Riaad Newspaper | New markets to support non-oil exports and expansion of commercial attachés

Delayed payments for small and medium enterprises at the Shura table

New markets to support non-oil exports and expansion of commercial attachés

Coming soon under the shura dome, the maintenance reports of the maintenance fund, competition authorities, institutions and foreign trade

The Islamic and Judicial Affairs Committee of the Shura Council is studying the annual report of the Maintenance Fund for the fiscal year 1442-1443 and the work that the Fund is doing in accordance with its mandate The existence of a clear mechanism for collecting what is paid out by the Fund and recovered from the beneficiaries, pointing out the importance of family security, in order to ensure that the beneficiary groups acquire their financial rights, and noting the importance of completing the payment of maintenance to those who deserve it in the litigation stage, and ensure its restoration to increase accountability, in line with the Kingdom’s vision 2030 In the stability of the family, the wise leadership is keen that its stability and stability a basic core in value of the nation will be. , the committee emphasized the importance of the financial sustainability of the fund, due to its importance for the continuation of the fund’s work and the provision of a stable financial situation for the beneficiary families, which requires easy collection of the fund’s money spent on beneficiaries.

Competitive position on acquisitions and mergers

With regard to the annual report of the General Authority for Competition for the financial year 1442-1443, the Shura Trade and Investment Committee, chaired by Dr. Fahd bin Sulaiman Al-Takhifi, with the CEO of the government, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al meeting. -Zum, and a number of government officials to discuss the most prominent achievements and information contained in the government’s annual report During the meeting in which the members of the Board participated, members of the committee discussed the mechanisms and instruments of the government’s work in achieving the objectives of the Government’s strategy performance indicators, following up on unverified, and integrating the work of the Authority with the work and powers of other government agencies in order to increase the Kingdom’s competitiveness worldwide on a During the meeting, the committee discussed the government’s policies to attract experts and to develop a team to monitor equitable competition for companies. and funds investing in venture capital investment on the one hand, and the opportunities available to emerging companies on the other hand, And the Government’s position on acquisitions and mergers outside the Kingdom of foreign companies operating within the Kingdom and its major impact on economic concentration.

Create an indicator to boost confidence

The participants discussed the efforts made by the government to develop mechanisms for dealing with the practices of entities that indirectly enforce a certain quality of products in their tenders, in addition to a mechanism for identifying the markets they study. to evaluate economic concentration in it, and the management of the preparation of reports on it and the issuance of decisions to promote competition in those markets Among the topics discussed by the committee members with government officials, the government’s direction develop an indicator of commitment and compliance for government and private agencies in competition mechanisms to increase consumer confidence.

Institutions and the Saudi Accreditation Center

The Shura’s Trade and Investment Committee discussed the report of the Small and Medium Enterprise General Authority and the Saudi Accreditation Center for the Empowerment of Small and Medium Enterprises, and the strengthening of the Kingdom’s quality infrastructure system. And the Saudi Accreditation Center’s annual report for the same year’s financial year, and during the committee’s discussion of the report of the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises, the members of the committee emphasized the importance of developing effective integrative initiatives to pave the way for small businesses. enterprise sector to enable them to grow and promote localization in proportion to the size of the sector and its challenges.

Payment indicator and late payments

The committee studied the necessary solutions to address the challenges facing small and medium-sized enterprises in relation to late payments in favor of these enterprises, and the negative impact they have on the sustainability of their work. to take advantage of the successful global experiences of university business incubators to promote innovation and to launch many successful companies worldwide in the technology, health, artificial intelligence and other promising competitive sectors, and to study the mechanisms needed to drive them activate to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the Kingdom At the meeting, members of the committee stressed the importance of supporting the authority and enabling the data and statistics needed to support the contribution of small and medium-sized enterprises to the to measure the national economy in general and to locate jobs in it, and to prepare studies to provide financial support to such enterprises. in accordance with controls and mechanisms that maintain the privacy and confidentiality of such data.

Accreditation of conformity assessment bodies

During the committee’s discussion of the report of the Saudi Accreditation Center, the meeting discussed the importance of organizing the “accreditation of conformity assessment bodies” by the Center to be the national reference for the management of roles and responsibilities between the Center and the relevant government agencies to support and enable the field of accreditation, to improve the Center’s regional and international position and in line with mutual recognition agreements Committee members during the meeting, the importance of developing the necessary policies and mechanisms in coordination with the relevant government agencies, so that these bodies are obliged to license and use exclusively the conformity assessment bodies approved by the Center to ensure the safety and quality of products and services.

Increase the revenue of the accreditation center

The committee put forward a number of solutions and proposals that ensure the sustainability of the center’s activities, the most important of which are the development of programs and initiatives to increase revenue and diversify sources of revenue, to improve the centre’s own revenue, which is one. of the main strategic foundations of the center in line with the organizational trends when it was established.The meeting also discussed the efforts made by the center.To protect the consumer, the level of quality and adequacy of services and increase products, and increase confidence in them in various fields.

Development of non-oil exports

In its ongoing meetings, the Trade and Investment Committee of the Shura Board, chaired by dr. Fahd bin Sulaiman Al-Takhifi, discusses the work and achievements of the General Foreign Trade Authority, which is included in the annual report for the financial year. 42-1443, which was referred by the Council to the Committee to study and present its views on it in the coming period, in the presence of the Deputy Governor of the Foreign Trade General, Muhammad Al-Abdul- Jabbar, and a number of government officials. During the meeting attended by councilors, the members of the committee’s methodology followed the authority to enable the various economic sectors through commercial policies and regulations to support foreign trade , and its cooperation mechanisms with government agencies, in addition to reviewing the government’s vision The future seeks to open up new markets to support imports, develop Saudi non-oil exports and open commercial attachés in the Group of Twenty expand, and the opportunities offered by current commercial attachés for the development of non-oil The meeting discussed the future efforts and plans of the government seek to improve qualified human capital in business International trade through collaboration with universities and institutes Ssat educational.

Made in Saudi Arabia

Committee members stressed the importance of making greater efforts in coordination with the relevant government agencies, to build a database of goods and services needed to support the government in its tasks and powers to develop foreign trade business. The meeting also noted the efforts made by the authority to support the “Made in Saudi Arabia” program, and the extent of the presence of foreign trade policies or strategies that will support the program, in addition to the key achievements of the Joint Business Councils, the key achievements of the bilateral co-ordination councils (Arab, Asian, G20 and other European countries) during the past two years in increasing or protecting exports, and the expected impact of holding co-ordination councils During the meeting, government officials discuss indicators related to the strategic objectives, progress rates and challenges that prevent some of the objectives and solutions from being achieved, in addition to the obstacles facing the government and limiting the government’s ability to fulfill its role, its solutions.

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