Urban communities offer 106 plots in 20 new cities

At the beginning of each new month, the New Urban Communities Authority of the Ministry of Housing and Utilities launches a group of lands allocated for various activities, commercial, industrial, educational, administrative and integrated urban, through the immediate allocation mechanism it has. accepted since March 2019 in its proposals.

The Government’s proposals during the month of May included the announcement of the sale of 106 plots of land with different activities and purposes in 20 new cities.

This is the second time this year that the number of areas offered exceeds 100 plots, the first was last April.

Al-Mal reviewed the land data presented on the New Urban Communities Authority website, indicating that the land first allocated to the warehouse activity met the Authority’s proposals during the current month for a long-time control, with about 36 warehouses, 27 of which are located in New Cairo only.

At the level of cities with the largest amount of land offered during this May, New Cairo obtained most of the government’s proposals during the month, with 32 pieces of land ranging from warehouses, commercial and integrated urban activities, according to the government’s data.

With regard to the highest selling prices per square meter, the land allocated for commercial activities recorded the highest price per square meter and reached its peak during this May in 3 cities, namely Sheikh Zayed and its extensions, New Cairo, and New Obour, with about 69,255 pounds, and 54585 and 17,789 pounds, respectively, according to data.

At the same rate as last month, the government’s proposals included the announcement of the sale of 5 plots designated for integrated urban activity, distributed in 5 new cities, namely New Cairo, El Shorouk, New Assiut, New Sohag and New Aswan.

The city of New Cairo was first in this activity, both in terms of the highest selling price per square meter, which amounted to 7,000 pounds, and also in terms of area, which reached 104 acres.

In second place came the city of El-Shorouk, where the area of ​​land for the purpose of an integrated urban activity amounted to 41 hectares, and the price per square meter reached 4280 pounds.

New Assiut had the lowest selling price per square meter, with a value of 1 395 pounds, as well as the lowest area at 43 243 square meters.

Unlike last April, when the number of lands offered for educational purposes amounted to 12 pieces of land in 11 cities, this activity accounted for the lowest percentage of land offers in May, when it was announced that 3 pieces of land had been sold for educational purposes. purposes, in Akhmim cities New, New Salihiya and Al-Shorouk.

The highest price for the sale of land allocated for the activity of a higher institute reached 7000 pounds, on an area of ​​up to 1730 meters, in the new city of Akhmim, followed by the price per square meter in Al-Shorouk City, with a value of 6835 pounds for the purpose of a school, and then the new city of Salhia with about 1590 pounds, for the activity of a private school.

Medical activities have gained a clear position among the commission’s proposals for this month, as 3 medical sites have been offered in the new cities of Salhia, Mallawi and New Qena.

The highest selling price per square meter for this activity was about EGP 2895, in the new city of Qena.

With regard to commercial, administrative and residential activities, the authority offered the equivalent of 26 erven, of which 5 were allocated to commercial-administrative, 6 commercial-administrative-residential and the rest were allocated to commercial activities only.

Sheikh Zayed came as the first city with the highest price for the sale of commercial land at about 69 thousand pounds, followed by the new transit with 17 thousand, then October Gardens with about 12 810 pounds, according to data from the Urban Communities Authority .

In terms of administrative commercial activity, the city of New Cairo contained two pieces of land, at a meter price of 54 and 52 thousand pounds, and thus recorded the highest price per square meter in activity during the month of May.

This was followed by Sheikh Zayed City at EGP 24,960 per meter, then New Obour City at EGP 14,930 per meter, according to the authority’s website.

The government continued with its proposals for land allocated for residential and administrative commercial activities, as one piece of land was offered in Obour City, to record the highest selling price per square meter in that activity compared to the rest of the cities during the current month, at a value of £ 9,030.

The new city of Beni Suef included most of the land offered for residential commercial activities, with 4 pieces of land, at a fixed price of £ 8,140 per square meter, and enclosed spaces from 832 square meters.

The land data presented on the Urban Communities Authority website indicated that there was a remarkable rise in warehouse activity this May, as it was announced that 36 pieces of land had been allocated for the purpose of warehouses, spread over 7 new cities, of which most located in New Cairo, with 27 plots of land.

About 11 pieces of land are distributed in the rest of the cities, 2 in New Beni Suef, one in El Shorouk, New Qena, New Suez, and 3 each in the 10th of Ramadan and New Akhmim.

In terms of prices, the new city of Beni Suef recorded the highest price for sale in that activity, with a value of 4270 pounds.

This is followed by the city of New Cairo at a fixed price of 3,615 pounds per square meter of land allocated for warehouse activities, then the Tenth of Ramadan city with 2,395 pounds, and Al-Shorouk city with 2,260 pounds.

In terms of industrial activity, the government’s proposals did not include a not small percentage of industrial land during the current May, as it was announced that 18 plots had been sold in 7 cities: Sadat, New Beni Suef, 10th of Ramadan, New October, May, New Tiba, Suez New.

The cities of Sadat, New Suez and Mayo each acquired the largest number of lands designated for industrial purposes, with about 4 countries in each.

The cities of the Tenth of Ramadan and May recorded the highest price of industrial land, at about 1,200 pounds per meter, followed by New October at 1,090 pounds, then New Suez at 925.

It was also agreed to offer two plots of land designated for agricultural activities in Sadat City, with areas of up to 98 and 50 hectares, and at a price of EGP 364,845 per acre.

Last April, the Urban Community Authority offered 110 plots for sale in 31 cities, with the immediate allocation mechanism that the authority has accepted in its proposals since March 2019.

The land allocated for industrial activities dominated the Government’s proposals last April.

As for the cities with the largest number of territories, government data indicated that New Cairo ranked first, followed by the 10th of Ramadan, and then New Burj Al Arab, according to the number of countries offered.

New Damietta occupied the list of cities with the highest price per square meter, after the government offered a piece of land dedicated to a residential administrative commercial activity, at a square meter price of 47,800 pounds, followed by Sheikh Zayed at a square meter price of 41,795 pounds, awarded to a commercial activity.

It is noteworthy that the New Urban Communities Authority provides these grounds under the immediate allocation mechanism, from the 1st to the 15th of each month, and the authority has been implementing this mechanism since March 2019.

Since March 2019, the Board of Directors of the New Urban Communities Authority has approved control measures to regulate the mechanism of immediate land allocation with the direct allocation system, including the announcement on the authority’s website of all land available for allocation in all new urban cities, explain the activity, requirements and the initial price, during the period from 1 to 15 of each month, provided investors apply to buy during that period.

– Offers 5 dedicated to integrated urban activities, including 104 acres in New Cairo

– Remarkable appearance and control of warehouse proposals

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