Who is hindering the project to criminalize illegal enrichment?

After the widespread spread of widespread types of corruption and the large number of professional spoilers in all sectors in Morocco, the need arose to demand a bill criminalizing illegal enrichment that drains the country’s wealth. Supporting efforts to combat corruption, bribery, embezzlement of public funds. , and assault on the country’s surface, underground and marine wealth. As a result of corruption, the percentage of poverty, unemployment, lack of housing and deprivation of education, health and all the necessities of life increased. Legitimacy exists at the expense of citizens’ existence, and often the crime of illegal enrichment through the exploitation and investment of public office to obtain a private benefit, and this inevitably leads to serious negative consequences reflected on the national economy and on the political and social stability in the country.

Other traditional crimes

The crime of illegal enrichment has a special character that differs from other traditional crimes, both in terms of the people who commit it or the damage that results from it. The extent of the damage that results from this crime falls directly on public money, which leads to the weakening of the foundations of the national economy, and therefore citizens, especially the poor and those with limited incomes, are primarily affected by this crime, and therefore the Penal Code alone is not sufficient to combat this crime, as long as the law is controlled by a certain group of businessmen who control the political life. Rather, there should be popular forces fighting corruption and corrupters who defend the economic and social interests of citizens in order to recover public money stolen by officials. Seniors in the state, heads of groups, and others involved in the looting of public money, and who oblige them to file a statement of their financial and their spouses and children’s liability on a These statements close the source of the increase in financial disclosure, but the corrupt in power refuse to declare their property and this is considered an institutional disregard, knowing that there is no law in Morocco related to the disclosure of financial disclosure to public officials not, as is the case in high-end democracies, and because of this legislative vacuum. while in democratic countries if there is an increase in the money of officials or on the money of their husbands or children after they have accepted responsibility, and this increase is not in agreement disagree with their resources and they are unable to prove. This increase is considered to be due to the abuse of public office, so they are inevitably subject to liability and trial, as occurred in the case of former French President “Jacques Chirac” who was tried for fictitious positions, abuse of power and embezzlement of public funds, as well as in Germany forced Federal President Christian Wolff to resign on charges of corruption, and in Brazil, Senate President Dilma Rousseff fired as he manipulated public accounts and convicted other figures. Due to the abuse of influence and the embezzlement of public money, but in Morocco, many citizens wonder about the phenomenon of impunity and the failure to prosecute spoilers that hinder the amendment of some chapters of the Criminal Code related to the criminalization of illegal enrichment, but more so, the spoilers return to the seats of responsibility despite the financial scandals through the Purchase of votes in elections.

bitter struggle

In fact, change comes only after a bitter and hard fight against corruption and corrupters, because the law we want to change or amend is only an expression of the will of the people who control the country and people, power and money through power and suppression. The multiple change in energy and matter. Reality derives its power and survival from the elements of movement, change and adaptation. Man, his thinking and what surrounds him for thousands of years have not been in this state and will not be either. in the same condition in the future. He will surely know fluctuations and changes and no force will be able to stop his change.
All scholars of chemistry, physicists, geology, archeology, astronomy, sociology, politics and history agree that change is a forced and non-optional state, and it will wipe out all stationary ideas, petrified thoughts, rituals, imaginary myths and backward beliefs. . need and necessity, and in underdeveloped countries there are terrified conservative forces and fear of the winds of change.On the other hand, there are progressive, steadfast, militant forces that demand change for the sake of freedom, pride, dignity and equality. Large-scale bribery, embezzlement and fraud are linked to the structure of the public sector, the nature of relations between government and the economy and absolute domination. Absolute corruption is taking place, and the most important elements of the nation’s power are the quality of its education, the integrity of its judiciary, the good choice of its leaders, and the fight against corruption and perversion saturation;

strong supervisory institutions

The people want to remove corruption, and the corrupt strive to stay defending their interests and illegal profits. Without strong supervisory institutions, impunity becomes the basis on which corruption systems are built. If impunity is not eliminated, every effort is made to put an end to corruption to no avail.
Draft Criminal Code No. 16-10, which includes an article on the criminalization of illegal enrichment, provides for the imposition of fines between 100,000 and 1 million dirhams on any public official whose wealth is unfairly proven in the performance of his duties, and to monitor that, the employee is obliged to disclose his property and that of his wife and children before accepting the position, “and this is what in many democratic countries is known as“ financial disclosure ”and since 2016 this project frozen in the shelves of Parliament, whose members are supposed to defend the rights and interests of the citizens who voted for it, but they are not prepared to vote on this bill.The law, when a file of corruption , theft and looting of public money. until Moroccans put their hands over their heads, they would be surprised by the horror of the disaster of these files and the extent of the stolen money. Innocent people are sacrificed and dragged to prisons to deceive citizens to fight corruption. Thus, the war on corruption started in Morocco by a domestic worker, a poor woman, who was accused by the Public Prosecution of stealing a piece of meat from an employee’s kitchen. Illiterate in the Ministry of Home Affairs, therefore, the Quneitra court sentenced her to 6 months imprisonment without giving her the right to appoint a lawyer to defend her, and here is the big difference between the theft of billions committed by senior officials and the theft of a piece of meat or bread to put out the flames of hunger, it happens while you speak The media reported on corruption, embezzlement of public money and illegal enrichment without follow-up or trial, at a time when the Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation revealed that the individual income of the Moroccan citizen is among the weakest in the Arab world, which is consistent with the escalation of the smuggling of money abroad and the purchase of luxury apartments and palaces.
The American consulting firm “Boston” said that more than 30 percent of the rich’s money in Morocco is found mainly in Swiss and British banks, and that institution confirmed that Morocco is second in North African countries when it comes to money smuggling abroad, and in this regard the Prime Minister said The former Moroccan Benkirane told Parliament that he had documents indicating the involvement of senior officials in the smuggling of money from Morocco to abroad.

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