Co-founder: “Rabbit Mobility” aims to expand into 10 cities..and provide Mobility express service to deliver orders

Rabbit Mobility plans to expand to 10 cities nationwide by the end of this year, in addition to launching a new service locally (Mobility Express) in partnership with food delivery programs.

Kamal Al-Swaini, co-founder and CEO of the company, revealed that he recently launched the service for the first time outside Cairo in the city of Tanta in the Delta region, in addition to his plan to move to a North African country be. , but he refused to name it.

Al-Sawini explained in an interview with Al-Mal that “Rabbit Mobility” is an application to request smart transport services via mobile phone that allows transport services by bicycle, electric bicycle or scooter. Unlocking fee Then one pound is added for every minute of use of the vehicle, noting that the average ride time is up to 10 minutes, and its cost varies between 13 and 15 pounds.

He stressed that the company introduced its services as a first phase in a number of closed residential communities, such as Mivida and New Giza, and then expanded into the streets of Greater Cairo, witnessing traffic congestion, including Zamalek, Maadi, and the Sheraton Masaken area in Heliopolis.

Sweini Co-founder and CEO of Rabbit Mobility

He said that when users order a bike through the app, its location on the map, in addition to the battery charge percentage, and the length of distance it separates on foot from the customer are shown, pointing out that all bikes are equipped. with electronic locks that only open when the start of the ride is activated, and which To ensure safety and not to be stolen.

He stressed that the marketing studies conducted by the company showed that 50% of users replaced their cars and resorted to electric vehicles offered for rent, taking into account that the Corona virus pandemic Rabbit Mobility’s business negatively affected, especially since the application was introduced in the market. the end of February 2020 before the period of full closure it implemented. The state to prevent the spread of the epidemic by two weeks then stopped working for 8 months, until the company resumed its activities in October of the same year.

He pointed out that during November 2021, Rabbit Mobility launched the electric bicycle rental service in the Zamalek district, and it is scheduled to be activated soon in the Sheikh Zayed area in the Sixth of October City, with an estimate of the total number of vehicles registered for application in 150 vehicles, ranging from 30 to 40 electric bicycles, and from 110 to 120 scooters.

He continued, “The application seeks to reduce the percentage of pollution emitted from car exhaust, indicating that a single ride with a scooter reduces from 50 to 60 grams of carbon dioxide emitted from the exhaust of multiple vehicles.”

He revealed that since its inception, Rabbit Mobility has managed to raise investments estimated at $ 360,000, equivalent to 6 million Egyptian pounds. Bicycles and electric scooters are used to deliver orders to consumers, especially as these companies face a major challenge represented in the shortage. of vehicles at their disposal.

He indicated that previous applications for collaboration with Rabbit molobity were turned around after market studies showed that the average delivery distance of an order to a customer is up to 5 kilometers, which is a distance that competes with the use of electric bicycles – as he set it – and also helps to reduce delivery costs by 30%.

He believed that electric bicycles help users save time and effort, and contribute to the ease of movement within the streets, especially during peak traffic congestion.

In a related context, he announced the company’s intention to launch a round of financing before late 2022, led by angel investors and business accelerators, especially Falak StartApps, provided the proceeds from the financing will be used to expand locally and regionally, the number of employees, as well as the development of application technology and doubles the number of bicycles 10 times the current number, with the expected increase ranging from 1,700 to 2,000 bicycles, between bicycles and electric scooters.

He noted that Rabbit Mobility vehicles have covered a distance of 60,000 square kilometers in the last 4 months, despite the lack of traffic lanes in the streets, especially for bicycles, and pointed out that the government is currently building traffic lanes for to establish bicycles between the city center. and Zamalek areas with a length of 14 km. .

He said that the first quarter of this year saw an increase in the number of trips on the application by 30%, which estimates the total number of users at 40 thousand users, and we aim to increase the number 10 times to 400 thousand to reach users by the end of this year, and the company’s business volume is also growing by 40% per month with an increase in demand for the service.

He concluded his speech by saying: The localization of the bicycle parts industry in the local market contributes to increasing the lifespan of scooters, by up to 50%, which is positively reflected in the saving of the price and the waiting time. for the receipt of the spare parts.

◗❙We raised $ 360 thousand .. and a plan to be in an African country

A round of funding before the end of this year led by angel investors and business accelerators

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