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In a spontaneous meeting with the friend, Dr. Azzam Ibrahim, the General Manager of one of the most important Medical Centers in the Kingdom, a few days ago, and before we delve into the subject of the title: Medical and Hospital Tourism, the talk was about the medical profession in Jordan and Jordan’s medical reputation in terms of high professionalism and medical progress taking place in Jordan, and how Jordan has become a medical pilgrimage for brothers and friends and for the medical advances Jordan enjoys, especially in the delicate medical professions, in addition to the availability of all medical specialties, in addition to the cost of medical treatments when compared to sisterly and friendly countries, it is reasonable and not high, except for some cases Abnormalities reported by the Medical Syndicate and the Ministry of Health be treated.

The development that Jordan has achieved worldwide in the field of medicine and medical sciences has, moreover, been a source of pride and a story to be told between fraternal and friendly countries in order to reach the world in the field of medical and hospital tourism; Through the continued support of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein, may God protect her, Jordan was able to reach a milestone in this with his qualified human energy – despite the modesty of his natural resources and the great challenges. areas and internationally.

Today, in the light of the emerging global challenges, and the contrast and difference in the scene in that sector, especially in the light of the impact of the Corona pandemic and in the light of the need for interactive creative approaches in dealing with these developments, I was attracted by the truth of what Dr. Many administrative positions in a number of medical centers in Jordan and abroad, Dr. Azzam has shed some light on a number of opportunities and challenges facing our medical travel, medical tourism and transparency in Jordan, and in completing the progressive vision in the development of this sector and the preservation of its national profits .

And here I try, through what is in an extensive dialogue with Dr. Azzam has been discussed, in light of my humble experience as an ambassador and career diplomat for over thirty years, and by the grace of God, I have had a role that I cherish in promoting Jordan in terms of tourism and medicine , myself and all my family members, and this has been documented in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry of Tourism, the Tourism Board and the Jordanian press strongly attracted me from what Dr. Azzam, and through this proposal I would like to highlight the attractions and challenges facing medical and hospital tourism in Jordan to stakeholders in the public and private sectors in this field and through the “Ammon News Agency Platform”, which is represented in the following facts:

Attractions and strengths:

The ancient heritage and the prestigious medical reputation of Jordan in the region in the field of health. Jordan ranks first in the Arab world and fifth in world medical tourism, and has become the main destination for many countries in the region, such as; Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, in addition to the Arab Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Security and political stability because of the two blessings that Jordan enjoys from security and security amidst an unstable region full of conflicts and disputes. It has become like a green oasis amidst an ocean of blood and wars.

Excellent strategic location and geographical proximity with easy access to neighboring countries.

Community harmony and fusion religiously, culturally and socially, with the great similarity in relationships, traditions and language, it was all one of the attractions that made all the fraternal visitors feel that they were in their country and among their families, different from what they may miss in some competing countries in this field … !!!

highly qualified human resources; Jordan has received dozens of specialists at the highest level of education and experience worldwide, most of whom have spent their training and gained their accumulated experience from the most prestigious universities, hospitals and medical institutions in the United States, Europe and the world.

Keep up with these medical competencies by opening a number of private and public hospitals at the highest levels of luxury and sophistication, equipping and equipping them with the latest devices and equipment from major international companies, while providing the best technical and provide nursing cadres who have been rehabilitated and trained at the highest levels of efficiency and readiness.

Provide high-end tourist sites and facilities for relaxation and recovery, which abounds in Jordan with what God has blessed of natural healing sites and medical tourism resorts.


The urgent need to provide medical companies specialized in the medical field working directly with hospitals and patients, to facilitate all transactions, access visas and the reception process from the airport gate, and to provide all available logistics services such as transport, bookings, internal services supply. flights, etc., with the principle of Door-to-Door in its comprehensive concept.

high value of the medical bill; This is due to several reasons, the most important of which is the high operating costs of hospitals.Hospitals, for example, are subject to higher rates with electricity bills, and medical staff enjoy higher salary ceilings in addition to the unfair prices of health insurance companies and others, as all these factors have caused hospitals did not comply with the approved pricing to avoid loss on the one hand, due to the lack of effective control over it on the other.

Non-compliance by specialist doctors with the wage regulations approved by the Physicians Syndicate, and the lack of oversight by the Syndicate over these practices.

The lack of an electronic billing system, some specialists put pressure on hospitals to collect their fees outside the system for tax evasion.

The lack of control over the prices of medical equipment and supplies companies, and the suspicious partnership between them and some specialist doctors in exchange for commissions outside the system.

Sanctions against offenders of hospitals or doctors are not dissuasive, especially in the area of ​​price increases or tax evasion, which makes the expansion of such practices possible.

Some hospitals and doctors in the private sector exploit patients by charging very high wages, especially instead of performing surgeries, which damage Jordan’s medical reputation and lead to patients’ relocation to countries other than Jordan.

proposed solutions:

The formation of a high-level joint committee of government and the private sector to overcome all obstacles and meet the challenges that led to the decline of medical tourism, as well as advertising and marketing for medical tourism in all countries concerned, with an explanation of all our attractions and strengths.

Establishment of a forum that specializes in medical tourism and includes all parties involved (hospitals, hotels, airlines, tourist offices, hospital centers).

Restrict the purchase of all medical supplies and consumables by the hospital system and not by doctors and companies.

The imposition of decisive and deterrent penalties against offenders of hospitals, doctors and companies.

Develop an advanced electronic billing system that will solve most of these problems.

These are important truth highlights, not only for the medical and tourism sector, but for all economic sectors in Jordan. It has become necessary for Jordan to be the first medical tourism destination in the region and to welcome brothers and friends from fraternal and friendly countries. due to Jordan’s enjoyment of a safe, stable environment and an ecological and social environment comfortable. And high Jordanian medical skills and advanced medical centers are almost comparable to European and American countries. In addition, the Jordanian people are a hospitable people who are seen far and near, and the Arabic proverb applies to them:

Oh our guest, if you had visited us, you would have found us the guests and you are the master of the house

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