An issue that keeps Cairo busy … but Tokyo is more

The government in Cairo should wish that it governs the Japanese people, not of course because it has shrunk its people to such an extent, but because it still appeals to them to be reproductive discipline, as in Japan, but he refuses to be. disciplined in this particular issue, though this Discipline in Japan is too much, as we will soon see!
Consecutive population statistics say Egyptians are increasing by nearly two million a year, and this is an issue that worries successive governments in Cairo, al-Moez, more than anything else in recent years. time to stop. time!
There has been much talk in this regard, and there is no need to repeat it, either at the level of causes or at the level of solutions.O God, unless something new emerges that can be said!
The reason why Egypt and Japan are compared in this file is that the population of the two countries is close, both of which exceeded the population of one hundred million by several millions, but the Japanese are slightly more. Another reason is that a Japanese mission was one of two missions that came to Cairo in the two centuries that preceded it, and the purpose was to search the Egyptian capital for an answer to a specific question. !
The first mission was Japanese, and it went to Egypt in the sixties of the nineteenth century, and it wanted to understand the reason for the revival that Muhammad Ali Pasha brought about in the country, and his sons and grandchildren followed him . the same way, but in different degrees of course over a century And a half centuries ago, and that was from Muhammad Ali himself in 1805 to his grandson, King Farouk in 1952!
It is not yet known whether the mission returned to her country with a clear answer, and whether the answer it returned contributed to making the Japan we know today or not! But what is confirmed is that she came up with a question and that she came back with an answer!
The second mission was a South Korean, and it came a hundred years after the first, and it was in the days of Gamal Abdel Nasser, and Abdel Nasser adopted a five-year development plan for the first time in the country, and the South Koreans wanted to know the features of that plan, and they wanted to pass on Milestone experience back home!
It is also not known whether the Korean mission returned with a satisfactory response, and whether the response it sent back contributed a share to making the South Korea we know at this moment! It is not known exactly, but it is known that she, like her predecessor, came up with a question, and that she flew to her country with an answer in her papers!
In any case, it is clear that Cairo nowadays needs a mission from him to fly to Tokyo, and that the question it will have to bear is not related to the great renaissance made by Japan.
The question will be about this automatic reproductive discipline in Japan, its secrets and its motives for the average Japanese citizen, because the government there did not direct anything that its citizens committed to it, but it is a spontaneous commitment without an understandable reason which reveals its philosophy in the knowledge of all citizens, and then in the knowledge of all Citizens separately!
What has happened is that an unwritten agreement was signed without exception by the Japanese, an agreement that stipulates the reduction of childhood to the minimum limits, or even to much less than these minimum limits, and the result was that the population of the country has declined every year. and did not multiply one citizen!
In the last population census, the Japanese were found to have declined by 644,000 in the past year alone, and this deficit was found to be repeated for the eleventh year in a row in varying numbers, but the 2021 deficit is the largest deficit of its kind since 1950!
There is no clear answer to the reason behind this, and there is no explanation, but it is an unprecedented phenomenon in the world, because countries in the world can slowly increase their population, and because other countries in the world can try to increase their population. population at a higher rate than the current rate, and among these countries, for example, Russia offers bonuses and incentives for those who manage to have more children, but this case in Japan is really unique!
And because it changed from a situation to a very disturbing phenomenon, the Japanese government came at a time when it decided to calculate the story with paper and pen, and see what would happen if things went on in the issue of childbirth in the Japanese family as it is currently going on!
The truth revealed by the paper-and-pencil calculation in Tokyo was a frightening fact, and it was and still is very frightening in the eyes of the Japanese decision-maker!
It was frightening and frightening because it indicated what no Japanese had in mind, and it was frightening and frightening because it said that the continuation of childbirth at its current rate has one meaning, and this meaning is that the last Japanese of the face will disappear from the earth after 800 years from the time of the calculation, and that was a few years ago on the fingers of one hand!
And because it is a frightening and frightening fact for future generations in particular, the issue has kept the Japanese government very busy, and it has started looking for a solution to save the country from what it is going through, as the maternity against this declining pace continued, and his thinking led to the establishment of a ministry a few years ago for one mission, and this mission was Is to encourage the Japanese to have children in every possible way!
But it is clear that this ministry, which is unparalleled in any country, has not succeeded in achieving its mission, and the proof is this census which says that the number of Japanese has fallen by more than half a million in the last year alone has!
And you do not know why Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, suddenly showed interest in the matter ?! He tweeted that Japan will perish if the reproductive situation continues as it is, and what Musk says is not new, because the pen and paper calculation said it years ago, and the calculation was announced to the Japanese and others at the time . Since that day, there has been a search for something to explain, explain or justify, but in vain. The decline is increasing and the population in Japan is declining, and there is no clear explanation until now!
And if the Japanese were famous for their love of work to the point of sanctification, this love, for example, is what prevents him from thinking about having children, and he sees in reproduction what prevents him from having the love of work in his life ?! In other words, is he afraid that he will have children who are not on the same level of love for work, thus causing his country to be delayed from where he does not intend ?! Maybe no one knows why!
It is the lack of a convincing explanation that motivates us to adopt imaginative explanations of this kind, and leads us to share the Japanese government’s bewilderment while searching for the reason!
The problem is that the government of Japan finds itself in the situation in which Tariq bin Ziyad found himself when he crossed to Andalusia to conquer it in the first century AH, so the enemy was in front of him and the sea behind him!
The fate that awaits Japan after eight centuries seems like a ghost before every new Japanese government, and the constant decline in the population seems to him like a ghost chasing it from behind, and it has nothing but to deal with what’s behind it, while it’s very afraid of what’s before it, Even if it’s eight centuries from now!
Thomas Malthus, the author of the well-known population theory, did not imagine that what he said about the intervention of nature to bring about a population balance in the world would not be useful in explaining what Japan is experiencing. Malthus said that if the population of the country increases with the resources they have sufficient, then wars, diseases and epidemics will provide the solution, but he did not think that the Japanese citizen would surpass him and his theory, which still by much resented. !

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