Taxes: Participation of artists as free guests of honor does not require tax

During his meeting with the Captain of the Representative Professions, and some artists, Reda Abdel Qader, Head of the Egyptian Tax Authority, praised the Minister of Finance’s appreciation of the sublime message of art and its important role in shaping society’s conscience, and the dissemination of the values ​​of loyalty, belonging, love of work and success, and other values ​​that society needs in a way that contributes to the achievement of development and purposeful development for the country and citizens.

Abdel-Qader pointed to the instructions of the Minister of Finance to open direct communication channels with the technical unions by forming permanent committees at the headquarters of these unions which are not only aimed at solving tax problems but also to avoid the occurrence of this. problems from the ground up by spreading the correct tax awareness to all members of these unions. In addition to these committees, the unions study all the demands and proposals submitted to them to achieve the desired tax justice and to implement the correct law, and show note that these committees have already solved many problems.

And the “President of the Egyptian Tax Authority” stated that with regard to the tax treatment of works performed free of charge by philanthropists, the Legislative Committee formed by Minister of Finance Decision No. by the government to study matters that require unification of opinion about them, It has been concluded that the works performed by artists by appearing for free in some television programs, as well as their performance in various roles as guests of honor by sharing free of charge in works of art is not entitled to a schedule tax, as long as no compensation is collected for these services, as the schedule tax base In this case there is nothing, and therefore there is no table for which a schedule tax is due, provided it ensures that the artist does not receive any cash, by matching what is stated in his statement on the documents of the bodies to which this service is rendered.

Abdel Qader stressed the Egyptian Tax Authority’s interest in solving all problems related to artists, believing in their important role in society, and the importance of their contribution to supporting a culture of voluntary commitment to taxation, and added that the government is eager to spread tax awareness of the correct law, and organizes awareness seminars online. In collaboration with the Syndicate of Representative Professions, to explain the tax issues related to artists, such as the articles of law that stipulate that the artist is subject to value-added tax, what is the tax category and how it is calculated, and what is the position of the artwork manufacturer on this tax.

During the meeting, the artist Ashraf Zaki, Head of the Representative Professions, expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the interest of the Minister of Finance and the Head of the Egyptian Tax Authority in them and in solving the tax problems that artists face and to listen to them and their demands and suggestions, as well as to respond quickly to the demands of artists by studying the extent to which the works performed by artists by appearing in Some television programs are free, as well as their performance in various roles as guests of honor by participating for free in artworks for value-added tax, emphasizing that artists are eager to pay state money as well as eager to meet taxes, saying that the masses look to us as role models and we are among the order of the any obligation.

Ashraf Zaki indicated that a meeting was held with officials at the Egyptian Tax Authority to find out which artists have rights and duties and to discuss the formulation of a cooperation protocol between the government and the trade union to achieve the public interest.

And the “Captain of Acting Professions” has sent a message to young artists, especially those who do not have the ability to use a legal accountant, that there is a permanent committee of the Egyptian Tax Authority, which is open every Sunday and Wednesday week at the union headquarters, where a committee of the Representative Professions Syndicate presented the artist problems to the committee The representative of the IRS who is at the union headquarters to dissolve it.

In a related context, “Mohammed Maher Shehata, Adviser to the Head of the Tax Authority and Supervisor of Tax Centers,” said that the Tax Authority cooperates with all financiers and provides them with the necessary technical support and works to provide and disseminate tax awareness in each case, and explains that, according to the instructions of the Minister of Finance and the head of the Tax Authority, the need to listen to all the observations of the tax community and open the door for dialogue and communication with it, especially the artists of Egypt (soft powers), and accordingly a standing committee was set up to solve problems, overcome all problems before them, guide them to the necessary tax procedures, and educate them about their duties and rights Through the problems of artists who are not only affiliated with the Senior Liberal Professions Center, but for all artists in various tax missions on the level of the Republic, with the emphasis that the Egyptian Tax Authority and artists are on the one hand to bring about tax justice and a commitment to apply the law correctly.

The meeting was attended by the Egyptian Tax Authority, Mokhtar Tawfik, Vice President of the Tax Authority, Salah Youssef, Adviser to the Chairman of the Authority, Mamdouh Shaheen, Head of the Senior Free Professions Center, Moawad Khalil, Director-General of the Technical Office . of the chairman of the tax authority, Maha Ali, head of the media unit in the office of the chairman of the tax authority, and of the representative professional syndicate artists Ashraf Abdel Baqi, Liqa Swedan and Bushra.

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