“Skill up Embark” supports the prosperity and growth of online businesses in the UAE

The Ministry of Economy has launched the “Skill up Embark” program, in partnership with Google, under the umbrella of the “Entrepreneurship Home” initiative launched by the Ministry in November 2021, which aims to promote entrepreneurship, start-ups and small and medium-sized companies in the country, by establishing a series of partnerships that are considered the largest One of its kind between the government, the national private sector, and the most prestigious international institutions and companies involved in entrepreneurship is involved.
Director of the Small and Medium Business Development Division, dr. Hassan Al Sayegh, said: “The United Arab Emirates views the entrepreneurship sector as one of the real bets on which it depends to build an innovative and sustainable national economy based on competitiveness and diversity, and in line with the objectives of the fifty projects and the determinants of the UAE Centenary 2071. and improve the position of the national economy as one of the best economies in the world.

He added: “This program comes as a continuation of the efforts of the State and the Ministry of Economy aimed at maximizing the role of the SME sector and improving its contribution to the support of the national economy, in partnership with various relevant federal and local government agencies, and in collaboration with local and global private sector, academic and research institutions, and we aim through our partnership with a company (Google) International, the development of the entrepreneurial system in the country, and providing learning and development opportunities for entrepreneurs by informing them of the latest technical tools that will support the growth and proliferation of their online businesses, and thus the position of the United Arab Emirates as a global destination for innovative entrepreneurship that based on solutions will improve modern technology. ”
The “SkillUp Embark” program provides free intensive training to small and medium-sized business owners, with the support of Google, and aims to qualify them to gain a deeper knowledge of digital marketing tools across platforms (Google, Facebook, Instagram ) to do. in addition to how to create a digital marketing strategy, and personal guidance on business performance, which promotes the growth of their online business activities and ensures that their products reach the largest number of consumers in various markets in various countries of the world, and achieve more prosperity for their businesses, and come within the “House of Entrepreneurship” initiative, which includes three basic platforms: “Academy Entrepreneurship skills building, Establish in UAE program and platform to support fast-growing companies.

Al-Sayegh pointed out that the first session of the program, held last February, witnessed a large turnout by small and medium-sized business owners, who received 335 requests to participate, and 16 sessions online, included two sessions per week for a period. of 3 hours, and concluded with the appointment of a leader to follow up the scope. The participants presented and applied the techniques they learned during the course, pointing out that due to the great success of the first cycle of the (SkillUp Embark) program, the Ministry of Economy, in collaboration with Google, launched the second cycle of the program on March 15, 2022, where it received more than 616 applications. This prompted them to open the registration door for a second group to take advantage of the rich content it contains offerings.
The participants in the program praised the quality of the information provided and its importance in supporting the growth of their online projects, as well as the good organization by those in charge of it. The founder of “The Digital (Buzz)”, Tasneem Rangonwala, said that “the educational stages of the course are well planned, where the basics are learned step by step and various resources and tools are shared that are easy to understand and implement,” adding that personal guidance about doing business is an added benefit of the program, and invites entrepreneurs to join the program.
While the founder of “Shopinista.store” company, Fares Tayar, confirmed that he had found what he wanted through the (SkillUp Embark) program, which gave him a complete understanding of the e-marketing avenues through social media platforms, a comprehensive knowledge of its tools, and the effective application of its strategies to its project to achieve further growth and distribution in different markets.

The Ministry of Economy has appealed to small and medium business owners to take advantage of the program by applying through its website: https://skillupembark.ae, provided the applicants are the owners of the companies has physical products, has an e-commerce website, and a budget for investing in digital promotion and marketing. .
The UAE, through the “Homeland of Entrepreneurship” initiative, aims to prepare a generation of young people imbued with entrepreneurial thinking, by qualifying them through interactive training programs supported by the latest technologies and technological means. The size of the entrepreneurship sector and small and medium enterprises is estimated at 98.5% of the total companies in the country, and its contribution to the country’s GDP is about 52%, while its contribution to employment in the private sector is at state level. about 57%. The country also aims to be home to 20 billion companies over the next ten years, increasing the value of venture capital investments in the country from two billion dirhams to 100 billion dirhams by 2031.

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