Democracy is ours and they have | Ibrahim Al Zubaidi

It has been proven, proven and documented that elections in the (unbelieving) West, led by the United States, are immune. Neither governments nor the judiciary nor the citizen are in the process of dishonesty, manipulation and fraud. As for the elections we have in the lands of the (believers), only the strong, the generous, the owner of money, power and weapons, and the foreign state that stands behind him, can win it.

Whoever lives in the United States or in one of the secular countries of Europe should have made sure that the voter is educated, free, loyal to his country and faithful to the interests of his people and country, and that is very rarely that him to betray the trust and give his voice to those who do not deserve it.

As in our country and countries similar to ours, all elections, from beginning to end, are auctions and barter, and sometimes battles with arms, money, and government authority.

Of course, we are not talking here about countries whose president, king, guide, guardian jurist or one party decides in advance who is satisfied who is eligible to run in elections, who is the trusted voter who may vote, how many winners and how many losers, as is the case in Iran, Russia, China, Cuba and Venezuela.

To the same extent that American and European leaders turn a blind eye to the destruction of our democracies, and encourage their mockery, empty themselves of their content, and tamper with their rules and values, they stand up, reverently, fervently, and determinedly. , when one of their democracies is exposed to the slightest prejudice against him or her owners.

Rather, we are only talking about democracy in Iraq, as it is the most telling example of political, cultural, religious and ideological divisions, and a perfect marriage between democracy and dictatorship.

What has happened in Iraq since the end of the last elections in November last year, what is happening today, and what will continue to happen for months to come, is clear and resounding evidence of a lack of conscience, the death of patriotism and misconduct.

Neither the Tyrians are ready to give up their rewarding positions in power, nor are they able to break the will of the Sadrists and their Barzani and Halbousi allies and take up the sentences with what they carry without ‘ nor a mate, nor Muqtada, Masoud and Al. Halbousi have enough power to inflict the final defeat of their Tyrean opponents. Then neither this nor that understands democracy as it really is, and is committed to its morals and rules which would not exist without it.

The democracy established by US civilian ruler Paul Bremer and the reference and Iran in Iraq since the year of the US invasion of Iraq is the maximum that the state owns of parties owned by some old families in the feudal tribe become, allow and need the polls to cover his dictatorship with his deceptive legitimacy, with the participation of the Puritan Salafi sectarian parties who believe that democracy is heresy, and every heresy is on fire.

Regardless of the election results, there is no substitute for what they have recovered from. The presidency of the republic is part of the Kurdish house, the presidency of parliament is part of the Sunni house, and the presidency of the government and the general command of the armed forces are part of the Shiite house, then ministries and institutions are divided among the (enemies) partners, each according to its weight and size, and according to the external power of the state that sponsors and protects it.

The strange thing is that the leaders of the United States and its European allies who do not allow electoral fraud in their countries glorify the fraud in our elections, and then praise their integrity and the reliability of their results, even though their intelligence services know for sure that three-quarters of the winners, from 2005 to today, fraudsters, embezzlers, smugglers, slogan dealers and sellers are Taboos, loot and drugs.

In our new democratic Iraq alone, the winner of the most parliamentary seats is prevented from forming a government, then the one with the fewest seats is appointed Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, and he is allowed to have the state money and the lives of his children according to his mood or the mood of his children, in-laws and party comrades, without any consideration of Parliament and the judiciary, then it remains, in spite of all this, in the eyes of the United States , a protector of democracy and it is necessary to support and protect it against every greedy and jealous person, until he plays with his tail with it, so that it drops him in the blink of an eye, and another alternative for him out his party brings, or from (the house) of his brothers in the sect, to the approval of his ally Iran and the blessings of the Wali al-Faqih.

To the same extent that American and European leaders close their eyes to the destruction of our democracies, and encourage their mockery, empty themselves of their content and tamper with their rules and values, they stand up, reverently, fervently and firmly, when one of their democracies was exposed to the slightest damage or its owners.

The elections are decided

When Russian Tsar Putin sent his armies to Ukraine to kill his elected president or his family, and to install a Ukrainian government according to his mood and specifications, he was surprised by thirty western and eastern countries, led by the United States, who rushed to the aid of suffering humanity in Ukraine, and to defend the dignity, freedom and sacred rights of the Ukrainian people.

But the United States itself, and with it the thirty countries that revolt against sin and aggression in Ukraine, did not find in Putin’s massacres in Syria, nor in the crimes of settlers in Palestine, anything more than silent, complacency and acceptance do not deserve.

Take, for example, Saddam Hussein. He remained a good friend of the United States and its European and Arab allies for decades, until he shared the stick of obedience, sang for its fall, and sang about Palestine.
Then I suspended Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who was also elected, put him in jail, tried him and made him suffer the worst forms of humiliation. The same situation was repeated with Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, Muammar Gaddafi, the Brotherhood of Egypt, Renaissance Ghannouchi, and the rope to the tractor.

The latest concerts of orchestrated eviction wrapped in democracy and parliamentary legitimacy have recently taken place in Pakistan. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan received a short message from his ambassador in Washington from a high-ranking US official who said: “Pakistan will be pardoned if Imran Khan leaves, otherwise there will be consequences.”

Then the United States left it, very quickly, with the voices of its friends and allies in Parliament. The ousted Pakistani president attributed to him the reasons that angered America and decided to deport him to his alliance with and armament of China, his visit to his friend Putin and his agreement with him, and then the slogan (Pakistan is not for sale not) raised.

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