Love .. a permanent, non-special need

The current “Chinese model” is a living example of what I always call: “the phenomenon of underdevelopment”, that is, technical material development that is not only based on the deliberate ignoring of the path of enlightenment progress (the steady rise and transformation since the dawn of its first era, the era of humanism at the beginning of the modern European Renaissance On the contrary, it is also based – and perhaps to a fundamental extent – on hostility to this path of enlightenment, and an attempt to strike and destroy it.; By presenting a brilliantly falsified progressive model, a model that hinders even the thinking about the true model of progress: man.

Everything about the “tree of backwardness” model points to accelerating progress; Based on the acceleration of the path of economic growth, coupled with technical ingenuity, while man remains on his path, stays at the frontiers before the acceleration of this “false progress”, and it is even worse than that. “; Because of the remarkable development it offers in the methods of eliminating and eradicating man; by canceling and erasing the space of his freedoms and choices; At a time when the illusion that this abolished one will emerge from the shackles of poverty, ignorance and deprivation.

There is no doubt that the Third World, located between the clutches of the first human needs (that is, the needs of man at the level of his animal existence), wants to overcome his terrible misery in the easiest and fastest way. The “urban progress” that this diversion provides is easy and can be accomplished quickly; Since it is a one-dimensional progress, a silent progress, a mechanical and not a dynamic progress. Then it is only an apparent progress that conceals the “originality of underdevelopment” by preserving the traditional mental structure inherited from the ancestors, which is the same structure that includes fixed conformist traditions, which finds its practical translation in the extreme susceptibility for exploitation, and then to submission and exploitation.

The real civilization that truly includes the “value of urbanization” is Western civilization, which began its new journey of revival seven centuries ago, while its first seed was found in Greek soil that struck at a depth of 2,500 years. Western civilization is a true civilization, and all other civilizations in recent or distant history are metaphorical civilizations. This is what I confirmed eighteen years ago, and it made me very angry, in vain; Except for their conviction that their denial of the solid real truth is enough to deny it of reality. It is rather enough – as their dreamers suggest – that they are the owners of the real civilization, that civilization of imagination, the civilization of illusion. in which they promise a purely dogmatic and ideological claim, which – in the beginning and in the end – is only an empty claim.

What does it mean that Western civilization in its final form is: the liberal, real and exclusive civilization? This means – quite clearly and with certainty – that the real civilization / progress can only go through it, that is, not by jumping over it; as well as being ignored; As well as contradicting her with narcissistic or hallucinating daydreams to the point of insanity.

Western civilization is so; For – in spite of everything fleeting, everything exceptional, everything marginal – this is the civilization of man. Even the hesitant questions from the days of the Greeks, who apparently searched for the material universe, were questions about man and about man at all; Because in the end, it was common in the human realm in this existence.

And seven centuries ago, when the Western man reclaimed these questions by restoring the Greek heritage, or he reclaimed this legacy in response to the urgency of these questions about him in a special historical / environmental setting, was the “human movement” a natural outgrowth. of this importance; Though it was originally the source of inspiration – consciously and unconsciously – for this extraordinary concern for man.

All this confirms that the technical / technological progress that defined the world in the West was not the reality of the West’s progress / civilization. The fact that the world, which is mostly inhuman, did not know the West and did not know it except in this material context (= technical / technological / economic) does not mean that the West is anything other than that of authenticity; How can anyone think that the West is anything but exclusive ?!

The civilization of the West, which made the whole world, possesses unlimited wealth and diversity. The material and the technical are nothing but the surface beneath which a flood of intangible and non-technical flows, that is, which goes beyond the meaningful to the intelligible, but rather which goes beyond the intelligible to the human subconscious that seeks to identify with the essence. of man in man. Vicad; And when he arrives. But, in spite of all this, he comes very close to him, and comes to him in a state of unwillingness, in a dialectical way transcendent and ambitious; In the end, to reduce the excess of all that is material, instantaneous, perishable, and accidental in the way of human consciousness as a substance.

In the course of the realization of it, Western consciousness even rebelled against the “reason” itself; When he felt that this mind, with which he had come a long way on the path of his civilization, in some form neglected some of the basic needs of man. This consciousness, in a certain form, declined from the age of reason, after being saturated with reason to the point of saturation. He began by criticizing the mind for the sake of a “reasonable mind,” and then went on to open paths to consciousness that go beyond reason itself. Depending on intuition, esoteric intuition, or artistic use of imagination.

This uprising took place with a key component of Western civilization described as a “civilization of the mind” in general, and with the centering of reason which was an integral part (in the course of the debate between God , nature and man) from the center of man.

The German philosopher / Friedrich Nietzsche, when he saw that there was a deficiency in Western civilization, attributed the reasons for this deficiency to an exaggerated focus on the mind, at the expense of the creative energy that arises spontaneously from instinct / want to live. He returned his reality to history; To affirm the multiplicity of human dimensions, and that the mind itself, in spite of all its importance, is only one of the human dimensions, and that there is something more human than that. He found his explanatory example in the Greek heritage, which represents the main source of European consciousness. He saw that the weakness, weakness and decay that plagued ancient Greece began with Socrates and Plato, as they conquered logic / reason about literature, that is, the victory of reason over free will: the will to live.

It’s not important here to agree or disagree with this rebellious and angry philosopher, and maybe the crazy man (really crazy at the end of his life), but what’s important is that what he, Henri Bergson, William James , the symbolists. .ens, referred to, are manifestations of rebellion against reason, all of which reflect the priority of the human sense in Western consciousness, even above the mind itself. Despite the paramount importance of reason in all stages of modern European consciousness.

The priority of man in Western consciousness is what made this consciousness go back to history to understand the story / story of himself = the story of man. He returned to history at the extreme moment of his bet on the future.He returned to history while at the height of the prosperity of rationality, and at the height of his pride with his cognitive conquests that enabled him set about his control over nature, and at the height of his eagerness for the future, which apparently promised much in the light of the succession of qualitative inventions in the nineteenth century, which marked the era of belief in science or the era of scientific faith.

European consciousness has reconsidered history as a science; Because in history he has seen the greatest human truth in its continuity, and not the truncated material truth, since history has a meaningful path, in addition to the fact that history includes a large stock of human experiences / lessons (albeit says Hegel: the only lesson we learn from history that no one He learns from history) that can set rules for public morals, starting with individual ethics, to ethics as institutional law, for institutions within states, and for international institutions that border cross over.

Thereafter, the interest in humanity continued, and this interest was evident in the formation of many humanities: sociology and psychology, as well as the rest of the sciences related to man in body and history, such as biology, biology and anthropology, even fossils whose subject is larger than man, but rather It is larger than the detection of life itself, but it is motivated by the search for the story of the appearance of man on this planet; In order to have a deeper understanding of the human phenomenon, so that it can be dealt with in a way that ensures the greatest possible happiness for this human being in his passing existence on the side of the life phenomenon.

Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, James Watt … etc The great materialist inventors were not greater in Western civilization than Shakespeare, Hobbes, Voltaire, Jean-Jacques, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Kant, Hegel, John Stuart Mill, Johann Goethe, and Freud, Durkheim, Victor Hugo, Max Weber, Franz Kafka, George Orwell … etc. essential condition, which is that it is a side branch to mankind, and not at its expense, as it is. The cold, dry “Sino-Russian” tracks concerned with “the progress of urbanization and human backwardness” are now underway!

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