The number of golfers in the country has increased to 12,000 citizens and residents

The Vice President of the Golf Federation, Adel Al-Zarouni, has revealed a significant increase in the number of players practicing golf in the country, both citizens and residents, over the past 10 years, as it has increased from 40 players who are on the lists from the Federation and clubs to 12,000 registered players, including 9,000 club members.The percentage of citizens is about 10%, as he put it.

Al-Zarouni told Emirates Today: “The great efforts that the golf and club association have made over the last ten years have contributed to the increase in the number of practitioners of this game that is foreign to our Arab societies, but these efforts, programs and strategic plans, which have been adopted over the past 10 years, have had impressive results. ”

He explained: “The efforts of the Federation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education over the past two years, have also led to the introduction of the game in the school curriculum, which has greatly helped to attract large numbers of promising talents who cross the border of 6000 crossed. players of citizens and residents, who coincided with packages offered by the clubs The modern and widespread in various regions of the country, which all led to a significant increase in the number of practitioners, record these large increases. ”

He added: “There are misconceptions about the game that we have managed to change, of which perhaps the most prominent are the financial costs involved, which are much less than some think, that it is an (aristocratic) sport. in the first place, especially after the game proved its worldwide distribution, through its success in entering the Games agenda.The Olympics since 2016, which in itself helped motivate parents to guide their children to play this sport practiced, and thus in the last few years to achieve the largest percentage in terms of increasing the number of practitioners.

He continued: “These efforts combined with a promising strategy for the federation, through its launch a few years ago of its groundbreaking national program related to the discovery of emerging talents, which opened the door for talents that are today ‘ has become a difficult number in the national teams., and has achieved remarkable results, both in the Gulf and Arab Championships, including For example, the player Ahmed Skaik, who is close to completing his university studies, and is considered a competitive Emirati professional player project, in addition to our young player Rima Al -Helou, who confirmed her talent at an early age and succeeded on more than one occasion by winning the gold in the Golf Championships, which are the same plans. we will continue to work in the near future to provide the teams with young blood and improve the results to reach the continental and international levels. ”

Al-Zarouni believed that the numbers of players switching to professionalism should be studied according to their abilities and ability to compete, and not just their application. A professional player who is able to compete is a first step in finding other players in the coming period. ”

Al-Zarouni drew attention to the major tournaments hosted by the state. , that the country’s clubs host a very large number of seasonal tournaments, either for companies, or those under international tournaments, and even those organized by the federation, which add up to a total of 100 tournaments annually.

Benefit to births and residents

Al-Zarouni said that “involving the country’s newborns and residents in the UAE golf sport will accelerate the transition to full professionalism, and the ability to have players from the country in the major international tournaments for professional players.”

He added, “Over the past few years, Emirati Golf has opened the door for young resident players to make their way to the world, and has managed to win the biggest tournaments, including Indian Rehan Thomas, who has a tough time number in his country, and the British Joshua Hill, Last year he became the youngest player in history to win an internationally accredited championship, at the age of 15.

Al-Zarouni confirmed the presence of 12 players during the current period of births under the radar of the federation, saying: “The federation has placed within its strategic plans to derive maximum benefit from the highest decision on the admission of newborns and residents to get involved in local championships, to finally succeed in developing a list of 12 players, will be worked on to hone their talent and choose the best to support the national teams. ”


A player born in the state and residents are on the radar of the golf association

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