Desert colors and designs inspired by the desert

African safari-inspired decor is finally plentiful; The designs are characterized by beauty, elegance and simplicity, some of them tend towards the luxurious classic decor, while others tend towards the modern and cheerful decor. In this context, interior designer and interior designer Sophia Jamei, owner of Interior Sur Mesure, presents a set of successful ideas to make the atmosphere of the desert available in interiors.

In applying decorations inspired by the atmosphere of the desert, Sophia explains that “the improvement of the house with natural lighting is one of the basic principles, to reflect the positive matter on the psyche of the inhabitants; it is achieved by the use of mirrors, and the use of some colors reminiscent of sand dunes and desert details. ” The colors are varied, as follows:


Gold is a light color that radiates luxury
Gold is a bright color that spreads luxury wherever it goes

The sands of the desert, colored with glittering gold, sway under the rays of the sun and attract the eyes of the beholder; Gold is a light color that spreads luxury wherever it goes, and is associated with the qualities of abundance, prosperity, luxury, prestige and elegance, as well as optimism, contentment, victory and success because it is the color of the sun. After gold was the monopoly of classic royal ornaments, its luster is evident in the “modern” ornaments, through metals, accessories, lighting units and “steel” strips that adorn the walls, as well as in the material of seats and curtains.

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Orange is considered one of the bold colors in interior decoration, as it is a mixture of red and yellow, and is considered a decoration that “refreshes” the house and renews it, especially when it comes to specific places, accompanying with the calm neutral colors that characterize the basics in decoration and large pieces. In this context, Sophia invites the architect to choose the orange color for the beige pillows, which adds more welcome to the space. If you want to choose orange curtains, it is recommended that they be simple in design, so that the wall behind them is painted in beige (or creamy white).
Autumn orange house accessories of dried leaves and dried flowers decorate the room as well. On top of that, warm orange is mixed with cool gray to balance it out. To enhance the luxury factor, it is preferable to introduce brown wood in its various shades, with orange, which enhances the warm atmosphere.

mustard yellow

Yellow is one of the most influential colors in interior decoration, and it is said in color science that it brings energy and activity to the interior of the home. Whether this saying is true or false, mustard remains one of the important options in interior decoration, and it suits all rooms, especially when coordinated with green (the color of cactus, the most prominent desert plant), blue and pink.
Spread the mustard yellow pillows on the creamy white couch, along with a mustard yellow single seat. It also attracts the installation of a “Modern” panel of yellow, orange, green and blue, on one of the empty walls. There is no objection to using wallpaper that overlaps gray and yellow.


The shades of brown vary, from beige to the color of chocolate; Note that brown achieves luxury wherever it goes, and is in line with mustard yellow and orange, and is included in the design of rugs, home accessories and paintings, and even in the design of chandeliers.
Brown symbolizes the fallen leaves of autumn, colored in different gradations, and the color of the soil, desert sand, earth, trees, wood and other fertile parts of nature. On the other hand, the brown color may look a bit dull and stiff when used incorrectly, such as using it in an excessive amount, but at the same time it is a neutral color that includes a wide range of shades that can be exploited and mixed with other natural colors to achieve an attractive balance, such as: green or gold (sun color).

pastel pink

Light pink is a shade of a desert sunrise, perfect for use with a golden accent, which makes the space feel calm and romantic.

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Color effects in decoration

The choice of colors in the decor
The choice of color is an important decision because it directly affects the space of the room (photo courtesy of Interior Sur Mesure)

Engineer Sophia explains that “there is no objection to using dark colors in spacious spaces to break the monotony of the lights. As for the narrow rooms, the colors used are limited to the lighter shades.” She states that “the choice of color is an important decision because it directly affects the space of the room,” and notes that the color combinations of the house are largely reflected in the moods and emotions of the residents, so before a group of home paints is selected. colors, it is useful to consider the following:

• the size: If the hall space is narrow, you should choose light shades, such as white, and pastel colors, such as: olive, peach, ivory, light gray and neutral black.

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• Lighting: If the room is not well lit, look for interior color combinations, such as: peach, light olive, white and blue, to add a little light and neutral shades to maintain the color balance, thus generating positive vibes. If the house knows natural sunlight, it is appropriate to choose colors with shades of dark green, dark purple or navy blue.


* Photo courtesy of Interieur Sur Mesure

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