Tolerance or coercion … A controversy over the concessions of the families of the victims of the son of a businessman in Egypt | Political news

Cairo – Forgiveness and indulgence or pressure and coercion, this is how the pioneers of social networking sites in Egypt argued, after the families of the victims of a traffic accident announced reconciliation with the family of the accused – the son of a well-known businessman – which killed 4 students – of whom 3 were children – and caused a sensation.

While a number of social media pioneers have announced their anger over the families’ reconciliation – especially after their lengthy confirmation of their refusal to reconcile and their constant demand for fair retaliation and the return of rights to their children – another group of opinion that the continuation of the feud will not bring back the dead, praising the position of families and their acceptance of reconciliation with blood money.

The Criminal Court in Giza on Saturday decided to reserve the case for the next session on June 4 in the case in which Karim, son of businessman Mohamed El-Hawary, is accused of accidentally killing 4 students in a collision by possession and use of narcotics and speed.

Behind the scenes of reconciliation

During his plea, Mohamed Hammouda, the accused’s lawyer, Karim El-Haary, said that the families of the victims understood the nature of what happened and gave up the case, adding – according to what Al-Ahram newspaper reported (governments) – that the families of the victims regarded Karim as their son, especially after he suffered a permanent disability and was one of the victims of the accident.

“Cairo 24” website revealed the scenes of the families’ sessions with the businessman, the father of the accused, who started early on the father’s side with the advice of a senior lawyer, as the father sought during the previous period has to win the love of family members, and pressured them to give up the cause.

According to the website, the defense team confirmed that reconciliation will be the most important way out for the businessman’s son, and if he succeeds, the punishment will be reduced, and he has indeed succeeded in this case with 3 of the families of the victims, but the case was disrupted after the rejection of the family of a young man of the victims, so that the defense began to persuade them to reconcile order to end the case.

The website claimed that the families of the three victims received amounts of money amounting to more than two million Egyptian pounds for each family, while the last family alone received 6 million pounds, while the family’s lawyer said that the reconciliation without his consciousness took place. , and the family insisted on refusing, according to what he said. .

On the other hand, the families of the victims did not disclose the details of the reconciliation, and Omar’s father – one of the victims of the accident – told the “Al-Youm Al-Sabaa” website after the lawsuit gave up not wanting to talk about that issue again, while Jaber Hassanein – who is the uncle of one of the victims – told the Al-Watan newspaper The family accepted reconciliation amicably after the intervention of a number of clergy in Al -Azhar.

Social media controversy

The state of anger was most common among the pioneers of the communication sites in their comments about the incident, and the accused and the families of the victims shared their share of this anger as some blamed the families, especially after their repeated allegations of their refusal to reconcile with the murderer and their constant demand for just retribution and the return of rights to their children whom they regarded as victims “The recklessness of a rich young man.”

Others expressed their anger over the loss of the right of the children killed by pressure from the money of the dead man and his father, according to their claim, and condemned that whoever has the money can do what he wants and then press the victims to reconcile the past.

On the other hand, others have demanded not to put pressure on the families of the victims, noting that they are more knowledgeable in the details and more able to make the right decision, and what with the loss of their children happened in the accident is sufficient for them.

Tweeters believe that reconciliation is a good thing, and there is no blame on those who reconcile, even if they take the money, referring to the ruling on the payment of the blood money approved by Islamic Sharia.

What after reconciliation?

In this context, Counselor Yahya Qadri, the Cassation Attorney, revealed the future of the trial in the case of Karim Al-Hawari after reconciling the families of the victims of the accident, saying that in cases of manslaughter, if there are multiple victims as a result of the murder, the sentence is increased to 10 years.

Qadri added – during a telephone interview on the “Al-Hekaya” program, broadcast on MBC Egypt, that reconciliation does not lead to a reduction or termination of punishment, and compensation is adequate, because Egyptian law does not address this issue do not take into account, explain that reconciliation can have an effect by not being severely severe .. Punishment if purified and reconciles the guardian of blood.

The Egyptian lawyer explained that there will be a punishment for manslaughter, but it will not be serious, and there is no effect on other accusations, whether drug use or any other accusations presented in court.

Local news websites reported that the accused’s defense said that the effects of drugs on Karim El Hawary’s body were the result of an operation, which according to activists is an attempt to obtain innocence or the least possible punishment after the victims’ families have been reconciled.

It is noteworthy that the accident took place last December when Karim Al-Hawari – whose father owns a well-known store chain in Cairo and Giza – was driving his car at high speed at dawn when he collided with a car from behind. which resulted in the death of 4 students on the spot, while the son of The Businessman sustained death and several injuries.

The Egyptian state prosecutor referred the accused, Karim El-Hawary, to the competent criminal court to punish him for what he was charged with. , and wrongly caused the death of 4, including 3 children, and it was caused by his negligence, negligence, lack of care and failure to comply with laws And the regulations and regulations under which he drove a car at a tremendous speed exceeding the legal speed under the influence of the above narcotic and another intoxicating one, without taking into account the distance between him and the victims’ car, so he hit it from behind, overturned it and caused their injuries which cost their lives, as well as accusing him of other misdeeds.

The accident was reminiscent of another traffic accident that took place early last year, the hero of which was a young man named Haitham, son of businessman Kamel Abu Ali, who owns a chain of hotels and tourist resorts. This led to the death of a girl working as an engineer and the injury to the driver.

The case sparked the Egyptian street at the time, but after months of trial, Haitham was sentenced to just one year in prison with a suspended sentence and a £ 1m fine in the case of the death of engineer Mai Iskandar in Hurghada. , which at the time provoked angry reactions.

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