The devil in the person of the president

Israel was created only with Arab countries, sisters and agreements, which defended and protected it. Israel is the queen and they are the runners-up, and the rulers of the emerging Arab countries – for Israel – have one of the characteristics of leadership in the era of the rise of Israel, and there was one Gaddafi among the leaders, who also did not without traces of prestige.He is the author of the third theory, and he was sometimes Arab, sometimes Islamic, sometimes left, and at one time he articulated Fatimid and Ubaidist tendencies! As for the Republican Arab leaders who ascended to the throne after the defeat of the Arab Spring revolutions, they are without noble qualities, and they are without general decency, talent and eloquence, even in the spoken language. , and disfigurement, what is the explanation for it?

This is the magic of the ring or the magic ring.

An Israeli narrative, included by commentators such as Ibn Kathir, and chroniclers such as al-Thalabi in the brides of the meetings and others, and it is a narrative that contains sermons and lessons, and it came in the hadith: They talked about the children of Israel and there is nothing wrong with that.

And a summary of the story – here -:

That the prophet Solomon invaded a king and wounded and captured his daughter, whose name was Jarada, and chose her for himself when he saw her beauty and goodness, and she claims Islam, and still weeps and mourns until she convinced her husband the prophet to take a picture of her dead father for her demons. So I went to him when they made him, so I girded him and a t-shirt and made him turban with the clothes he always wore. When Solomon came out of her house, she and her children sat on that statue, and they bowed down to him as she had done in his reign, for a period of forty days, and that the servant of the prophet Solomon felt that faith was damaged in the house of the Prophet (there is no sign of his narrators on him), so he came to him and said: O Prophet By God, I have grown old, my bones have shrunk, and my life ran out, and it was time for me to go, and I loved to rise to a position before death, in which I will remember the past of the prophets of God and praise them with my knowledge, and people will learn what they are ignorant about in many of their affairs. He said: Do (as if you were asking permission Demonstration), preached among them, and he mentioned those who had departed from God’s prophets. and every one of them praised what was in it, and he mentioned what God had favored them until he reached Solomon, and he said: What was your dream when you were young, your pious and best when you were young, and your wisest instruction When you were young, and kept you away from everything you hated when you were young, then away.

So Solomon found himself in it, and asked for Asif, and he told him that someone other than God was worshiped in his house for forty days at the will of a woman. And Solomon said, In my house. He said: Yes, in your house. Then Solomon turned to his Lord, and for a while kept on worshiping and asking for forgiveness, then he returned to his house (we do not know what happened to the locust, and repentance). demanded that he divorce her on charges of polytheism after review or kill her), and he injured one of his wives, so he put his ring at the trustee of the ring, then he went in to spend When he needed him, the spirit Sakhr came to her in the image of Solomon, and denied nothing. of him, and he said to her: O Amina, my ring! Then I gave it to him, and he put it into his hand, and went out until he sat down on Solomon’s bed, and the servants, men, and birds were dedicated to him. Solomon went out and came to Al Aminah, and his appearance and appearance changed in the eyes of all who saw him. He said: O Amina. She said: Who are you? He said: I am Suleiman bin Dawood. She did not believe him, because the evidence is the seal (and it is weak in conviction in the story, since he is similar to him, and he can prove it to her, but who can achieve the institution of the presidency? Mufti can not reach him, so what about the president?).

So Solomon knew that his sin had caught up with him, so he began to stand at home out of the role of the children of Israel, saying: I am Suleiman, the son of David (and they do not doubt his claim, for the proof they have is the seal, the robe, the sultan and the Hellman) therefore they urge him to dust and curse him and say: Look at this crazy man who claims to be Solomon. And when Solomon saw it, he went into the sea, and drew the whale unto the owners of the sea from the sea, and they gave him two fish every day. So he stayed forty in the morning as long as that idol was in his house.

He said: Asif and the great ones of the Children of Israel denied the rule of God’s enemy, Satan, during that time.

