Iraqi “Integrity” seizes waste of public money, counterfeiting and embezzlement in several cities

Baghdad – Al Quds Al Arabi: Yesterday, Wednesday, the Federal Integrity Commission revealed that a number of sentences had been issued against two officials in the Hilla municipality, the center of the Iraqi province of Babil, for deliberately harming public money, while it carried out seizures on cases of “waste of public money”, embezzlement and bribery in Karbala.
The Commission’s Investigation Department said in a press release that “the Hilla Misdemeanors Court, which specializes in hearing integrity cases, has issued three convictions of serious imprisonment for two years each against the fugitive accused, the former director of Hilla Municipality (whose name was not mentioned); Because he contracted for materials and bought them at exorbitant prices that did not match the prevailing prices in the markets. ”
She added that “the convict has contracted to provide the municipality with tires of various sizes and types worth (98) million dinars (the dollar corresponds to one thousand and 450 dinars), and to provide industrial bumps and traffic signs against to buy a value of (99) million dinars, at prices that exceed their peers in the local markets. “
She explained that “the convict caused the waste of (120) million dinars of public money by assuming the margin of the former governor of Babylon by reducing the amount of the estimate of the value of a property without a legal reason for the reduction, as well as its approval of a contract (musataha) of a piece of land; despite the lack of economic feasibility of musataha, and the mismatch of the musataha grant with the prevailing grants. ”
And it indicated that “the aforesaid court issued a judgment (in attendance) imposing a prison sentence on the head of the property committee of the Hilla municipality’s directorate; for the estimation of the proverbial wage for a real property less than its real value, “and note that” the accused, who was the head of the first assessment committee in the municipal directorate, did not take into account the checks and instructions when the Musataha contract was concluded. for the real estate, and that the difference in the amount of the annual lease was the amount (208,350,000) million dinars. ”
In the same context, the government announced the implementation of seizures on cases of waste of public money, embezzlement and bribery in Karbala, noting that a waste of eight and a half billion dinars had been seized.
In a second statement, the commission’s investigative department said: “The Karbala investigative team, which has moved to the technical department in the governor’s health department, said the waste of (8,493,750,000) dinars of public money revealed, “and explains that” the aforementioned department requested the preparation of a mask (Sibab and Bibab) in a quantity of (250 000) pieces; Based on the department’s five-year plan for the years (2022-2026 ) without it being necessary. ”
She added, “The required amount has been prepared for a total amount of (9,437,500,000) dinars without the actual need for it, as the number of masks actually used during 2021 was not taken into account as it does not exceed five thousand pieces. at a purchase price of (37 750) dinars per piece. ” Point out that “the total real need for the five-year plan does not exceed (25 000) pieces; which led to a waste of public money.”
She explained, “In a second, separate operation, the team arrested a female employee at one of the Karbala Health Department’s primary health care centers; million dinars of their sums for her personal benefit, ”explains“ the seizure of the origin of the warehouse discharge documents for the payment of (double) accounting. ”
The statement indicated, “The third operation, carried out in the Directorate’s Implementation Directorate, during which an employee was arrested for the flagrant offense; While receiving the bribe in exchange for completing the executive file for. one of the audits.
The department indicated that “fundamentalist seizure records were organized and submitted to the judge of the Karbala Investigation Court, who specializes in integrity issues, along with the arrested defendants. who decided to arrest them pursuant to the provisions of sections (341 and 307) of the Criminal Code.

Execution of a warrant

The staff of the Federal Integrity Commission’s Investigation Department was previously able to execute an arrest and investigation warrant against an official in the Kirkuk General Tax Authority. accused of bribery.
In another statement, the department said, “A team from the commission’s investigative office in Kirkuk managed to carry out an arrest warrant against the (valued) property department officer in the governor’s (unnamed) General Tax Authority, for extortion and bargaining with one of the auditors. ” And she continued, “Initial investigations resulted in the accused blackmailing one of the complainants and negotiating to pay an amount of (20) thousand dollars; In the event that he refrains from paying the bribe, it will quadruple the amount of tax levied on the two properties in the Shatterlo district. She added that “the operation, which was carried out in accordance with section (307) of the Criminal Code and in terms of Resolution (160 of 1983), also included seizure of the origin of property transactions related to the two mentioned properties.” The circle pointed out that “a report of the arrest and arrest of fundamentalists was organized, and they, along with the accused and the documents seized, were submitted to the judge of the Kokkur investigative court of Al-Khubr. who decided to release the accused on bail. “

Four adjustments

The Commission’s Investigation Department also reported that it had made four separate seizures in two state banks in Diyala governorates, showing the seizure on counterfeit loan transactions, which caused damage to public money.
Speaking about the details of the operations, which were carried out on the basis of judicial notes, the department indicated that “the working team of the Division of Investigation and Judicial Control in the Diyala Investigation Office, which in the first operation -Rasheed moved. Bank – Ashnouna branch, was able to seize the original (6)) fraudulent loan transactions, “explaining that” the value of the money spent as loans to buy cars amounted to (80,423,000) million dinars. ” She added that “the team carried out three separate operations on different dates in the Agricultural Bank in the governor,” and noted that “these operations led to the seizure of (4) fraudulent agricultural loan transactions granted in violation to a number of borrowers Is. of the law and instructions; Which led to damage to public money. ” She explained that “the value of the damage done; As a result of the loans granted by the Agricultural Bank to the governor in these operations, it amounted to (94) million dinars. ” The department indicated that “four seizure reports were organized and submitted to the judge of the Baquba Investigation Court, who is competent to hear integrity cases. take appropriate legal action.

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