

If the husband treats his wife with disrespect, anger and emotional or verbal abuse, or physical violence, this behavior indicates that he is not comfortable with his wife and that there are problems he is experiencing with her, and constant disagreements make matters worse .

to despise the woman

One of the things that is necessary for a healthy marriage is mutual respect between spouses as well as trust and love.

Do not communicate with the woman

Communication between spouses is a measure of the health of the relationship between them, and if the husband stops having a long dialogue with his wife and only gives her the answer to her queries in one word, like asking him how he spent his day and he responds to her with a kind word or refuses to respond to her, indicating that he is not showing interest in his wife. [2]

To mock the woman in public and in public

The man’s screams loudly at his wife and the public mockery of her in public without thinking it would hurt her feelings and without settling matters kindly between them indicates how much he hates her. [2]

despises his wife’s opinion

The man forced his opinion on his wife without respecting her opinion or issuing orders to her and asking her to obey him.If he is firm and does not care about her feelings, it indicates that he is underestimating her . [2]

Do the things your wife hates

A man who loves his wife and cares for her feelings avoids the things she hates so that he does not see her angry or crying, but when he transcends his boundaries and does things she does not like, he does not care how does she feel. [2]

Deception and betrayal of the woman

Deception and deception are behaviors that indicate a man’s lack of interest in his wife’s feelings, as he can betray her even with those closest to him, due to the absence of love, and he can deceive his wife and seduce her with boldness of the case tells, and it is one of the signs of hatred for his wife. [2]

Failure to perform his duties

Marital duties are for both the husband and the wife to play their role so that the relationship can continue. [2]

Husband does not try to impress his wife

If the husband does not love his wife, he does not do the things that arouse the interest and admiration of his wife as he was in the early stages of marriage. [3]

The husband hates his wife because of his anger and resentment over her behavior, and we will learn the following reasons why the husband hates his wife: [4]

Does not feel appreciated by his wife

If the man does not feel appreciated by his wife or family members, it shows his resentment and hatred. A man needs feelings of love and appreciation from the people around him.

Disagree with wife over spending

The wife’s spend a lot of money and her extravagance makes the man resentful of her, especially when the financial decisions are in the hands of the wife so she spends the money as if it is something to be taken for granted without considering her husband’s efforts and without thanking him from time to time.


When a man is betrayed by his partner, he leaves her and it is impossible for him to return to her even though he loves her.

There is nothing in common between the spouses

Changes occur in people’s behavior, and the husband expects his wife to be the same person he met years ago, so that the common interests between them that were common in the first phase of marriage differ.

Cold sexual relationship

When the husband complains about the coldness of the sexual relationship, it causes him anxiety, especially if his wife no longer finds him physically attractive.

He does not feel that his wife understands his needs

If the husband suspects that his wife does not care about his well-being and is affected by marital problems and there is no emotional connection between them, then he feels disappointed, which increases the chances of a divorce.

Feeling his wife’s control and imposing restrictions on him

When a woman ties up her husband and tells him to do everything carefully, it makes the man feel pressured by his wife’s control and makes him uncomfortable, leading to feelings of hatred towards her. [5]

A woman cares for her children and forgets about her husband

When a woman becomes a mother, she spends most of her time caring for her children and does not give her husband enough time to kill the marriage. [5]

Woman’s grumbling and constant complaint

A man loses his love for his wife when she complains and grumbles a lot. For example, when the husband returns home, he hears his wife complain and scream, and men generally like their partner to be understanding and positive. [5]

If the wife feels that her husband hates her, she needs to make drastic changes in the marriage lifestyle to restore his love and interest, and we will discuss in the following how the wife handles her husband’s hatred towards her: [6]

Meet the needs of the spouse

A wife needs to know the things that make her husband happy and make him a priority, even if she does not enjoy what he enjoys, she can do something for him that he loves.

Man’s praise

A woman praises her husband so that he knows he is doing something wonderful, whether in terms of passion or money. The man should always feel his ability so that you can use kind words and put a smile on his face to make him interested in his relationship with her.

deep dialogue

The wife should have a meaningful dialogue with her husband and make it a priority in order to maintain the strength of the emotional bond between them. The emotional relationship is more important than the completion of all household chores, and when the wife follows, the man feels her love.

Self-confidence and boldness

A man likes to see his wife as confident, brave, takes good care of herself, does her best to look good and focuses on the things that make her special. [7]

We met the most prominent Signs of a man hating his wifeMost cases of divorce result from a change in the behavior of one or both partners. After years of marriage, both of them feel bored and depressed, which makes the partner resentful and hated to even sit at home, and the existing problems between the two parties can be solved by consulting a specialist in marital relations.

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