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Earlier this month, young Palestinian researcher Omran Al-Achouri won two international awards, following his success in setting a world record in modern energy, by improving the efficiency of what are known as dual solar cells. .

The first award Al-Achouri received is the award for best doctoral dissertation from the scientific city of Adlershof in Berlin for this year, and the second award for best doctoral dissertation at the Helmholtz Scientific Institutes in Germany for the year 2021, which currently employs more than 8,000 doctoral students.

The reasons for awarding the two awards said that Al-Achouri had succeeded in achieving the world record for improving the efficiency of dual solar cells “Tandem Solar Cells” (silicone – perovskite).

The prestigious American science journal “Science” celebrated Al-Achouri’s scientific achievement by publishing the results of the research he achieved during his PhD research at the Helmholtz Institute of Energy and Materials Berlin and the Technical University of Berlin.

Al-Achouri spoke to “Sky News Arabia” and explained what dual solar cells are and what their importance is, and why is this scientific achievement considered important and a major leap in the field of energy in the future?

Al-Achouri said: “At present, scientists in various fields are making strenuous scientific efforts to achieve the main objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement, which is to keep the rate of change of the planet’s temperature below two degrees Celsius. ., and to achieve this, the consumption of fossil fuels must be made at the lowest possible levels, and this will not happen.Except by acquiring clean and renewable alternative energy sources, and one of the most important of those sources, if not most not. at all important are solar cells. “

He continued, “Solar cells are divided into several types according to the type of materials used to convert sunlight into an electric current, and the best known of these materials is silicon, which represents the main material in the vast majority of commercial solar power. cells today on a large scale, and are characterized by its dark blue color, but Scientifically, and without being in physical complications, no material alone can absorb more than 31 percent of sunlight, and this theory is known as the Shockley-Quiser limit So that each of them absorbs a different part of the sunlight than the other, and thus increases the absorption to the maximum extent and increases the efficiency to the maximum possible extent These cells are called Tandem Solar Cells.

Omran Al-Ashouri, revealed that “during his PhD research he excelled in the research of dual solar cells consisting of a silicon cell at the bottom and a perovshit cell at the top, and he succeeded, after punishments. efforts and years of research and study, to achieve the highest efficiency in the world for these complex types of cells, with 29.15 percent, surpassing the previous record held by the Oxford Solar Cell Company.

He explained: “I was able to achieve this by adding a substance that is one molecule thick inside the upper peroviscule and its function is to absorb positive charges efficiently, but it was not so easy as this performance more than took three years and made hundreds of attempts to apply these materials in a proper physical and chemical way, but The efforts eventually succeeded.

The Palestinian scientist emphasized that “the addition of a new perovetal cell to conventional silicon cells has added a new dimension to the development of high-efficiency solar cells. In recent years, silicon cell technology has reached the point of saturation, and the pace of its research efficiency has decreased significantly, and the number of researchers working in its development has also decreased.This type of solar cell is easy to manufacture and high in efficiency compared to the current general types, whose efficiency varies only between 18 and 20 percent.

Al-Achouri added: “It has not stopped there, but there is still great hope that the development of this type of solar cell will exceed 30% over the next few years, which is a major goal for the dual solar cell industry, and European funding agencies have already started financing leading companies.In the field of solar cells to adopt this new type of cell, one of the best known of these companies is Oxford Solar Cell Technology in Brandenburg, Germany.This company has managed to raise more than $ 70 million in funding and has made leaps in the ways of commercial production of this promising type of solar cell. ”

He explained that: “Arab countries, especially North African countries, should be the first to be interested in new technologies in solar cells due to the proximity of these countries to Europe (a large market for energy) and their great wealth in solar energy and the higher number of hours of solar radiation in it than the rest of the world, which will be reflected on the The economies of these countries are positive, not only in the field of energy but also in the field of water desalination and agricultural and animal production.

It should be noted that Imran Al-Ashouri received his BA and MA in Physics from the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany and a PhD from the Technical University of Berlin and the Helmholtz Berlin Institute for Energy and Materials, and is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at the same institute.

Omran Al-Achouri is considered an environmental activist as a volunteer at the Climactivity Foundation, which is active in educating the public on the importance of preserving the environment and warning of the devastating effects of climate change. He plans to continue researching solar cells with the aim of increasing their efficiency and stability and making them easier and closer to commercial production or the tendency to work in the field of green hydrogen as The next revolution in the world of renewables energy, as expected by Al-Achouri.

Al-Achouri also plans to continue working as a volunteer to raise awareness of climate and environmental issues and simplify the thorny scientific issues in this area for the general public to protect the planet from climate change.

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