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Acne is the most common inflammatory skin problem, targeting areas of the skin where a large number of sebaceous glands are located, such as the surface of the skin of the face, neck, back and shoulders, and causing permanent discomfort. most patients rely on medical methods only, while daily skin care and attention are the gold standard in

Get rid of exacerbation of pimples.

Dr. Vandana Kadam, a dermatologist, says that acne occurs in more than one form, and varies from person to person, such as: white heads (closed pores), blackheads (open clogged pores), small red bumps (papules), and pimples With pus filled large, hard, painful lumps under the skin (nodules). Sometimes infection with bacteria on the skin can cause severe, painful, inflammatory acne. In other cases, secondary infection may be due to stab wounds.

negative practices

show d. Vandana that there are many daily practices that people do, and that cause the appearance of acne, such as applying cosmetics that stay on the face for a long time contribute to the blockage of the pores, due to the fact that it is made from oil is, and therefore it is necessary to remove makeup at the end of the day, as exercise leads to excessive sweating, exposure to heat and friction due to tight clothing, which creates the ideal conditions for the growth of fungi and bacteria that cause acne cause, which can cause it to appear in the folds, and therefore you must maintain personal hygiene and shower immediately upon completion.

wrong habits

Dr. Maher Saleh, a dermatologist, mentions that acne is a common cosmetic problem in adolescence among young women and men, and the most prominent bad habits it causes include accepting cruelty in skin care, as excessive dehydration of oily skin after wash. leads to an increase in its secretions, which leads to an increase in its secretions It encourages the appearance of more pimples, and the use of hard cleaners, which contain a high percentage of alcohol, increases its aggravation, therefore it becomes recommended to use a cleanser and toner for acne-prone skin, and a light moisturizer free of oils to ensure complete softness, and it should be noted that stress plays a role in the injury; This is a major cause of the increase in hormones that is causing this problem.

Daily routine

Trek d. Maher indicated that neglecting skin care and applying proper practices play an important role in exacerbating the appearance of acne, such as:

* Failure to follow the daily treatment routine leads to a delay in healing and scarring, especially since the improvement of this condition only occurs after a few weeks, and the treatment usually involves the use of a cleanser and toner in addition to a cream rich in salicylic acid, to eliminate existing pimples and prevent them from reappearing. .

* Towels and pillowcases should be changed twice a week, to prevent germs from spreading on the skin and exacerbating the problem of acne, in addition to the need to avoid using medicines to clean and soften clothes during washing; Because they contain fragrances that cause skin irritation.

* Putting hands or pressing on the skin of the face causes the transmission of bacteria, which leads to the appearance of pimples in separate areas, and the use of the cell phone plays the same role.

Wearing a mask and not changing it for a long time negatively affects the protective oily layer of the skin, reducing airflow around the skin, leading to skin irritation and an increase in acne and eczema.


Dr confirms. Maher that cosmetics are mostly made from artificial colors and fragrances, and ingredients that contain mineral oils, lanolin and alpertol, which aggravate skin irritation and aggravate the problem of acne Therefore, makeup brushes should be cleaned at least once a week, and sponges should be used after each use washed as these tools It contains a lot of bacteria and the remnants of dead skin cells, and care must be taken not to spray perfume in areas near the face or directly on the neck, and it is recommended to put it on the wrist , and then wipe it on the neck and upper chest, and the use of hairdressing products containing silicone oils and artificial colors clogs the pores of the skin and exacerbates the problem of acne.

Multiple types

In turn, dr. Imad Hamdi, a specialist in dermatology and cosmetology, that acne is not an infection, but an inflammation that targets the sebaceous glands of the skin, leading to the closure of the duct of secretions outside the skin and then a bacterial infection due to the accumulation of fat in the glands.

It most likely occurs due to hormonal or natural physiological disorders that occur in adolescence, or in the late twenties or thirties, as well as pills associated with the misuse of ice containing cortisone in high doses, especially in non- medical relief mixtures.

inflammatory disease

Trek d. Emad pointed out that the treatment of acne is not done by relying only on medications that are prescribed for a long time in high doses, which increases the chances of side effects of drugs like mood swings, depression, joint pain, urinary problems , in addition to other problems due to abuse.To prescribe antibiotics as the first treatment step for acne is a common mistake, as this infection is an inflammatory disease, not a bacterial infection.

household measures

Dr. point it out. Emad pointed out that the treatment of acne mainly involves home skin care and does not rely entirely on medication. These measures aim not to allow secretions or precipitates to close the pores or tubes to form oily accumulations that eventually lead to the appearance of acne, and include the following steps:

* Use a daily wash suitable for skin type, a tonic, and a (light) exfoliating cream in the morning, in addition to a moisturizer for oily skin and sunscreen.

In the evening, the face is washed with a tonic and a cream containing retinol.

Various treatments

call d. Emad that the modern treatment methods for the treatment of acne are many and varied, and these include: deep cleansing of the skin periodically once every 4-6 weeks, chemical peeling, the use of Dermapen devices with fruit acids, or with retinol, and mild treatments that help relieve inflammation. It also depends on getting rid of it permanently by taking good care of the skin, whether at home or in specialized clinics, and the quality of daily food and the avoidance of sugars or gluten, play an important role in reducing of the occurrence of acne, in addition to making sure that there are no hormonal disorders and to treat it if found.


Retinol is extracted from a type of vitamin A, which improves the health and freshness of the skin and gets rid of acne and scars, and it is one of the basic materials that form part of the composition of skin care products, creams and body moisturizers, because it contains many benefits, it improves the skin’s ability to absorb moisture. It stimulates collagen production, has an antioxidant effect, and fights free radicals that accelerate aging. Therefore, it is an effective weapon to fight wrinkles and fine lines; Because it has an exfoliating effect and contributes to cell renewal, it is worth noting the need to use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 during the day when using retinol; Because the skin is sensitive to light.

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