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The technology industry is evolving rapidly every day, offering new innovations and revolutionary projects that permanently paint pictures of the future. There are scientists, engineers and brilliant minds all over the world trying to build the next piece of future technology that will change our lives .

There are innovations happening at the moment that are borrowed directly from the pages of science fiction, whether it be robots that can read that think mind, or artificial intelligence that is capable of creativity and self-reflection, or electronic eyes, or smartwatches and many more other innovations that amaze the mind, and there is always more you can expect from this world, some of which were mentioned by the Science Focus platform in a recent report.

In fact, we are only in the early stages of a major change affecting the technology industry in the world and all aspects of life, in part because of the international disasters not long ago considered by anyone.

The Corona pandemic not only forced us to go home from work, but also led to a wave of resignations by many people who decided they did not really want to return to a job they hated. did not, and in turn started working on their work. own personal projects.

Concerns about climate change and rising oil prices are causing all the world’s major car companies to switch to electric cars.

The war in Ukraine is also forcing a radical transformation, not only in the structure and distribution of power in the world, but it has created the first viable international cyber army, which includes many technical forces and professional hackers around the world.

The advent of the era of technology unions

One of the interesting historical advantages of technology companies was the immunity against unions and unions. Previously, there were no technology unions regulating jobs and dealing with capital. This has allowed companies to be more free to trade with their employees and keep production costs low without upsetting unions.

However, a combination of poor management decisions, lack of salary increases for ordinary employees, outrageous salaries for board members, and other hostile practices toward employees are rapidly changing the way they operate in America’s major technology companies.

In this context, Apple stands out in particular, accusing its employees of being unfair in dealing with them, urging a number of them to acquire Android phones to preserve the confidentiality of their union efforts, and their striving to organize themselves in the face of the giant company, as I mentioned.The Washington Post recently reported.

Employees of the giant company told the newspaper – on condition that their names were not disclosed – that a large number of them in various Apple branches and stores in the country were quietly forming their own union looking after their interests, with the support of major national unions operating in the United States, and preparing to submit papers required by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in the United States in the near future.

Currently, almost all major technology companies face the same problem with the ability to trade with unions very quickly, and once unions start to spread, gain employment and power, they also gain the ability to penetrate other technology companies, medium or emerging. out of them by persuading their employees They are being abused, as the American author who specializes in technology matters, Rob Underley, mentioned in an article on the Tech News World platform, during which he describes the great transformations that in technology is going to take place. industry in the world in the coming stage.

The author explains that once unions have enough members in the industry, it will become almost impossible to stop them, because the funding they receive enables them to launch campaigns to unite companies through a comprehensive system that includes all workers in the sector, and every victory in any battle fought by the union will increase and spread its funding And its ability to launch other campaigns to demand more rights for its members.

Although this point of transformation has not yet been reached, but if companies do not change their behavior, and do not focus on the satisfaction and loyalty of their employees, unions will inevitably come in the near future – as the author emphasizes – and the result will be a huge financial cost, And an operational burden on the companies joining these unions, when these companies only blame themselves, their greed and their unfairness to their employees.

cyber threat
Almost all the big technology companies have the same problem, with the potential to trade with unions soon (Getty Images)

The accelerated switch to electric motors

Ford, Jaguar, Volvo and other automakers are moving around the world to create their own premium electric car divisions to compete with Tesla. In this area, Anderley says in his article.

It reminds us of the smartphone battle between Apple and other companies at the beginning of this century, when the dominant phone companies of that time such as BlackBerry, Nokia and Palm did not take Apple seriously, and she stayed in an afternoon nap until she left. . the market and did not mention her anymore.

But, unlike Apple, Tesla has long faced major industry and quality control problems, and this has led its competitors to realize that the opportunity is on the horizon, namely that they need to focus on electric cars if they want to continue their presence. . in the future, and we We are witnessing the emergence of this focus with the successive announcements of the establishment of departments for the manufacture and development of electric cars, and it is expected that these new departments will create strong competition for Tesla, and perhaps alternatives that are better or comparable in level, that these companies will avoid the bitter fate that Apple competitors have tasted, as the author confirms in his article.

In addition, the transition to electric cars and the competition between companies will lead to the development of this industry, increase the electric capacity and move more strongly to the transition to sustainable energy, and we will have the first level four autonomous vehicle on the roads by 2026, which The nature of leadership itself will change.

international cyber army

Russia attacked Ukraine, but found the opposite of what he expected, as it discovered that the Ukrainians were fully prepared to fight and defend their homeland and land.

Thousands of volunteer fighters and mercenaries also flock to the country to help the Ukrainian people in the fight against the Russian army, but the most interesting aspect – from the author’s point of view – is the international information technology army, which is formed without prior planning around Ukraine to help in this fight, and it includes a large group of international hackers, from different countries working together for one goal, namely to defeat Russia.

What makes it particularly interesting is that experts believed that Russia would first use electronic warfare with its great capabilities in this area, but that Russia’s capacity was dwarfed by the formidable technical capabilities that these international volunteers brought to the field.

Although the army still fighting on the ground is the Ukrainian army with a few thousand volunteers, the real power lies in this transcontinental IT army, which grows every day away from the control of states to become the number one electronic army in the world .

The author emphasizes that this cyber army is here to stay, and it will always appear when conflicts and wars threaten local or global stability, and so far this alliance is much more effective than the United Nations or NATO in defending Ukraine.

A new world is taking shape

The rise of technology unions, workers in the sector claiming their lost rights, the impending end of the era of fuel-powered internal combustion engines, the decisive transition to more sustainable energy sources, the rise of an increasingly coordinated international cyber army, as well as the dawn of the era of autonomous robots and more capable artificial intelligence than ever, the Metaverse, and many others, all point to a new world taking shape and it’s nothing more than the tip of the iceberg of the coming massive changes. , which will affect everything in our life on this earth.

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