Afra Sultan “With the Knight” plans and calculates her steps

The “beloved of Iraq” Afra Sultan gets rid of her shyness and some apparent confusion. Her interlocutor, Nizar Al-Fares, helps her act like she’s at home, asking questions she’s apparently ready to answer. Her appearance on “Al-Rasheed Channel” says a lot about her. The Iraqi young woman, adorned with shy facial features, is the same ambitious and dreamy woman. She describes her victory in the second season of “Iraq Idol” as a shock, but the difficult experience and the stations of fatigue made her path easier and shortened the years.

Nizar Al-Fares is happy that a woman’s vote has won the title of “the beloved of Iraq”, “the female artists in our country do not exceed their number.” It goes back to her beginnings, when she saw the announcement of the second season of the show on her phone, and he asked about opening the dream of participation and expectations to win. It came up at Afra Sultan to get through to the first season, so hesitation came. She did not want to make a decision until she was fully prepared for the consequences. “When I plan, I count my steps. Her presence in the “With the Knight” program shows a maturity that reconciles her with life, and she is fully aware of her difficulty and her pleasure in wasting opportunities and people.

She raised her hopes to heaven: “Lord, give me the strength to stay in the finals or win the title,” and with prayer, fears, fate hangs on people’s moods and their voice for their favorite contestant. This question is explicitly addressed by her interlocutor, who is able to prepare his questions: “Do you deserve what you have achieved? Are you really the best? ” Her confidence made her answer “naturally” and her humility made her admit: “Everyone was a strong competitor, so we had an honest competition.”

This opens up an inevitable discussion when the host is an amateur show. He asks her about the disappearance of stars, including title holders, and the disappearance of varieties of talent after a brief pause from the silence of the camera. He wants to get to know the guest from within, with her thoughts, plans and gardens of dreams, which are also subject to fading and fading. What’s next (Iraq Idol) and how’s fame subsides? Contracting with “Platinum Record” to produce two songs does not satisfy another golden opportunity after the chance of a lifetime to win the title. In her opinion, a person has determination and determination, and efforts should be doubled to ensure access, even if the circumstance stubbornly blocks him and blocks the outlets in his face. How to do? “With my right choices, with songs that people like, by maintaining my presence.” And happiness? “Thank God. I am happy with my family and friends. My wish is that I will not be away from them for long due to work.”

The episode passes quickly, and Nizar Al-Fares does not forever browse her personal pages, such as childhood, social conflict, and what is laid down in the depths. The encounter of art and the emerging artist was on a crowded square, nestled in its corners of mud and thorns. The guest is present with her voice and sobriety of her speech, she speaks and laughs and carries people to the clouds with the tenderness of their hum.

Fatigue and success of God, today it is the core of what an artist from Iraq, Afra Sultan, achieves. Iraq Idol gave her a fan base and brought her closer to the people. She apologizes to them when work takes her away, and does not communicate directly with fans. But when she has time, she rushes to give back love with love.

Afra Sultan in an interview with Nizar Al-Fares

Her interlocutor tries to set traps, which may be the journalist’s favorite game. He asks her about a “dictatorship” described by composer Ali Badr, which is the hallmark of serious work: “Are songs forced on you?” She responds with the diplomacy of the tongue and feelings of gratitude, that he is a great name with experience, the most suitable among the appropriate realization. Before participating in the program, he exposed her for fear of him. The fear here is frightening: “I take his words seriously, because he knows what we do not know.”

She describes the jurors with nice descriptions: Saif Nabil “Ambition”, Hatem Al Iraqi “a schoolteacher”, and Rahma Riad supported her as a sister and believed in her talent. A friendship was born between them, and she would like to meet her at a party or duet. She sings to her “Promise of me”, and wishes that her songs were hers: “I want God to forgive me, because I hurt myself as a hobby … The goodness of my heart hurt me, I have made you tired, my soul and my soul. ”

Singing sweetly, in the sadness of Iraq. “Long live the beautiful voice,” Nizar Al-Fares greets his guest’s throat. Muhammad Abdul-Jabbar chooses his masterpiece “Sunshine”, and he likes to sail in beauty. The Iraqi song is like the face of a lake crying in front of the moon. There is no way to avoid tears. “A lot of time will come to an end with you … The sky is you, and when I start suffocating.”

Nizar Al-Fares contacts the great Iraqi singer, Muhammad Abdul-Jabbar, after his guest sang for him. Perhaps the man did not wait for a spontaneous call with which the interlocutor would interrupt the worries of his day, but he liked coincidence. He described the voice of Afra Sultan as beautiful and said that she is an artist. Shyness sets in, sweetens her features, tries to restrain him with a smile on her face. The smile spoils the soul.

The Iraqi Star is patient and believes that what will not be achieved today will be achieved tomorrow. She can exaggerate the dream spaces while hoping to reach the world, as a last resort, but dreams of all sizes are justified. It happens that one’s life changes beyond his expectations. A young woman from Iraq, the community tried to cut her wings, and she responded by flying. So you stick to it. One shuts off when he stops hoping. While lovingly welcoming her, Afra Sultan lovingly ends the episode. Sherine chooses from the Arab artists affected by it, eliciting pain with one of her most beautiful songs: “It’s my heart, my heart, my heart, my everything.” The song blooms sweetly.

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