The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research visits New Mansoura University

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, inspected New Mansoura University this morning, Monday, accompanied by Dr. Ayman Mukhtar, Governor of Dakahlia, Dr. Moawad El-Khouly, President of the University, Dr. Ahmed Amin Hamza, Chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees, Dr Ashraf Abdel Basset, President of Mansoura University, and Dr Sayed Daadour President of Damietta University; This is within the framework of the minister’s follow-up of the ministry’s national projects.

The Minister emphasized that the New Mansoura University is a great achievement achieved by the Egyptian state in a short period of time, and it contributes to the provision of leading education, through the provision of advanced educational programs that keep pace with the time and the labor market meet. to have a sophisticated infrastructure that enables modern scientific research in priority areas.He explained that these universities enjoy periodic support and follow-up from the political leadership.

Abdul Ghaffar added that private universities are contributing to the achievement of the ministry’s strategic plan by 2030, including the provision of a high level of education at academic and applied levels, contributing to the provision of high quality educational opportunities in various sciences, as well as to qualify to be graduates. able to compete in local and local labor markets and international standards, in addition to preparing an appropriate structure for scientific research that contributes to solving the problems facing development plans in Egypt.

Dr. Moawad Al-Khouli, president of New Mansoura University, in turn confirmed that the study at the university is dependent on modern inter-programs, including the programs of the College of Business (entrepreneurship and innovation, management, finance and investment, accounting and information systems , marketing, logistics and supply chains), the programs of the College of International Legal Transactions (studies and legal transactions), programs of the College of Textile Science and Engineering (textile materials science and engineering, chemical engineering of polymers and colors for textiles, clothing and marketing textiles, textile and fashion design), College of Engineering programs (media engineering and technology, engineering and technology of civil works implementation, product development engineering Aviation engineering, petroleum and gas engineering, environmental architecture and building technology).

Al-Khouli added that among the programs offered by the university are the programs of the College of Computer Science and Engineering (Computer Engineering, Artificial Intelligence Engineering, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence Science, Biomedical Informatics) and the programs of the College of Sciences (Industries). chemistry, molecular biology, forensic sciences) programs of the College of Medicine (Medicine and Surgery) College of Dentistry programs (Dentistry) College of Pharmacy programs (Pharmacy, PharmD), which explains that teaching depends on face-to-face education system, with the application of interactive study systems.

The president of the university has indicated that the university has partnerships with international universities, including: Universities (East London, Tuskegee, Alabama and Quebec, Canada) and there are ongoing discussions for a collaboration agreement with the American University of North Carolina in textile engineering, and the British University of Tottenham to grant double degrees.

At the local level, the university has signed a collaboration protocol with Mansoura University; To provide medical training to students of the New Mansoura College of Medicine, and a collaboration protocol with (the Egyptian Space Agency, Shoman Engineering Industries, the Arab Organization for Industrialization, the National Bank of Egypt) as well as collaboration with the Supreme Council of Universities; To award the Fundamentals of Digital Transformation Certificate to university students, and the university works in many areas with Siemens International.

At the research and scientific level, the president of the university indicated the university’s participation in the publication of 32 scientific papers in the Scopus database, and its affiliation with the eSUN and the Canadian University of Quebec; To conduct joint research activities, indicating that within the framework of interest in student activities the university organized sports competitions, organized several workshops, participated in a number of international forums, and 4 places in the first smart city hackathon at Benha University last March won it. .

On the other hand, the Minister met with a number of university students and faculty members to find out what the level of the educational and research service is provided to them. The Minister also viewed an exhibition of the most important innovations implemented by university students, in which they participated in a number of local and international competitions.

Dr. Adel Abdel Ghaffar, media adviser and official spokesperson for the ministry, in turn confirmed that New Mansoura University is one of four private universities (King Salman, El Alamein and El Galala) and is considered one of the fourth generation. universities, equipped with international standards, and New Mansoura University includes 14 colleges, the study started with eight faculties (Business, Legal Transactions, Science, Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy) The Faculty of Textile Engineering is academic years of industry, health, and leading means of transportation to serve students.

Abdul Ghaffar added that the university has electronic systems and educational platforms, including: (LMS system, Magerhill global platform, question bank system and electronic exams, student information system SIS, electronic correction system, electronic payment system), in addition to the fact that the university has’ a clear technological infrastructure (data center, internet at a speed of 100 MB, which provides five real IPs for use in the university network, WIFI within the university, 4 computer laboratories, as well as the equipment of 4 other laboratories, and an internal University Central (VOIP).

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