Egypt signs Damietta port agreement with Eurojet Germany and Conchip Italy (photos)

A ceremony of engagement agreement for the construction and development of the superstructure, the use, management, operation, exploitation, maintenance and re-delivery of the second container terminal “Tahya Misr 1” in Damietta Port, was signed between the Damietta Port Authority , on the one hand, and the Damietta Container Terminal Alliance Company, (a consortium of Eurojet Germany companies), and Conchip Italy, and Hapag Lloyd International Shipping Lines), on the other.

The signing was attended by Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly, Lieutenant-General Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport, the Italian Ambassador to Cairo, and the German Deputy Ambassador to Cairo.

On the one hand, Major General Ahmed Hawash, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Damietta Port Authority, and on the other hand, signed by Thomas Eckelmann, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eurojet, Cecilia Eckelman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Conchip Italia, and Juan Pablo, Regional President of Hapag Lloyd.

According to the agreement, berths for the terminal will be implemented with a length of 1970 m, and a depth of up to 18 m, while its backyard is 910 thousand m2, and its capacity is 4.5 million TEUs. infrastructure is currently being completed by the Damietta Port Authority at an estimated cost of £ 4.5 billion by the (Arab Contractors – Arcrodon) consortium, and it is planned to be completed next December.

After the signing, the Prime Minister praised the efforts made by the various parties involved during the negotiations, which resulted in the signing of this important agreement, and that it comes within the framework of the state’s interest in making Egypt a center for to make global trade. Emphasizes the Government’s zeal to provide all aspects of support and various facilities to the private sector, as well as investors, Local or foreign, which contribute to attracting more investment and the participation and contribution of this crucial sector in the various aspects of development which takes place at the level of the Republic.

After the signing, the Minister of Transport said that this signing comes within the framework of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s directives to make Egypt a global center for trade and logistics, partnering with the international and Egyptian private sector in major national projects. to encourage, and attract global shipping companies to Egyptian ports.

He added that this signing is the result of marathon negotiations with the alliance, which is the largest global alliance in the field of management and operation of shipping companies and international container terminals, which is (Eurojet Alliance Germany – Hapag Lloyd Shipping Line – Conchip Italy).

Al Mal newspaper

The Minister of Transport confirmed that all negotiations and project procedures had taken place in the light of absolute transparency, and careful review was carried out by all parties for a period of two years Arbitration at the Cairo Center for Investor Confidence in the Egyptian Judiciary.

The minister explained that this alliance is the strongest in the eastern Mediterranean, as it will transform the Egyptian facility in Damietta into the largest transit and logistics center in the region.

He added that due to the Egyptian administration’s confidence in the coalition, it decided to inject almost half a billion dollars in investments for the first phase once the contract was signed, despite the difficult economic conditions under which the world goes.

The first phase is the establishment of a container terminal (Tahya Misr), intended to receive the sixth generation of container vessels, for the global operator “Eurojet” – the operator of the Port of Hamburg – to manage the container terminal “Tahya” and to operate Misr 1 ”, which increases the competitiveness of Damietta Port, and prevents Shipowners from fleeing to competing ports in the eastern Mediterranean due to the quality of services provided in competitive ports.

The minister added that the project would bring about the transformation of Damietta Port into a transit container center for the German ship’s speech by the third year of operation, reaching Damietta Port to handle 4.7 million TEUs instead of the current 1.2 million TEUs.

The project is expected to generate $ 3.364 billion in revenue for the Egyptian state within 30 years, and to create and create 1,000 direct and indirect jobs. The project also includes the transfer of the expertise and skills of the foreign operator to the area of ​​(management) and industry – maintenance – marketing).

The Minister of Transport has revealed that the new Terminal 2 in Damietta Port is expected to be operational by early 2024, with a final total operating capacity of 3.5 million TEUs, and will serve as a strategic transport hub dedicated to Hapag Lloyd in the eastern Mediterranean.

Lieutenant-General Kamel Al-Wazir explained that the project is the first phase of the Damietta integrated logistics hub project for containers, the second phase of which will start by 2025, and is represented in the establishment of a logistics hub of (Tahya Misr ) station to the manufacturing centers in the Republic via railways, in order to alleviate heavy traffic on the roads.

He pointed out that the proposed project involves the establishment of an integrated system for multimodal transport, which includes the container terminal “Tahya Misr-1” in the port of Damietta, so that it will be connected to one of the dry ports or logistics centers . on the railways, and the application of the latest systems in the field of information technology to fully manage this system This project also comes as a very important step in Egypt’s path to achieve its comprehensive political vision, which strives to achieve one Of the most important countries in the field of maritime transport in the Middle East and the world.

It has been noted that “Eurojet Germany” in collaboration with “Conchip Italia” is a group of the largest and leading independent container terminal operators in Europe and the Mediterranean. The group operates a network of container terminals at 12 locations from the North Sea coast to the Mediterranean region, and container handling services in seaports.

Al Mal newspaper

In addition to the management and operation of container terminals, the group provides multimodal transport services and value-added logistics centers. The shipping company “Hapag-Lloyd” owns a fleet of 253 modern container vessels and a total transport capacity of 1.8 million TEUs, and “Hapag-Lloyd” is one of the shipping companies, the world’s leading Bahri, with 421 offices in 137 countries.

It has a container fleet of approximately 3.1 million TEUs, including one of the largest and most modern fleets of refrigerated containers, and provides 126 line services worldwide with fast and reliable connections between more than 600 ports on all continents, and is one of the leading companies in the jobs Trade across the Atlantic, the Middle East and the Americas.

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