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In recent months, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has adopted a set of policies that fundamentally contradict his previous policies, pretending to court the Gulf countries, and began by arranging a busy reception for the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. , which is widely regarded as a precedent in the Turkish protocol, and the Emirates responded with the same welcome when they received Erdogan in mid-February last.

Although it was not easy to notice this hospitality when the Turkish president went to Saudi Arabia a few days ago, he was greeted at the airport by the Emir of the Mecca region, and his deputy was in his farewell , and the Saudi media confirmed several. times this visit was at Erdogan’s request, and the Kingdom responded to him!

For more than a year, Erdogan has been relentlessly pursuing efforts to oust Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. He has suspended several political programs for the Egyptian opposition broadcast from Turkey, preventing some Egyptian opponents from even express opinions. on their personal pages on social media, the last of which The measures are to completely close the Mukameleen Canal, which served as the main canal for the Egyptian opposition, including the Muslim Brotherhood, and press sources spoke of Turkey’s deportation of Egyptian opponents and Palestinian activists linked to Hamas and preventing others from entering Turkey. Despite this, it seems inadequate for the Egyptian government. And there are other demands that have not yet been implemented.

At the same time, Erdogan was working to improve his relationship with Israel, which culminated in the reception of Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog in Turkey last March during the first visit of its kind in 14 years.

Erdogan said during the joint press conference with the Israeli president that Turkey wants to work with Israel on energy, economy and defense, and that good relations between the two countries are very important for the spread of peace and stability in the Middle East.

In the latest step on the road to improving relations with Israel, Erdogan sent a congratulatory message to the Israeli president on May 5, saying: “On the occasion of Independence Day, I wish in my name and the name of my nation. Congratulations and prosperity for the people of Israel. ”

Islamists were confused about how to justify Erdogan’s fluctuations in positions, as they could not attack or even criticize him, as he is the only remaining model of the rule of parties with an Islamic reference, with the exception of the Wilayat al -Faqih-regime. in Iran and the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, living in another foreign era and far removed from the world today.

They also do not want to admit that this leader is so pragmatic that he gives up all principled and ideological considerations in order to stay in power. One of the founders of the Justice and Development Party explained this pragmatism by saying: “We pretended to be. the Brotherhood’s tendency more than the Brotherhood, and on the Palestinian issue we were more Palestinians than the Palestinians themselves, While the Brotherhood for Erdogan was just a priestly dress worn by this pragmatist, and in the same way he exploited Turkish nationalism to eventually build a one-man state that would lead the country to the abyss.

Erdogan’s use of the nationalist factor culminated in his alliance with the Nationalist Movement Party, which adopts racist ideas, especially towards Arabs, Armenians and Kurds, and believes in the superiority of the Turanian element, although it is difficult to reverse these tendencies. to reconcile with an Islamic party calling for the revival of a caliphate on a religious basis.

A former Erdogan adviser also tried to describe the exaggerated degree of pragmatism he had achieved and the accompanying change in attitudes, when he said that “Erdogan loves performances and a dramatic turnaround in political positions and changing interests. . ”

The Islamists also do not want to admit that Erdogan is in a state of weakness and isolation at home and abroad after promoting himself as the lion of Islam, although his weakness has reached a degree that is difficult to hide, especially when compared to Erdogan only a few years ago, when he introduced himself as the sole leader of Muslims.

At the same time, they do not want to admit that political Islamic parties are also in their weakest state and that they have become a burden on Erdogan, after being a force that he applied to his account regionally and internationally, especially with the emergence of public disagreements with them in an attempt to blame the failure of previous experiences, the youngest of which was in the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood organization, which reached the point of disagreement, and with the failure of the Islamists in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco , they turned to Erdogan into a bargaining chip or a commodity to offer for sale to attract some Arab governments.

The Islamists had no way of justifying Erdogan’s fluctuations, other than to say that he is a head of state and must adopt policies that reach the interests of his people, and this means an implicit recognition that the interests of the Turks nation requires good relations with the Arabs. moderation axis and with Israel itself Work to build good relations with Israel if the interests of the Egyptian, Palestinian or Jordanian people so require?

The real problem remains that Erdogan’s new policies and all the concessions he has made may be of no benefit to him. Exchanging messages of congratulations with Israel and receiving the Israeli president will not surely improve his image in the United States. not, if we assume, as conspiracy theorists say, that Israeli lobbying controls American politics, which is inaccurate and naive despite the dominance of the minds of most politicians in the Middle East.

Also, getting close to the Gulf countries does not guarantee the investment of Gulf sovereign funds in Turkey, as such issues are subject to economic considerations before political considerations.

The value of its currency is constantly declining and its relations with Europe and the rest of the West are moving from one crisis to another, which culminated a few days ago in being sentenced to life imprisonment by activist Kavala. All hope for the resumption of the accession process to the European Union.

Perhaps the main reason for the failure of President Erdogan’s new policy is that he has very few friends among regional and world leaders, and that not everyone takes the existence of a real shift in his policy seriously, and sees him as’ a pragmatic narcissist who only cares about his success and personal glory, and that his courtship These are now just tactical steps he hopes will help him win in next year’s elections, after which no one will be surprised by his return to his previous policies and populist rhetoric, and for that they do not show enthusiasm to respond to them.

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