“Ministers’ failure” pushes Algerian president to shake up government

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune is heading for a government shake-up at a time when voices are calling for sectors that have known some “failures” to be held accountable, and despite the fact that neither the timing of the move nor the relevant ministerial portfolios determined, the results of each sector are the decisive factor in the case.

Presidential Recognition of Restricted Officials

In statements to the local media, President Tebboune confirmed his intention to make a new government change that will be according to the results of each sector. He said: “We talked a lot about the government. There are some ministers we have to give them a period to train for government work. All ministers are university students, and some of them hold more than one certificate.” University, but some of them lack the experience they gain, “and stressed that there will be a government shuffle according to the results of each minister soon, and according to its implementation of decisions taken in the Council of Ministers.

The Algerian president explained that “there are ministers who have failed, some of them have filled television screens with theorizing and criticizing, but when they took government positions, they failed and could not provide any addition,” noting that “populism before the cameras do not work, “adding that” on the other hand, there are ministers who, with great difficulty, such as the Minister of Labor, who were able to quickly implement the decision on unemployment benefits. “

Is the pressure getting high?

Demands for government shuffling have not stopped for a while, rising during the month of Ramadan with rising prices and the expansion of scarcity of goods and consumer goods, and pressure has increased after social networking sites in a arena has changed to expose problems. and denounced the inaction of officials and criticism of ministers, and the political class joined the “campaign” at the level of Limited.

Tebboune’s move, which did not divulge its secrets in terms of the number of pockets involved, comes a year after the appointment of the government of Ayman bin Abdel Rahman, following the parliamentary elections the country saw in June 2021 .

The move has been waiting for months

In this context, Professor of Political Science Abdel Qader Abdel Aali believes that the situation requires a change of government, and the step has been waiting for months in light of the modest performance of many ministries, but it can be considered by the ruling circles that the circumstance is not appropriate under the pretext that the economic crisis has affected the performance of all ministries, which is This explains President Tebboune’s decision regarding the “trade union” initiative as an alternative to resorting to a change of government.

There is no justification for a change of government

On the contrary, Professor of Economic Law Muhammad Adnan said: “I do not see any justification for changing the government at the moment,” adding that it was necessary for the government to review the general policy and the outcome of its activities before the To submit to Parliament. , and to highlight the failures in order to find realistic solutions and achieve a forward-looking view, instead of pursuing change.Governments and the waste of public money, note that maintaining government stability is a bridge to is truly sustainable development, and notes the preference for a minor modification to correct what has succeeded and plan for what is to come.

Adnan pointed out that it is possible to make a slight change that affects one or two ministries due to the poor performance and efficiency of the government to find solutions to social or economic problems that directly affect the citizen’s livelihood touch, and emphasizes that a distinction must be made. between the change of government and the change of government.

support and opposition

Political parties have stressed the need for a government shuffle that will exclude a number of ministers who have failed to bring about a change in their sectors, as the National Liberation Front, which has the majority in Parliament, acknowledges that many shortcomings in the management of some government sectors due to the failure of his officials, but it was considered Several achievements were achieved at internal and external levels, and he called for a government amendment aimed at changing ministers and officials whose inability and failures have been proven, as the ministerial change will be effective in achieving speedy implementation, appealing to the incompetent and failed officials who have failed in their duties to keep a low profile.

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In turn, the “Al-Binaa movement” party indicated that “some government sectors are not at the level of dangerous transformations, except for some sectors which are grateful for the achievement of the presence of officials in the priorities of the stage , “and calls for a government gift that removes the interruption, suspicion and fear between the people and the government, and the citizen feels that there is a government that protects him, emphasizing that Algeria needs a” commando “government , especially in some important sectors related to national security. in its broadest sense.

The Socialist Forces Front also explained that the government had failed to achieve any results on the social front and improve the lives of Algerians, warning against the lack of plans and a clear vision on the part of the government to rectify the crisis situation and find appropriate solutions. .

In addition, the “Voice of the People” party criticized the government’s performance, accusing some ministerial sectors of submitting false reports to the President of the Republic, unrelated to the living reality of Algerians, and stressing the need to exclude civil servants who have been proven. not to have the capacity and competence needed to manage key sectors.

previous spots

President Tebboune has previously made minor government changes. Last November, he fired Communications Minister Ammar Belhimer, Labor Minister Abdel Rahman Lehfaya and Agriculture Minister Abdel Hamid Hamdani. Last February, President Tebboune also announced the termination of the president’s meeting. post and the Ministry of Finance, thus re-appointing Abd al-Rahman Rawiya, less than eight months after leaving the post, as Minister of Finance.He also appointed the Minister of Culture, Wafaa Shaalal, and the Minister of Transport, Issa Bakay, fired, last March.

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