Fiat Tipo maintains its lead in Turkish cars, with a share of 53%

Fiat Tipo maintained its lead in the list of top-selling Turkish cars of Egyptian origin in late March, despite declining its market share to about 53% during the first quarter of this year with sales of 4,816 units out of a total of 9 128 units, compared to 55% during the first two months This year, 3,566 units out of the total sales recorded during January and February amounted to 6,512 units.

The decline in the market share of the Fiat Tipo comes in the light of speculation that the decline will continue due to the expected negative impact on the performance of the Tipo in terms of sales due to the recent price increases against the background of the high exchange rates of the Egyptian pound against foreign currencies, which negatively affected costs, forcing agents to transfer them to customers.

The combined Turkish cars recorded sales of 9,128 units during the first 3 months of this year, compared to 7,124 units during the same period last year, with an increase of 2004 cars and a growth rate of 28%.

It is noteworthy that in the first quarter of 2021, when its sales were 4172 units, the Toyota Corolla was at the top of the list of top seller Turkish cars originating in Egypt as it was the top seller on the list. with a market share of about 59%, but it came in second place in the first quarter of this year with sales of 3306 Units with a market share of 36%.

It is noteworthy that Toyota Egypt informed its network of authorized distributors in Egypt at the end of last year about the shortage of shares supplied by Corolla models due to the lack of supplies of the international company in electronic chips.

Renault Megane was third on the list of best-selling Turkish models in Egypt during the period from January to March, with 1,002 units sold, compared to 249 units in the same period last year.

These figures are seen as a breakthrough in the performance of Renault Megane, whose total sales did not exceed 1978 units during 2021, the year in which the car went through a very difficult situation in terms of sales volumes in some months. Megane, for example, sold only two cars during the months of August and July last year, with one car per month, with Megan recording her worst monthly performance of the year 2021.

3 cars of Turkish origin enjoy full customs exemptions when released from Egyptian ports, namely: Toyota Corolla, Fiat Tipo and Renault Megane, and the application of full customs exemptions to products of Turkish origin began with the last section of customs duties cancel at the beginning of 2020 to get these cars a preferential advantage that cars do not enjoy Many other countries, except for the products of countries that have similar similarities with Egypt, such as cars of European origin, which enjoy the same benefits.

On the other hand, another car of Turkish origin is sold in Egypt, the Honda Civic, but it does not enjoy customs exemptions because it did not reach the proportion of the local component agreed between the two countries to enjoy this benefit .The Honda Civic came in last place by freezing its sales at one car during the first three months of the year. The current price is compared to 62 cars in the same period in 2021.

Turkish cars of origin have been affected in their growth rates in recent years by the crises affecting the global car industry in general, especially with regard to the electronic chip crisis that has plagued manufacturers and caused them to shut down in various periods.

The electronic chip crisis is due to the inability of car manufacturers to manage their needs of electronic chips. With the outbreak of the Corona crisis, the demand for electronic products increased with the decrease in the demand for cars, which forced car manufacturers to reduce their contracts with chip manufacturers, and then the latter expanded into contracts with manufacturers Electronic devices.

With the return of automobile manufacturing activity to what it was before the Corona crisis, the major manufacturers were surprised by the inability of electronic chipmakers to simultaneously manage the needs of the automotive and electronic device sectors.

The crisis forced many international companies to close production lines again, and then many local agents canceled discussions on many imported models, pending the regular stocks of the parent companies, and this negatively affected the pace of sales growth in the local car market.

It is noteworthy that sales of cars of all kinds recorded an increase in Egypt by 2.03%, to 70.6 thousand units during the first quarter of this year, compared to 69.2 thousand units in the corresponding period of the last year.

Sales of “angel” passenger cars increased by 9% to 55.5 thousand units, compared to about 50.7 thousand vehicles in the same comparison period. In contrast, sales of trucks of all categories decreased by 16% to 10.4 thousand vehicles, compared to 12.4 thousand in the same comparison period.

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