Siham Al-Dahry: Salon Marketing Requires the Assistance of a Professional Marketing Consultant

Although she studied medicine, her passion was in the field of cosmetology; This allowed it to study most of the service and commercial applications in the market, before establishing a “per second” platform and application; To target entrepreneurs and beauty salons; So we importedEntrepreneursThis interview is with Entrepreneur Siham Al-Dahri; The expert in the establishment and development of women’s salons.

– How do you know yourself?

Siham Al-Dahri; She has been a consultant in the establishment and development of women’s salons for five years, and she has established the “Balsecond” application and platform in the field of technical transformation of salons in general.

When did you start your professional journey?

I started my professional journey as a Nail Artist in 2016, when I was working on establishing the first commercial project in the field of women’s salons, but my lack of administrative experience was the reason for the failure of that project; It prompted me to enroll in appropriate training courses to hone my administrative skills, and to seek advice from specialists in the beauty and salon industry; So that I can study the market and target audience properly; Until I could help more than 90 salons nationwide.

What sparked your passion for cosmetic surgery?

I’m basically a medical student, and during my studies I tried to prove myself on a commercial and professional level away from the field of medicine and study; So I thought of the best thing about succeeding and being an entrepreneur; I found my passion for beauty.

I am sure that the first impression is always taken from the outward appearance of a man; The first thing that catches my attention, for example, is his nails and how well he takes care of them; So I decided to focus my passion on the beauty sector; So that I may contribute to spreading joy; By beautifying your personal look.

How was your pioneering journey in the beauty industry?

We are aware in the Kingdom that the beauty industry faces problems and challenges, especially the recruitment of foreign workers in the market in general; Which reduces the chances of success for the people of the country; So, at the beginning of my career, I was having a hard time developing myself professionally. Because there are no academics that contribute to the revival of this field in practice.

It has many reasons; Main among them: the inability to communicate; because of the difference in dialect and culture; Consequently, the chances of success initially decreased, but my perseverance and perseverance was the reason for me to overcome it, and I even helped many Saudi and Arab women in the cosmetics sector, and contributed to a real competition between the national and foreign sectors.

What about the “Balsec” platform, and what are its most prominent services?

Before describing the idea of ​​the platform, I recall that I studied most of the service and commercial applications in the market, and found that most of them are focused on attracting “entrepreneurs”; providing a booking and prepayment service; So I thought about creating a platform and an application “by the second”; Mainly targets entrepreneurs and beauty salons; Where the owner can attract customers close to him who seek the service of the platform.

The platform – which also targets the women and men beauty sector – acts as an intermediary between the target client and the project owner, providing a prepayment service with no profit margin, while providing an ERP system that is easy for the project owner to use , and allows him to control the management of employees, inventory, customers and services.

How do you see the future of the beauty industry in the Kingdom?

I see it as promising; Because it has a high purchasing power; State statistics estimated the number of women’s salons at about 20,000 salons and beauty centers, in addition to men’s salons; Which means it’s a big industry. That’s why I set up the “Balsec” platform to attract workers and owners of salons and beauty centers and introduce it to clients; So that they can choose the salon that suits their financial capabilities.

– There are challenges facing the beauty industry, what is the most prominent, and how can it be addressed?

All this can be summed up in the absence of educational academies to refine and develop the skills of beauticians.If we provide it, it is possible to increase the local production of beauty products, while providing a trained workforce to keep up with the change and technical progress that the Kingdom is striving for.

Does the Kingdom support the beauty industry, and what are the most prominent forms of support provided?

From a bureaucratic point of view, the Kingdom’s government has in recent years supported small entrepreneurs in the beauty industry, provided them with interest-free loans and supported them with industrial land to set up beauty factories. This has also exempted them from state money. for a limited period; Which contributed to support the sector. I, as an entrepreneur, also want the kingdom to help settle Saudis. until a national workforce is available; It helps entrepreneurs who want to enter this sector.

Does the beauty industry play a role in the non-oil economy, and does it contribute directly to GDP?

The beauty industry is supporting Vision 2030. There are 20,000 projects in this sector. Central Bank statistics confirm the existence of purchasing power in this field. This suggests that the citizen’s interest in beauty contributes to an injection of money into GDP.

What do Saudi and Arab women need to enter the field of beauty science?

I see that passion and love for the profession are essential factors, in addition to the interest in science in this field, and the woman’s striving to develop her managerial personality to know how to manage these projects technologically, after technology is an essential year for the success of the profession, and to help it grow these projects at tremendous speed.

Does opening a beauty salon in the Kingdom require certain conditions, and how can it be marketed?

The conditions for opening a beauty salon are no longer complicated; It can be found on the “Baladi” platform and the “Ministry of Commerce” website. The most important point is not in the business, but in marketing, which requires any entrepreneur to hire a professional marketing consultant; To be an expert in the mysteries of the market. Everyone thinks they are administratively trained and have experience in this sector, but this is not true as the role of the consultant is very important, especially at the beginning of the project.

What is the impact of emerging technologies on the beauty industry?

The techniques of the beauty industry have become very advanced; It has saved time for the customer, and contributed to its success, but the challenge we face as experts in this field is the employees’ use of these technologies correctly, and the customer’s knowledge of the benefits and side effects of these technologies; For example, there are rumors about the long-term negative effects of skin cleansing techniques, but we – as beauticians – use them; Because these rumors have not been proven by scientific research and studies, but at the same time, we can not erase the client’s concern about it.

Is The Cosmetic Market In The Kingdom Competitive?

If you pass in one of the great streets in Riyadh, you will see a large number of salons, and dozens of beauty centers; This confirms the intensification of competition, with the various services it provides.

Does the establishment of a beauty salon require a large capital, and can it be launched from home?

The answer to this question depends on two main factors: the first is the geographical size of the salon, and the second is the target client, on the basis of which the capital is determined, but generally it costs between 50 thousand and 500 thousand riyals, and more than that related to the decoration and the techniques used.

As for the possibility of implementing a home beauty salon, it is available but it does not guarantee the large number of clients; Therefore, I recommend those who are considering developing their skills and entering the industry, even if it is initially.

Does social media play a big role in promoting beauty salons?

There is no doubt that the role of social networking sites in expanding and promoting commercial activity in the beauty industry is essential, but the presence of a beauty salon in cyberspace requires a different kind of workforce; Such as content writers, graphic designers and content marketing manager; What is a financial burden on the owner of the salon, but we do not deny that it will generate a lot of profit, and attract customers.

What would you recommend for those who want to enter the field of cosmetology?

Difficulty in the large number of competitors; Therefore, the new investor must create an innovative competitive advantage that sets him apart from others, which is not an easy thing to do; Because the target customer has become very smart in choosing the beauty salon, and his vision is no longer limited to the price, the beauty of the place, the technology used and the skill of the workforce, but rather look at the scope of its advantage. , and the quality of the service provided; Therefore, the new investor must choose a real competitive advantage that will attract this client; And this is a scientific study of the market.

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