Which item was sold?

Billionaire American businessman Elon Musk’s announcement of his $ 44 billion purchase of Twitter late last month has sparked much controversy in political, media and social circles, and even by other citizens on social networking sites.

The questions raised on this topic focused on various formats, such as, what is the economic feasibility that will accrue to him from this transaction? Will Twitter users be positively or negatively affected by the sale? What will the new owner offer to the subscribers and to the website? But the most important question that many minds have missed is, what is the item that was sold and that Musk bought?

There is no doubt that Twitter today is the most followed website in the world, and since its launch in 2013 it has received a lot of attention, monitoring and follow-up. Statistics indicate that its users amount to more than 217 million people per day, but it is not a profitable website as it made no profit except in just two years as its losses amounted to $ 493 million last year.

Despite the ability of this site to attract attention in the political and economic field as well, and that it is considered as one of the tools of soft diplomacy, compared to the rest of the social networking sites, it enjoys not the lead. Twitter has received many accusations from the right in the United States because of its requirement to review subscribers’ tweets before they are published.

The culmination of these confrontations was when the website blocked the account of former US President Donald Trump, but that does not stop us from saying that the political influence of the Twitter platform was very great in the United States of America. This influence was initiated by former President Donald Trump, through his extensive use of this platform for breaking political news, and later by Democrats and Republicans, as well, for using it for political purposes.

Many world leaders have also taken their path and now take it as a space to express their views on international affairs, and to advance their ideas and local policies. If the new owner is a successful businessman and has nothing to do with politics, and the site is not profitable, why should I buy it for such a large amount?

Musk’s result says that the motive behind buying Twitter is only profit, but the man responds to these people, saying: “The intention is that there will be a comprehensive arena for freedom of expression. Twitter has become a flawed arena . ”

This means that his aim is to elevate this platform and save it from the reality he describes as flawed, but many businessmen and journalists refute this talk, saying that the man’s history is not so, and that he often ‘ a blind dictatorship to his closest associates, who are his employees, and suspended Many of them merely expressed their opinions or criticized him in some area.

So there is no credibility in the issue of increasing the space for freedom of expression in Twitter as a reason to buy, but rather it is a matter of disguising the main reason for the transaction. If we go back to 2017, we find that Musk himself announced that he was interested in buying Twitter, but the media did not shed much light on this topic.

He spoke at the time about his interest in promoting cryptocurrencies and the need to merge these currencies with social networks, and if we add to this topic that Musk owns Starlink, a group of satellites that make up a wide range of communications networks , he also owns SpaceX, a company to launch Satellites, as he is very interested in the aerospace industry and the electric car industry, urgently needs a media arm. When we look at the class of businessmen and businessmen, it seems clear to us that this sector is in dire need of media weapons.

The most influential in the field of media are no longer the well-known international newspapers such as the “Washington Post” and “The New York Times” or others, but rather the social networking sites. It can therefore be said that Musk has gone to the most influential medium in the world, which can provide good services for all its projects. It is also a political shield for him too, then he will be able to control the prices of currencies, stocks and even the US stock market with a single tweet on Twitter as the site is influential from an economic point of view as well as from a political point of view too.

There can therefore be no bet on expanding the space for freedom of expression by the new owner of Twitter. The truth is that there is not even a huge space of freedom, neither on Twitter nor in the rest of the social networking sites, so there will not be much difference among Musk. But he may be going after what media mogul Murdoch did to expand the space for freedom, but according to his own choices, not the choices of subscribers. Those options that serve his commercial and perhaps political interests in the future.

He says he has the idea to integrate the site with the “Web3”, the new generation of the internet, and this technology will open up great prospects for him to exploit and invest the site for his commercial purposes. But does this great interest by American circles in this agreement indicate fear of political repercussions? This appears to be the case as the US administration is concerned about this agreement, and the US press has attributed this concern to political reasons. The November legislative election hopes Democrats will maintain their majority in the Senate and House of Representatives, but they fear Trump’s return to using this platform because it could greatly affect their ambition, despite news from him that he does not willing to return to Twitter. The man still has a wide popular base in the United States. Nevertheless, what is related to national security is a red line that can not be allowed without control, but the most important question remains, what is the commodity sold and bought by Musk?

There is a well-known rule in social networking sites that many may not know, which says, “When the service provided is free, it means that the users, who you and I are, are the commodity.” We are therefore the ones bought and sold in this transaction. The new owner will apply this theory to develop this commodity and make it more responsive to its economic, and possibly political, ambitions in the future.

Today, there is talk of verifying the accounts of all users, and creating open source algorithms to connect Twitter to more electronic applications and games. It also intends to conduct experiments to exploit and invest fiat currencies on this platform. It is said that the verification of accounts can target campaigns targeting specific people or countries, which are widely seen on this platform, and the site has tried to check it before, but it has remained a problem. There are also measures to combat electronic flies, through a digital system that documents all user information. In this case, it becomes very difficult to have fake users or fake identities, but all of these are still just ideas under the supervision of the new owner.

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