Egypt will host the African Women Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum AWIEF next September

The Ministry of International Cooperation and the Egyptian Businessmen’s Association held a press conference, at the headquarters of the Ministry of International Cooperation, to announce that Egypt will hold the eighth issue of the Africa Forum on Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Women, during 26-27 September offer. , and Egypt is the first country to host the forum in the Northern region.

It comes within the framework of the selection of the Egyptian Businessmen’s Association as a strategic partner to host this year the annual Forum for Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Women in Africa, which is held under the auspices of the Ministry of International Cooperation, where dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, and Engineer Ali Eissa, President of the Egyptian Businessmen’s Association will attend the forum sessions in the presence of relevant parties and stakeholders, in order to strengthen Egypt’s leading position in efforts to empower women, their participation in the work environment, entrepreneurship and supporting innovation.

In her speech, Minister of International Cooperation, dr. Rania Al-Mashat, emphasizes that Cairo’s presentation of the eighth edition of the forum comes in the light of the great importance represented by the issues of women’s empowerment, the improvement of their economic participation and their important role in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, and women’s issues are at the forefront of international discussions aimed at achieving sustainable development, explains The presentation of the forum reflects the essential role and national efforts made to empower women and girls and their contribution to the improve the labor market, which reflects positively on sustainable development efforts.

The Minister of International Cooperation referred to the Egyptian-African relations and the importance of promoting regional integration to support issues of common interest, including the empowerment of women and girls, and pointed to the effective African participation in the first issue of the Egypt Forum for International Cooperation and Development Financing, held last September, in light of Egypt’s zeal to strengthen regional efforts to advance the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Africa’s Agenda 2063.

Al-Mashat also touched on the existing cooperation between the Ministry of International Cooperation, the World Economic Forum and the National Council for Women by launching the catalyst to bridge the gender gap, as Egypt is the first country in Africa and the Middle East . North Africa region to introduce the catalyst to bridge the gender gap. Working to support women’s economic empowerment by implementing four main objectives: preparing women for the post-Covid-19 world of work, closing gender pay gaps between and within sectors, empowering women to join the workforce, and enable more women to participate in Management and Leadership. These goals are implemented in close collaboration with private sector companies as well as civil society.

The Minister of International Cooperation expressed her hope that the conference would be an opportunity to strengthen the joint action of the parties involved to support national and regional efforts aimed at creating prospects for women’s participation in development, and emphasized that the challenges facing development worldwide will not be overcome without the effective participation of all parties.

In turn, Mrs. Irene Ochem, founder and CEO of the Forum, expressed her delight at Egypt’s presentation of the eighth edition of the Forum, as it is a platform to discuss and discuss issues of women empowerment on the African continent. that Egypt’s presentation of this issue of the Forum, which is actually being held for the first time after the Corona pandemic, comes in continuation of the efforts it is making and its commitment to efforts to empower women.

In turn, the dr. Nevin Abdel-Khaleq, member of the board of the Egyptian Businessmen’s Association and chairman of the Committee for Sustainable Development, confirms that the idea of ​​the forum is in line with the current orientation of the Egyptian state and the political leadership around entrepreneurs in the countries of support the African continent as it discusses a number of topics and climate, economic and social issues in 4 plenary sessions, in addition to an overview of the areas of sustainable development, its objectives and mechanisms to achieve them. in Africa, and climate change and its impact on the economic sectors in the countries of the brown continent, coinciding with Egypt’s presentation of the 2022 World Climate Summit.

Dr. Mohamed Youssef, Executive Director of the Egyptian Businessmen’s Association, added that the forum also reviewed the role of the African Free Trade Agreement in increasing the volume of trade and investment exchanges for the countries of the continent, as well as a special session on Egypt and its role in the contribution to economic development and its crucial and future role in Africa, in addition to a number of From workshops on the role of information technology and its impact on the development of the continent, as well as the importance of infrastructure, construction, education and health sectors in social development.

Youssef explained that the annual Forum on Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Women in Africa is a platform and a major international gathering of entrepreneurs, beginners, thinkers, decision makers, international development partners, investors, academics and the media, to discuss women’s issues . empowerment and entrepreneurship Technology and innovation in Africa.

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