Asif said: They gave me permission to go in to his wives and ask them if they would deny him in his particular affairs which we would deny in the general affairs of the people. Then he attacked his wives and said: Woe to you! Did you deny the command of the prophet of God Solomon that we denied? And they said, It is worse and greater: he will not leave a woman among us in her blood, neither will she defile herself. Asif said: We belong to God and to Him we will return. This is the clear disaster. And he went out unto the children of Israel, and said, What is special is greater than that which is common. When forty mornings had passed, Satan flew away from his body (apparently he could not stay on the statue for more than forty days), then he passed the sea and threw the ring into it, so that a fish swallowed it and some fishermen have It. Solomon worked for him at the beginning of his day, until at the end of the day he gave him two fish; so he gave him the fish that swallowed up the ring, and Solomon carried his two fish and sold the one he had not. the ring for bread, then he went to the other fish, so he gave him his cows to fry, so he got the ring out of his cavity, so he took it, put it in his hand and before God , glorified, fell down, and the birds, the beast, and the jinn devoted themselves to Him. And the people came unto him, and returned unto his kingdom, and repented of his sin: and he commanded the devils to bring a rock, and he set it in a great rock, and he set another. And he bound him, and he was cast into the sea.

The lesson is that legitimacy is in the ring, so whoever sits in the ring becomes king even if it was Qais Saeed, Gaddafi or Sisi, and they are people who have none of the king’s characteristics and characteristics, and that people after look at the ring. and not on the personal merits, of wisdom, knowledge, and opinion.

Beji Caid Essebsi was afraid of Moncef Marzouki’s debate, and Sisi did not accept Hamdeen Sabahi’s debate. Debates in Egypt after the fall of Mubarak were waged by a third man, the broadcaster, and a debate took place between Hamdeen Sabahi and Abul Fotouh.

The movie “Jack and the Labor” can be used to understand the symbolism of the ring. The seal is legitimacy, and the seal is the approval of the West, the loyalty of the army, stay in the presidential palace and power, it can be the strength of an army or the strength of a tribe, or the strength of a sect.

All the leaders we know have married Jaradat without captivity, the wives of the leaders of Arab countries after the founding of Israel or in preparation for it, they are all Khwajas. Gamal Abdel Nasser, his wife is of Persian origin, Yasser Arafat married Suha Arafat, Jihan Sadat, Suzan Mubarak .. Abdel Fattah Sisi’s wife is his cousin and their origin is unknown. Bashar al-Assad’s wife is British. And all of them worship their wives, and we have reached the age when the president does not need the marriage of “King Sidon” to prove his loyalty, and the hiring of a spy on the president to accomplish his feat do not monitor.

There is nothing in the story but a fleeting and quick reference to the injustice that has befallen the people, and injustice is rooted in polytheism. The History of Satan, by William Woods, says that the wicked are attractive, and people tend more toward the strong wicked than the pious weak. The Children of Israel, besides Asif bin Barkhiya, were silent about the imitation of appearance and drove the Prophet out of their gates and denied him.

The names in the story are indicative.The value on the ring is the trustworthy, and the new bride is the locust, and she can reveal the body and allure, and perhaps the narrator wants the beautiful woman to be the person of his religion, and that the root of corruption is polytheism and idolatry, and in it is an indication of human infatuation with the stranger and the new.

Perhaps the locust is the opposite of Balqis, who submitted himself to God, Lord of the worlds, and from her we understand why al-Assad insisted on the image of his father above all in Raqqa as a sign of his liberation. They gave him a fake ring, and the real one remained in the hands of the army. We can say: The punishment that the prophet Solomon inflicted on the rock of genius is the punishment that the false chief imposes on the people.

The ring is just a sign and ammunition in the Arab and Islamic traditions. Only one of the people of the book, Salman al-Farsi, was asked about the Prophet’s seal, peace and blessings on him, and three of the companions accidentally saw it without seeking it.

The ring of the messengers’ seal was on his shoulder, and the falcon of Quraish went to Spain without a ring, so he owned it, and no one denied him, and they did not see his image. Take any Arab president off his ring, he becomes naked without value and value. No state will appoint Sisi after his fall for his experience in opening channels, perhaps he will use his experience to make biographical series.

Legends and tales say that the origin of man is Nun, and Nun is the fish. And the king’s seal is in the belly of the people, which is silent and forbidden to speak.

Summary: To rule in the Arab countries is magic, and politics is magic, because they turn to rings and things, not to minds and hearts.

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