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By the end of 2047, most regions of the globe were discovered by (space) probes, directed to new parts of the planet to know their resources and redistribute people to them, especially ocean islands, Africa, Latin America, poles , deserts, etc. ., after the catastrophes of epidemics and climate change in the late 2039s and the Fourth World War 2045 and geographical resettlement of countries and continents.

With the advent of May 5, 2084, Michael Gabriel, the creator of the “Return” section of the Starlinks project, smiled as he collected and compiled statistics that read thousands of information for the Galaxy Z company, from the renewed network of his internet. satellites around the earth! The “return” was a crazy idea to launch missiles from rotating satellites, launch kamikaze drones (a drone for a single suicide mission) as a development of the mission of (space) probes. Islands, forests, deserts, snow). Michael and his team designed these devices with an image that automatically communicates audio and video with Starlinx as soon as it is opened, from a screen stored in more than 7,000 living and dead languages ​​and dialects, in addition to dozens of new languages ​​and expressions sculpted and installed using the 14th generation of artificial intelligence!

The “return” section was the future for Galaxy Z, to provide the presidency (the forum of world groups) with information, to control the planet and people (after the meanings of people to groups have been reduced)!

The Black Crescent region in Africa, one of the closed areas on the Kamikaze Drones for the Galaxy Z, has committed hundreds of suicides over the course of 6 years! A strange area shown by the probe in the form of a solid crescent formation on an area of ​​about 700 hectares, and it rises about 500 meters from the surface of the earth, and it always appears on the screens in ‘ a dark green color that tends to black! No technical means of communication has previously succeeded in identifying it, flying over it or reaching it through local authorities! The crescent moon is surrounded by very deep grooves in some areas, and by high mountain ranges that hide it in other areas! Despite the rarity of earthquakes in the brown continent, the formation of the black crescent was probably one of the abnormalities of nature! The region was known to the Galaxy Z administrations as “the shaman of the earth,” as to Michael Gabriel, it was “The Waiting Impossible!”

With the sunset of May 6, 2084, a spherical screen suddenly shone with blue vibrations of the black crescent, which was personally picked up by one of Michael’s recently developed communication devices! Michael did not believe his eyes and checked the coordinates on the screen implanted in his palm to confirm the information, and immediately just about the vibrations of his palm screen, to take advantage of the exclusivity to the Black Crescent contact! This means that one of the kamikaze drones finally managed to penetrate the silent blackness, and someone picked up the device and opened it for automatic electronic communication with Starlinx.

For a while, Michael’s palm screen remained open, on a panoramic top view of a sprawling city, with strangely designed buildings, wide roads, metal platforms and scattered towers! Suddenly, the image slowly moved to reveal more intermittent details about flying vehicles and vast dark forests, continuing to display images of human groups of different races and colors, spreading their gatherings in the form of stars, their points integrated to to form a giant circle! For a few minutes, Michael’s palm froze as he watched a hidden secret opening between his fingers! Despite scientific advances, elite labs and technical capabilities in 2084, Michael does not feel able to explain what he saw!

Very slowly a deep voice rang out which clearly said: “I know you understand my language, Mr. Michael. Your device is quite advanced, and only today and for 30 minutes you allowed the lid of electromagnetic pulses and the to expose black thermals, radiation barriers around the crescent moon, to show us the last drones we are trying to penetrate! ” Do not be surprised, because we are light years ahead of you and have been watching you for generations, waiting for the time of our descent to restore balance on the globe! I am personally interested in following your world for the past 50 years to to learn about other planets and rational beings in the galaxy, and it is strange that you are eager to hide our ancient visits despite their evidence that you have carved and engraved several regions of your world over thousands of years? opening research, dialogue and evolution, people stick to their usual selfishness and willful lies as if you were the only kings of the galaxy! Was our decision before you selfishness, domination and greed to monitor and communicate in a different way?

We have worked on the development of the tissues of our bodies and our genetic genes and have sent continuous missions to cross in all parts of your globe. We promised new races in which we developed values, science and morals, and for hundreds of years we set out to develop our civilization with the Black Crescent, to inherit the earth and what is on it after the extinction of your race, greed, wars, environmental disasters and human annihilation! Unfortunately, Michael has proven that humans are a failed successor, more concerned with destruction and domination than the construction of the earth. In spite of the great stock of the product of your civilizations over the years, the outcome shines in ruin, division and destruction, and it was necessary to have a replacement, of a new Adam entering the era of the caliphate and the architecture of the universe. “

Michael held his breath for a while, trying with her to get research on contact with other planets, and what some groups had to say about space visitors, and so on. He said calmly: “Why did you not intervene to help us now? Isolation has never been a source of renewal or change! With your superior abilities you would have spared our hundreds of wars, famines and disasters and invested the planet together! As for you waiting for our downfall for your rise, it carries a greater selfishness than the selfishness of people for whom you blame us. Maybe we were wars for survival, not destruction, and our control over reorganization instead of chaos! You may be right, but the succession of people on earth will not end, your wait will be long, and your isolation is eternal. ”

The voice was silent for a few minutes and returned to say, “The same selfish logic in justification, to kill the earth’s resources, to enslave people, to trade in hunger, to disintegrate global consciousness and freedoms, to disintegrate science monopolize and politicize, develop herd policies, genetic conspiracy, falsify history, manipulate instincts, and rule with death and occultism, etc., all of which have made you take over the architecture of the earth! Your civilizations and culture, your assumption of responsibility for the succession of the Creator document, the changes in the earth’s climate are your industry, the death of millions of people, your production, the divisions of geography, your ambitions and the brutality of technology are your creativity.Our reform will be in your heart melt and the civilization of survival will be lost in the earthly controls, we have built and developed to preserve the civilization of heritage and we are in no hurry o ns descent to earth to a known date, and maybe this is the first time I wanted to make our world known to be sure of one thing? Is Galaxy Z worth providing information to the World Communities Forum worth sharing or not? And your hadith proves that the (return) date is close to being fulfilled, since the creator of the Return Administration himself is selfish in nature, has not got rid of his humanity and is governed like others of the real caliphate, and the time has come to replace you with people who are not like you. ”

The sound faded with the blue vibrations of the palm screen of Michael’s hand, which grabbed and spread her fingers several times, until his palm gained the upper hand, and he hurried back to the screen to find her completely dead! For a few minutes he tried to reflect on what he knew without recording or proof, and hundreds of thoughts blew his mind to realize and announce what he had heard? Slowly he stroked his index finger on the Galaxy Z light bar (for reminder and start, mask..the black crescent shaman)!

Fantasy Mohamed Bakri

* Egyptian lawyer and writer

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